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About is an online buyer and seller of used CD’s, DVD’s and Games. It is considered to be the largest buyer and seller of these items having a warehouse of over 800,000 items. They receive inventory from the internet, retail stores, and brokers around the country.
Regardless if you are visiting the website to make a purchase or to sell, finding your item is easy. CD’s can be searched by artist, album or song title. DVD’s can be found using the movie name, actors in the movie or by the director’s name. Games can be easily found by a simple title search. 
Those who are interested in buying from their site are 100% guaranteed to receive items of excellent quality because of their strict acceptance policies.  If an item has been damaged or is not working properly because it has scratches on it, an email noting this issue must be sent within 30 days of receipt. Typically they will send out another one to replace the defective merchandise. 
To sell CD’s, DVD’s or games to Second Spin you are responsible for following their guidelines found within the terms section on the website. Search for the title of your item and add it to your sell list. If your item is not listed or cannot be found on their website, send them an email to see if they would be interested in buying it. 
Each item must include the front and back pamphlets and must be accompanied with a jewel case. Upon receipt of your package and determining which items are acceptable per their standards, you will have the option of being paid via check or with a store credit. Any items that do not meet their standards will either be returned or discarded.
Online reviews were plentiful; however they were predominately negative. It seemed that customers were consistently receiving the wrong items or they received jewel cases holding a mismatched item. Additionally, even though Second Spin has a lengthy shipping process, which is stated on their site, individuals were charged for orders that were never shipped.
Internet sellers felt as if Second Spin’s business practices were not legit. Many of them were told that their shipment was damaged upon arrival to their warehouse. The company also claimed that packages didn’t contain all of the items as listed. Complaints from sellers also stated they never receive payment for items sent to the company. They made numerous attempts to contact a representative without any luck.
When send packages to Second Spin, obtain a tracking number for your records; insure your package if there are a lot of items contained within. Upon receiving a purchased order, inspect each item for scratches and match each case with the item inside of it. Promptly send them an email if there is an issue with the merchandise to resolve your issue in a timely manner.
With such a high volume of incoming and outgoing packages it is probably hard for them to keep track of and maintain a perfectly controlled inventory. It seems as if this website is either a hit or miss. They have great bargain prices but it comes with a risk.

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Worst Resell Experience They Will Steal From You

Reviewed By Kelsie on November 12, 2015

I have dealt with this company on three separate occasions. First time was OK, second was poor, and the most recent time was absolutely terrible. My second time selling to this company I had a larger order and needed to ship two separate packages. Well they receive the smallest package of course and say they never got the second at the warehouse. So after several disgruntled emails, they finally "found" my second package and I did not receive even half of what was estimated in payout. The third was most recent time dealing with this company and selling them my used CDs, DVDs, and games. They never notify me of receiving the package so once again I had to send several emails before finally getting a response five weekdays later, not within 48 hours like they promise on their website. Also there is no phone number to talk to people, only email. Finally get a response and they cannot "find" my package once again. Another week later they finally find it and inspect, and totally leave out one very large item that would have been the most profitable out of my entire sell order. Not only do they neglect to even list this item on the accepted/rejected list, the complete stand up collection of Richard Pryor estimated to be about $13.00, but they completely make up two items in its place that I definitely know were not in my sell order averaging about $1.50. This company will basically steal from it's own customers. Do not sell to this company. The customer service is sub par at most and the morally sound warehouse, sarcasm of course, is awful. I don't know how these people sleep at night. I am so angry, annoyed, and frustrated. My mistake for ever using them again. I would rate them -1 star if I could.

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