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Shadow Shopper Reviews

Is ShadowShopper.com Legit or a Scam?


Shadow Shopper is an online mystery shopping program.  It acts as the middleman between hopeful shoppers and large mystery shopping companies. They provide their members with lists and email notifications of which companies currently have available work.

The Shadow Shopper membership is based on three levels Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  Each has a different level of amenities, Gold and Silver will cost you a membership fee, while Bronze is offered as a free trial.

It's very important to pay attention to the terms and conditions for this company, especially for the free trial.  They clearly state that after your seven day trial is up they will automatically charge you, and process your membership.

You have to take action ahead of time by changing your account settings to disallow this automatic function.  The same applies for membership renewal, they will automatically renew unless otherwise told so.

The reason that this is crucial is because they have an all sales are final policy, so if you had no intention of joining but missed you deadline to cancel you still won't get a refund.  Shadow Shopper has a lot of complaints filed with the BBB which I think stem from this situation.

There are also many people who feel that services like ShadowShopper.com are unnecessary since you can sign up directly with mystery shopper companies.  Folks that are active mystery shoppers get their listings from free resources and say that SS gets them there too and simply charge people for free info.

In the end, if you have time to search for free listings I would recommend doing that before paying for services.  There are also many forums were mystery shoppers share info, answer questions, and post opportunities, pretty much what Shadow Shopper does but for no charge.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints for 'Shadow Shopper'


Average Rating is 1.69 out of 5 based on 124 reviews.

john roggenbuck   texas

12:12am on March 10th, 2014 

i have never signed up for this but for 6 months they have taken money out of my account illegally without my permission .is the biggest scam I have ever seen

Ginger   San Diego

5:43pm on November 6th, 2013 

Do not bother spending your time and money. They flood your email with jobs that will not result in anything. If you try to sign up for a job, it sends you to another application that must be submitted to another company. Not user friendly. Automatic renewal goes from $5 to $30.

Erin   Eureka, CA

11:11am on October 30th, 2013 

The service was time consuming to sign up for and I received absolutely no worthwhile offers. There were either no jobs available in my region, or I was called by suspicious people asking me to leave them my personal information and social security number. The junk e-mail was abundant and not useful. My free trial was set to automatically renew and I was charged $29.99 before I could cancel. No refunds given. Overall, I lost a lot of time and $30 on this service. I would never recommend it to anyone. Ever. If you want to get rewarded for shopping and filling out surveys, try something legit like National Consumer Panel.

zander   floriduh

7:18pm on September 28th, 2013 

sorry to hear u guys got ripped off, so glad i read reviews for everything!

Jamie   CT

8:12pm on September 9th, 2013 

Make damn sure you read the fine print. I paid five dollars for one month, and was charged 30 dollars for monthly renewal. Told me I could have a refund, and when I did not get back to them within 5 days, I was then told I had to be charged. I have been out of town for a funeral, still will. Not give me a credit.

M   Ohio

6:37pm on July 22nd, 2013 

I was thinking of signing up for Shadow Shoppers. When I went to the live chat and asked them about the Better Business Bureau I got only reasons that the BBB is not cost effective. Then I came to see what others had said. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Dave Peterson   wilmington, n.c.

1:56pm on July 22nd, 2013 

I filled out forms but when it got to a credit card I closed the site, but one of the questions was ...do you have a Pay Pal account? Well Here 6 months later I see where they were taking out 29.95 every month. I did not authorize this....took from Pay Pal

Debbie   Sonoma

12:19pm on July 6th, 2013 

After many months of ignoring them; they sent me a check for $1890-dollars which I was to send most of it back to them.
With an assignment. The letter said to call a ph# in order to activate the ck. I've called 7 times to call.
The answering machine says "they do NOT
CALL BACK". So hear I sit.
I so think its a scam. They're headquarters are in Nevada.
Interesting. I sent a text saying, "if you don't have someone contact me, I'm tearing up your Check."
They acknowledged my text, but NOTHING!!

Megan   Houston and surrounding HUNSTVILLE CONRO

4:01pm on July 1st, 2013 

NOT SURE I SIGNED UP AFTER HEARING MY FRIEND RECEIVED A CHECK FOR ALMOST $ 2,400. Okay today is Monday last Tuesday my friend signed up with shadowshopper of course you receive a lot of junk & not sure which is true are not.. 6 days later FedEx was knocking on her door with a JP MORGAN check ... 2,400. She going to cash it land let me know.. WILL UPDATE TOMORROW .. I'll she if she cashed it. I signed up right away after viewing the reviews I'm deleting and unsubscribe TODAY

spanking shadow shopper   georgia

10:36am on May 24th, 2013 

The excellent reviews are fake from shadowshopper. It's a scam

Michael Mack   CA

10:50am on May 18th, 2013 

So the notation this listing service is a scam might be a little harsh. Now is it pointless, I would have to say about 80% of the listing I've gotten over the years have been jobs I already knew about from free sites such as jobslinger and narms. So if you are not wanting to do the work your self by all means pay the amounts for the membership. Just make sure you uncheck the auto renew box and if you are worried they are still going to charge you snap a time stamped photo as proof.

