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Scott Yancey is one of the stars of the A&E television show, Flipping Vegas, and the proprietor of his own personal real estate investment system, which he promotes through seminars and books.

In his TV show, Scott Yancy, his wife Aimee, and a whole team of contractors purchase houses in the Las Vegas area and then “flip them,” which is a term used for affordable renovations made to a piece of property that will allow you to quickly resell it for a profit.

On his website,, his published biography says that Yancey’s grandfather was a successful real estate investor, who taught him the basics of profitable real estate investment from a young age.

Now Yancey is providing his expertise and knowledge to a wide audience, not only through his TV show, but also his book Go Time, and his nationwide series of seminars, which are described as “live real estate income events” where people can “learn secrets from the pros.”

These seminars are intended to show the attendees how to get started as an investor, how to pick the right area of real estate, how to create profit regardless of the state of the housing market, how to generate monthly cash flow, and more.

The website is very clear, however, that these seminars and informational sessions are meant to give people access to real estate education and investment training. Customers who attend this seminar looking for a ready made real estate business opportunity will likely have complaints, as this will not be the focus of the material shared.

TV stars of shows which focus on real estate flipping often take their information out to the public in this very way, just like the Armando Montelongo study course or the Fortune Builders educational website, which is run by some of the cast members of the show “Flip This House.”

If you have any experience with this website or its products, please leave your Scott Yancey reviews below.

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Reviewed By mark on December 10, 2014

FIRST OF ALL THE PEOPLE WHO COMPLAIN ABOUT INVESTING IN YOUR EDUCATION: REALLY???? Yes $2000 was the first check i cut other than college and yes i did attend the entire 3 day course and was BLOWN away by how much i didn't know about real estate strategies. I have a friend who has been in Real estate as an agent and tried to persuade me not to invest the additional money saying i can teach you ....WOW i just finished the Buying Summit and Boots on the Ground and it was incredible. I have done 3 deals and my instructor at the 3 day was absolutely dead on in life you get what you ASK for !! i am on my way to financial freedom. After i got my tuition returned after my first deal i also encouraged my friend to attend which he did and now we are doing biz together .Thanks GONZO for motivating me to take the next step!!

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December 30, 2014

I completed the 3 day course 6 months ago and had the pleasure of attending Boots on The Ground in Florida and then the Summit in Vegas . I have completed 7 transactions recouped my Diamond Tuition and the initial $2K and have used the Mentor Support Line extensively. The Biggest kudos is the support you get after the free preview. the organization goes over the top making sure you get it right. As a former 60 hour + worker making just enough money to keep working i am now thinking i can do this full time and tell my boss to find my replacement.... Thanks to all the trainers and mentors

Darren Green
March 03, 2015

Do you know the name of the hard money lender or website

August 15, 2015

All lies.

November 02, 2016

yeah right

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Reviewed By ROBIN E on December 8, 2014

I attended the Yancey event in Scottsdale. they had some fast talking young guy Trent Ellingford doing a hard sell on all occupants. He did get a lot of people signing up
My parents came with and advised me to sign up since I am unemployed. and I felt the pressure.

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chris review

Reviewed By Chris Ladehoff on December 5, 2014, San Tan Valley, Arizona

It was ok, there was a lot of information, just enough to keep you wondering, sounds good, BUT,for those who are struggling and cant afford to get started it is like a slap in the face, haha im rich your not, believe me if i could afford to even pay for the three day class, 95% chance would be a yes, would love to have a comfortable life but cant come up with any cash to do this. Poor people, like me, who want a better life and would do anything to have it, cant afford it. WISH I HAD A WAY TO BORROW MONEY TO GET STARTED BUT JUST DONT HAVE THAT OPPORTUNITY...

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Zonya L. Lamb
December 06, 2014

I attended one of the siminars on Thursday 12/4/2014
Wow I was all pump up & ready to jump in & get started.
I thought to myself, this is an answer to prayer my breakthrough finally.
Then the price of the training was announced & it was a low blow.
I felt sick to my stomach. This is WAY TOO out of budget for me a single Mom with a child in collage. If i would of had $2,000 just lying around I would of jumped at the opportunity. One day, one day...

January 15, 2015

You did NOT miss out.
The 3-day seminar is a scam in itself.
They promise multiple speakers, lectures AND workshops, show you how to do real estate transactions, etc.
But we got ONE speaker, NO workshops, and "concepts" of real estate transactions - not even a walk-through of a transaction from beginning to end.
The entire 3 days is a gradual buildup and focus on upselling people on 'advanced education' ... of course you feel like you need more education, because they did NOT provide you with any of the promised education during those 3 days!!!
I tried to dispute with the credit card company, but because all of the details about what to expect during those 3 days, are in the supporting documentation they give you, and NOT in the actual contract, the cc company told me they are unable to support denying the charge.
This company (actually an array of companies and sub-companies, etc.) is all about legal loopholes in EVERYTHING they do, so once you sign, if you don't legally jump through hoops within the 3 day cancellation policy, you are stuck!

