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Legit or Scam?


SendEarnings.com is a get-paid-to read emails and complete offers website.  The basic gist of the program is that after you become a member you'll start receiving emails from advertisers.  All you have to do is open the email and follow the advertisers links inside.

The payout for Send Earnings, per email, is between .03 and 10 cents with a five dollar sign-up bonus.  This program also sends out surveys from time to time which can be completed for a profit of roughly one dollar or more.

The other way of making money with SendEarnings.com will require you to sign up for various advertisers offers.  These include memberships to various websites, credit card offers, or CD/mp3 clubs.  You get paid slightly more for completing these offers but the key is to cancel these services within 30 days unless you intend to keep them and pay full price.

Finally, the last way that you can make money with SendEarnings is by referring friends and family to the website.  They pay you 5 dollars for each person that you refer which gets credited once they cash out for the minimum of 40 dollars.  This can be very lucrative if your referrals stick with the program.

SendEarnings.com can help you earn some extra cash for doing some very simple tasks, just remember to keep your expectations reasonable. This site will not make you rich or replace a full time job, it can help you earn a little bit extra in your spare time, and in this economy every little bit helps.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints for 'SendEarnings.com'


Average Rating is 2.78 out of 5 based on 160 reviews.

Howard D   Michigan

2:12pm on February 20th, 2015 

I have been paid out on a few checks but lately i have been trying to do surveys but they are few and far between.I just did on sendearnings that was from peanut labs.It let me finish and submit,then it went to another page after they got all the survey info,and it did nothing but act like it was stuck in a loop and i never received the $1.20 credit.

Ashey F.   Florida

9:19am on January 20th, 2015 

I have been a member of Send Earnings since about 2008 and I feel it takes way too long to earn the $30 to cash out. I've only ever been able to cash out once since I've been a part of the site. At first I had no problem with earning on the site since the bulk of my earnings came from the email offers. After I did my first cash out, however, I stopped receiving the cash emails which meant I have to rely on other means of cashing out. Its kind of hard to earn when I am unable to receive credit for offers I have done because they are basically making me out to be a liar saying I've never completed certain offers, even with me providing proof that I have. Safe to say that in the event that I ever to reach $30 anytime soon, I will most likely be closing my account once I cash out

Skaia   Easter Time Zone

5:55am on December 22nd, 2014 

I am beginning to think that this survey company is a scam. I began completing surveys approximately 2 weeks ago, and I am very close to my Gold Membership of 30 dollars. All of a sudden, I am unable to complete any of the surveys. I reached out to the Team Support to explain my problem and I was abruptly cut off from the Live Chat. I would not recommend this company. In fact, I am going to file a complaint against them because I worked extremely hard for my money, and now I can not get paid because the Seandearnings website will not allow me to complete surveys. Also, I have been doing survey's exclusively with this company.
Don't waste your time

Amber   Arkansas

7:40pm on October 24th, 2014 

It takes me about 4 months to make $30. I'm an unemployed college student. Not worth the time.

G.E.R.   California

12:37pm on September 28th, 2014 

Send earnings - The Snail of GPT sites

I have gotten paid every time, no issues. Send earnings and Inbox dollars is legit, but I don't recommend any one start this site. For me, it is just slow and challenging enough to be addicting, you won't want to abandon your earnings before you cash out.

I will deactivate my account this last cash out. Not a good site for making money without money.


-PTC emails, 4 - 6 cents worth daily.

-earn $.15 a day by searching. (make sure you click a result)

-High cash out. Technically $27, but difficult to earn a dollar daily without putting more than an hour. If this is not your first GPT site, you may have used all the trial offers already.

-Activities take longer than other sites, but pay less. Videos, Daily surveys, some offers. Just look around some other GPT sites. Cash Crate, Swagbucks, Zoombucks Quick Rewards Network.

- Some of the offers hosted are run by unscrupulous companies. (credit/prepaid cards, Pimsleur Approach) These companies may bill your account, even after you cancel.

-Gold member processing is slow. First time processing takes nearly 3 weeks. On Inbox Dollars they offer a visa prepaid card, but you only get your payment a day or two sooner.

-Processing fee (just bull *%$#!) This site could implement gift cards or paypal, but they only send checks as an excuse to take money back out. They give the option of reaching $40 in 30 days to waive your processing fee, but this just feels like more bull *%$#!

- The same as Inbox Dollars but slightly worse. Even fewer surveys, no paid radio.

- If you earn a lot using a certain activity, they will limit it when you are close to cash out. I have gotten 5 checks in 20 months from send earnings. Every time I reach $22, Jungroup videos are removed. Emails are slowed down. Other web sites do not do this. This tells me send earnings is stalling for more time.

There are so many better sites out there, Do yourself a favor and skip this one. Other GPT sites reward you more for your participation.

Veronica   Florida

2:16am on September 6th, 2014 

Money can be earned with sendearnings, however, if you do both sendearnings and inbox dollars they will deactivate your account because they are owned by the same company and the offers are the same. They deactivated my account several times for that reason, after I contacted them about missing credits. They see your IP address has been used for both sites and deactivate both accounts. Now I just use sendearnings and it doesn't seem to be a problem now.

