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Traveling in Luxury is often a focus of the avid traveler. Many cruises are geared toward travelers who simply want a fun and relaxing vacation. Seabourn, however, is geared toward travelers looking to sail in a luxurious environment. While cruises typically visit popular vacation spots, Seabourn provides cruises that travel to destinations most individuals have never been to, making it even more intriguing.

Having approximately 100-225 suites and anywhere from 200-400 guests on the boat during travel is also not like other cruise lines that often have 500 cabin spaces, and over 1000 passengers. The intimate nature upon Seabourn cruises contributes to their ability to treat each guest to first class service, catering to their every need within the utmost luxurious accommodations.

The basic suites on the boat are spacious and comfortable and there are even upgraded premium suites and penthouses. The fine dining restaurants on the ships have menus created by gourmet chefs. The finest wines are complementary to cruise guests, from morning to night, throughout the duration of the cruise.

There are a range of activities to keep busy such as watersports, shows, performances, movies, games, shopping, and spa services. You can enjoy any of these activities while your personal shoppers, personal valets and even personal suite stewardesses take care of the rest.

Booking a cruise is available via phone, email, or through one of their travel agents. Cruises range from seven to over 100 days; the prices reflect the number days of travel upon the ship and the destination or destinations of that specific cruise. Cancellation fees will apply to any reservation based upon the time frame in which you cancel and the circumstances behind the cancellation.

There is a club reward programs including Milestone Awards and Seaborne Club Points adding to the experience. A Milestone Award is a free 7-day cruise; it is given to travelers who sail a total of 140 days on any of their cruises. Club points are earned throughout your traveling experiences aboard their ship. They have an exclusive club event on each cruise where these achievement awards are presented to guests.

Seabourn boats are equipped with the latest safety features and technology. They are audited and inspected on a routine basis. Their employees go through extensive safety training courses and are tested with drills and exercises to make sure they know what to do in an emergency. Passengers are led through a mandatory safety training course prior to embarking on their trip.

There are mixed reviews from prior seaborne travelers. While some found the experience to be extremely enjoyable, others did not feel the same way. The critics remarked on the unimpressive food, including the buffet food which was not fresh. Others complained about the boats announcements over the loud speaker which they felt was very tacky. Other critics complained about the service which they felt was discombobulated and inconsistent.

Some people felt that is was not worth the amount of money they spent on the trip and felt that the service was not up to par with what they had claimed. The positive reviews mainly stated that the accommodations and the design and decorating were beautiful. They were impressed with the rooms and the amount of space they had within the cabin. They enjoyed the activities and the performances as well as the galas they attended.

Everyone has unique tastes, unique living styles and different priorities upon which they plan their vacations around. There will always be critics and fans; sometimes you must follow your own instincts. There are plenty of resources available to guide you through the decision making process.

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