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Is ShadowShopper.com Legit or a Scam?


Shadow Shopper is an online mystery shopping program.  It acts as the middleman between hopeful shoppers and large mystery shopping companies. They provide their members with lists and email notifications of which companies currently have available work.

The Shadow Shopper membership is based on three levels Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  Each has a different level of amenities, Gold and Silver will cost you a membership fee, while Bronze is offered as a free trial.

It's very important to pay attention to the terms and conditions for this company, especially for the free trial.  They clearly state that after your seven day trial is up they will automatically charge you, and process your membership.

You have to take action ahead of time by changing your account settings to disallow this automatic function.  The same applies for membership renewal, they will automatically renew unless otherwise told so.

The reason that this is crucial is because they have an all sales are final policy, so if you had no intention of joining but missed you deadline to cancel you still won't get a refund.  Shadow Shopper has a lot of complaints filed with the BBB which I think stem from this situation.

There are also many people who feel that services like ShadowShopper.com are unnecessary since you can sign up directly with mystery shopper companies.  Folks that are active mystery shoppers get their listings from free resources and say that SS gets them there too and simply charge people for free info.

In the end, if you have time to search for free listings I would recommend doing that before paying for services.  There are also many forums were mystery shoppers share info, answer questions, and post opportunities, pretty much what Shadow Shopper does but for no charge.

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