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SoFi, found online at, is a new type of company that is changing the way the United States collegiate system looks at student loans, by providing a unique alternative to private and federal loans.

According to their website, the $1 trillion dollar student loan market is a broken system. Students are coming out of college weighed down by debilitating debt with high interest rates, thereby starting their adult lives at severe disadvantage.

In order to address this problem, SoFi came up with an interesting solution. They created a community of alumni around their alma mater and incentivized them to invest their money in a lending pool for students from that same school. Qualified students can then fund their education out of these lending pools for a fixed rate loan with lower interest than they can get from either private or federal student loans.

This system is intended to help students, alumni, and the schools. The students are able to acquire the funds they need at better rates, the schools retain promising students with financial difficulties, and the alumni have what SoFi calls the “double bottom line return.”

This double bottom line return means that alumni helping to provide SoFi loans benefit both financially and socially from participating in this program. And while the website is unable to release standard returns on investments due to regulations, they do say that interested investors have the option to invest through a tax-deferred IRA or 401K account.

According to the website, over $90 million in loans have been distributed through the SoFi system, with a zero default rate, as of March 2013. Currently, there are 78 different colleges and universities participating in this program.

Alumni from colleges that are not currently working with the SoFi system can contact them to determine how to potentially get your alma mater on board. You can also invest with SoFi even if your alma mater is not participating.

Students with questions about rate calculators or loan consolidation can contact one of the SoFi loans representatives.

If you have any experience with this company, please leave your Sofi loans reviews below.

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Reviewed By Laurie Moyer on January 7, 2015, Yelm, Washington

I refinanced very recently with sofi. My subsidized student loan through the government would've lasted 18 years paying principle of $60/month and interest of $100/month. With sofi, my loan term is 10 years now, I'm paying more each month, but I'm saving $5-6 thousand in interest in the end. The customer service is easy to reach and so far I am glad I did it.

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