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I joined the Seminar

Reviewed By Bill on November 23, 2014

I went to the three day seminar for Scott Yancey's real estate course here in Grand Junction Colorado, I think the 1997 I spent was well worth it ! Further I did join for the Diamond education and yes it is very expensive but in real life it cost money to make money. All you people bashing a one day event because the truth of the matter is; you never get anything in life for free. Sounds like you have the same welfare mentality of people who don't want to have to work because they are entitled to free money from the government and the taxpayers who work.... Really? You truly think a top quality education with the actual training should not cost you anything? You think that they do not have the right to charge what ever price they want to share with you their knowledge and expertise? Wow Society has gotten so used to all the BS and hype that when a real opportunity hits them in the face they make false accusations without any facts just the BS from others. Humm maybe that's why we have so many people on welfare and our government which means you and I are over 13 trillion in debt. Oh Well I guess it is your choice to make all the false claims. I would rather hear from someone that completed all the education rather then a bunch of posers spouting off at the mouth! Yes I will come back and post after my training and let you all know the real deal and if it turns out to be a scam as you all say then I will eat my words and lick my wounds from a bad investment decision but in return when I make an updated post by Jan 21 2015 after all my training and I am successful will you recant your false accusations? Oh and by the way my name is Bill and no I am not a employe of the Yanceys or any other Real Estate group but a person who wants real facts not just a bunch of scared society hype!

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Paul Walker
November 29, 2014

Okay, another glowing 5 Star review from someone stating they've attended a 3 seminar however "has not" engaged in one single transaction. These folks are heading my way again in a few days so I'll try to attend. One of the issues I'm having is they do not disclose the fees or rates on the financing end.

December 07, 2014

Bill your rant and your personal attacks on others is really offensive. Just because some people find $2000 a lot of money does not mean they are on welfare or stupid. Your assumptions about complete strangers is out of line. I do not see anyone saying the $2000 is overpriced, just that it was a surprise (it was for me too) and is too much for them in their current situation. No one deserves to be ripped apart for this. You're out of line. Good luck with the program, I hope it turns out to be everything you want.

December 30, 2014

there fees are disclosed you need to look at the web site and enter the unique code they will provide at the 3 day training .

January 19, 2015

Anthony-Yeah but they do not tell you anything about those fees until you are already in the course and thinking you are done paying. If they disclosed that there would be fees to follow, people would not have cause for the negative reactions. I have not read one comment on here that the $2000 wasn't worth it and none of us expect things for free but to make everyone believe that at $2000 you get access to all of the program is false and heart wrenching to people that scraped just to get the money for the 3 day and then can't continue any further. This is what they are reporting as a scam and it is true. I went to the free seminar in October and was told for $2000 you had access to it all, the only other fee mentioned was a monthly fee for info on the houses you are looking at.

August 22, 2015

Bill, just wondering how you are doing? Have you done any deals?

Melanie R
November 19, 2016

Hey Bill, Another curious poser just wondering how that investment deal work out for you? where's your update or are you to busy licking those wounds???? Nov 19th 2016 :0

May 19, 2017

Your follow-up is sorely missed, Bill

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Sad but true...SCAM

Reviewed By Ruby Red on November 16, 2014, Okinawa, Okinawa

My husband and I just attended the free seminar in Westminster, CO last night and left after the first break and the $2000 3-day retreat pitch. As others here have stated, there were many 'red flags', especially not being able to ask any questions. And the whole cold room thing; I had no ides that was part of the ploy...I was freezing!! We decided to research all of it first, then if the reviews were good, we would perhaps invest in the retreat the next time around (there's always a 'next time').
After reading all the negative reviews, and the fact there is no lending from the Yancey Company at 1% interest, only the pressure to spend more and more of our money, I can only say WHEW! And I want to sincerely thank you all for your saved us from loosing our hard earned money and coming away feeling disappointed, not to mention embarrassed. This is truly sad that people will do this to others with out any degree of conscience of guilt.
I feel so bad for all those we watched sign up for the retreat and hand over their only hope is that they too came home, did their research and have since requested a refund.
Again, thank you all for sharing your experience and/or knowledge of this helped us 'dodge a bullet'!

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November 23, 2014

Hello read my post above yours and when I post again in Jan 2015 I will give you the facts. Bill

May 19, 2017

It's now May 2017, Bill. Time's up!

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