Shirley   SC

4:27pm on July 14th, 2014 

I started Inbox Dollars bout a month ago, I earned 40 in 'bout 3 weeks, I got the Visa card and have not had a problem with them at all. Last night I started Send Earnings, and so far I just love doing this for extra money. I am disabled and this is perfect for me.

Nancy   winston-salem, n.c.

11:40am on July 14th, 2014 

I read where customers say it costs 40$ to cash out. WHY DOES MY ACCOUNT SAY 30$? AS OF 7/15/14???? SEE.... They are a scam...I don't care what customers say. I do not like you changing the cash out dollar amounts. WHO WOULD?

Janet   Pennsylvania

6:17pm on June 10th, 2014 

I do a lot of searches, videos, emails, etc. I have recommended many people, too. I run my computer, phone and pad at the same time, on many sites. I cash out about every 50 days, with the $40. Inbox dollars is the same. Both are legit, been with them since 2008. I have had no issues.

Yvette - in response to Brie from Texas   Florida

2:04pm on May 24th, 2014 

Hi Brie! I cashed in around January and I'm about to do it again within the next month. Thanks for asking :) Good luck with your earnings!

robin   georgia

9:50am on May 5th, 2014 

i have cashed out twice . i usually do only email and 100 percent free offers and refer a friend . for the searches it has to be a qualified search and many dont qualify . i keep getting emails with no problem . i like it .

Linda   Michigan

2:42pm on May 3rd, 2014 

This is one of those "Pyramid" Scams any way you look at it..Not for me...

jenny   TN

4:07pm on February 23rd, 2014 

I used to have very few problems with sendearnings. I never did any surveys, just offers. I signed up for a $10 offer over a month ago & they are still finding excuses to not give me the offer. I even sent a screenshot of my account with the website to show the date I was charged and what service I selected. My email was also listed, but then I receive another reply stating that my email address does not match and that I must send them all email addresses that I use. seems to be a scam now that I am less than $1 away from cashing out.

Jenny   Texas

2:37pm on January 25th, 2014 

I have cashed out once and since then I rarely get surveys and when I do I never qualify. I also never get the videos. Also, you can earn .15cents a day with searches (30 searches). So, I keep track of my searches and I never get credit for the amount I actually do. Overall, not to sure about this site.

Lisa   North Carolina

3:50pm on January 10th, 2014 

You will not earn money quickly from SendEarnings unless you cash shop and purchase products through the website. PLEASE keep your emails for purchases...I have to ALWAYS go to "chat" to provide purchase information before I receive credit for the purchases. I usually cashout once a year for 27.00.

tammy   florida

8:05pm on December 23rd, 2013 

Love it, I have gotten 5-6 checks in the past 9 months. I also try to do allot of the cash deals for gifts and flowers and such. Have never had a problem and I LOVE IT!! Like my own little hobby!

Carole Crouch   Ohio

2:45pm on December 12th, 2013 

l have been a member of Inbox Dollars for a few years and have never had a problem with them. Then all of a sudden 1 day l received an email about joining Send Earnings. When l saw it was owned by Cotterweb l figured it would be ok. At first l got emails about different things then it got so all l got was about being a diabetic having heart disease or about all types of insurance. Even tho l have neither of these problems l still signed up for the info after continuosly getting same ones over and overthinking they would stop "NOT" As to the insurance ones l finally put in my info one day for a quote on auto insurance and the next day l had 38 phone calls cobcerning this even tho the quote was supposed to be by email only. After several months of trying to take surveys (of which 90% of them said l didnt qualify) and reading numerous emails and also making a couple of purchase to bring my total up when l got close to what you have to have in order to get paid all of a sudden l get no more emails from them. l would be interested in knowing if others have had my same experiences

Veronica   Rhode Island

9:05am on December 12th, 2013 

The key is to save your confirmation emails after completing your offers. This is the only way to prove that you have actually completed the offers and always complete the offer fully as described or you will not get credit. If you still do not get credit simply attach your confirmation email for the particular offer and you will get credit. I have been with Sendearnings, InboxDollars and UniqueRewards for about 3 years never had an issue with them cashed out atleast 7 times.

Yvette - In Response To Justin   Florida

8:41pm on December 10th, 2013 

Hi Justin,

The InboxDollars Visa Cash Card is issued through Chase Bank. And just like any other credit, debit, and/or prepaid card, depending on the way you use the Visa Cash Card, there may or may mot be fees associated with it. If you go to the InboxDollars website, from the homepage, click on "Support Center" at the upper-right-hand-corner of the page. This will bring you to the InboxDollars Knowledgebase, where you may perform a search for "Visa Cash Card" or browse the categories. You will get all of the detailed info on their fees. Use the Knowledgebase for questions regarding InboxDollars. Hope this helps, Justin!

Brie   houston tx

7:13am on December 9th, 2013

Yvette from florida thank you for the advice I was about to chuck it.did you cash in or you still earning?

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