After your paid membership ends keep an eye out for a "we want you back" email which will get you your first month back for under 4 bucks. And if you don't uncheck that renewal box the 2nd month will be almost 30 bucks. I have done this several times over the last few years and I have not had one issue getting charged for the membership.

Good luck everyone there are scams out there that are looking to steal from you and there are those companies who will charge you for ice at the north pole. Shadow shopper might list jobs that they have no control over and those jobs might try to steal but the company itself is just looking to sell you something you really don't need to pay $30 a month for.

Shiela   WA State

3:33am on May 11th, 2013 

For those of you that say you make good money with this company, how much have you paid in fees to earn what you have? I recently moved to WA state & wanted to continue doing mystery shopping as I had in Az. Somehow I learned about SS and have Not received a decent offer yet. I refuse to pay for leads, especially when there are legit FREE companies out there. Good luck to those who have done their research & are keeping their hard earned money in their own pockets!

matthew   72715

12:59pm on April 30th, 2013 

i was given a money order to cash and use through western union and the money order was a fake,if i had put that in my bank account it would have set me back and it would have got me into trouble with the law,i think this is bull sh4t,i have been trying to get a job and then get taken by this company is cr3p ,i will make the news papers know about it and we will work to get them shut down,

Anonymous   Location unknown

9:24pm on April 19th, 2013 

The website for shadow is very poor, not user friendly at all.

Db   New yor

11:08am on March 18th, 2013 

I used shadow shopper and made my money
Back tenfold. Not sure why everyone's complaining.

Mary   Florida

2:27pm on March 9th, 2013 

Worked for another mystery shopping firm and never had to pay a dime to join. This is not a good place to work. Only time I get anything is for on line surveys. Only way to shop or buy is if I upgrade for $4.95. WARNING do not do it or you will pay dearly.............

Pam   Cincinnati

10:21am on February 19th, 2013 

My experience with Shadow Shopper has been less than favorable in every way. Since signing up over a year ago I've only been accepted for one assignment; which turned into a garish experience. I was called on a Thurs. afternoon and asked to backfill an associate that wasn't able due to illness to complete the assignment of delivering fundraising team brochures to businesses for the Leukemia Society in multiple zip codes in the area. The assignment was due on Sat, she said because it was late notice she would give me until Mon. to complete. I in turn had to contact the associate that was ill and make arrangements to pick up the materials from her directly. I then learned that the materials had to be prepped, sorted, and bundled. This took several hours as there were 200 locations and 10 packets per location across the city. I completed the tasks, delivery and reporting daily, only to be told that I would not be paid until an auditor verified my deliveries within the next MONTH.... I continued to follow up and was told several times that the audit had not been completed yet and I would not be paid until audit completion. 3 MONTHS after my services to this company I was told in a follow up, that the audit had finally occurred the past week week and that 1 location (which has since closed their business) did not have the brochures on display, therefore I will not receive pay owed to me. They claimed default on the contract for not fully completing delivery of the brochures. This company was difficult to work with, disorganized, unethical, misrepresenting themselves as a service company. I have decided to let go of the ordeal and consider this my contribution to the Leukemia Society...

Tawnika   Oregon

10:26am on February 6th, 2013 

I almost signed up with Shadow Shopper, but first I decided to research them. And, WOW the stories I read. Thanks to all you for showing me they are a scam before I gave them my credit card information.

Cynthia   Alabama

10:20am on December 4th, 2012 

I joined Shadow Shoppers over 3 years ago. I used the free trial and then went on to keep the service for another 3 months. During the time I was with this service I signed up with 8 different companies who have kept me busy for over 2 years.

I recommend this company to everyone I meet who voices the interest in doing this type of thing. I work a full time job and then go have a burger, or Latte before going home. That means I have just made a few dollars for doing something I enjoy anyway.

For those who say this company is no good they forgot to read the information supplied at signup.

Val   Seattle

6:32am on November 16th, 2012 

My only question to everyone saying it is a scam, is why would you give a credit card number for a "free trial"? If you are giving anyone a credit card, assume its going to be charged at some point if you don't change anything. It's common sense people.

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