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Scott Yancey is one of the stars of the A&E television show, Flipping Vegas, and the proprietor of his own personal real estate investment system, which he promotes through seminars and books.

In his TV show, Scott Yancy, his wife Aimee, and a whole team of contractors purchase houses in the Las Vegas area and then “flip them,” which is a term used for affordable renovations made to a piece of property that will allow you to quickly resell it for a profit.

On his website,, his published biography says that Yancey’s grandfather was a successful real estate investor, who taught him the basics of profitable real estate investment from a young age.

Now Yancey is providing his expertise and knowledge to a wide audience, not only through his TV show, but also his book Go Time, and his nationwide series of seminars, which are described as “live real estate income events” where people can “learn secrets from the pros.”

These seminars are intended to show the attendees how to get started as an investor, how to pick the right area of real estate, how to create profit regardless of the state of the housing market, how to generate monthly cash flow, and more.

The website is very clear, however, that these seminars and informational sessions are meant to give people access to real estate education and investment training. Customers who attend this seminar looking for a ready made real estate business opportunity will likely have complaints, as this will not be the focus of the material shared.

TV stars of shows which focus on real estate flipping often take their information out to the public in this very way, just like the Armando Montelongo study course or the Fortune Builders educational website, which is run by some of the cast members of the show “Flip This House.”

If you have any experience with this website or its products, please leave your Scott Yancey reviews below.

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Waste of time, scam for sure

Reviewed By D marie on May 30, 2013, Santa Barbara

Went to the seminar yesterday. Lasted about 3 hours. The first half was about flipping houses and tried to get you to sign up for a 3 day class learning how to buy property's and sell and what not. You did not learn any skills of how to purchase or get these low deals of houses. The 3 day class is $1997. You must pay for hotels, food, ext. They offered a 200 dollar voucher for travel at the end of the first day but may be in gift cards were told when asked. Non refundable. If you do not show up for class they mail you and give you Internet access to a website where you learn your information which they count that as training if you do not attend. They state you may be reimbursed if you buy and sell a house within 100 days.

Second half of seminar was about tax leins. Trying to get you to buy access to their web page and monthly access. $1497 plus 24.99/month each month you use. Stating if you buy a lien worth 1000 dollars you will get it back within 1-5 years with up to 8-25percent.

Scott yancey and wife DO NOT ATTEND, will not be at 3 day event,neither will presenters from today. I asked for card to call and they didn't have any they stated go to website for info.

Did not receive free mp3. They ask you to go on website to find your name, and then mail in card they have you.

This is a scam. I believe this will be on American Greed show in a few years. Spoke to lawyer friend during break and They stated the lawyer was not a smart man and do not listen to him and sign up.

Waste of time. General knowledge you can research online. Did not teach us how to do anything.

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June 10, 2013

Yes, I agree. You are right in the money!

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Scottt Yancey seminar

Reviewed By Toro NY on May 20, 2013, NY

I attended the 90 minutes seminar. It sound to good to be true for their claims of buying cheap houses below wholesale prices with good condition especially in NYC good areas in which you can easily resale or rent it withoutvandalizing your house. And they say that they will loan you the money with the caveat of you finding a buyer before yo purchase the house otherwise they will not loan you the money . Which investor is going to go in contract with you before you owning the property? Unless you are a realestate agent I can see possibly working by getting a commission.

I went to the seminar with an open mind but before leaving I had alll of these questions and I actually spoke to one of the reps. And he confessed that all they teach you how to talk to the banks to get information on foreclosed properties before going into auction. And he confessed that this area is difficult to get good deals an that investor are savy in N.Y. and may not go in contract with you if you don't own the property.
He was sugggesting to find properties in other areas such as indianapolies, michgan and etc.

You can probably get the same information from a book in your local public library.

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Scott Yancey Seminar

Reviewed By Cedric on May 20, 2013, San Diego, CA

Concur with most comments, the seminar drew you from one
pull for money to the next. They are good at what they do.
I unfortunately did pay the 1997 and then again 10k for their
smallest package of training...I do have to say the Prop Trend
is a good software product and if you can swing just purchasing
that, for a nominal amount unlike myself it has the potential
to provide you a leg up in research.

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Reviewed By Terri on May 15, 2013, Henderson, NV

I signed-up for their 3-day seminar, because of Scott Yancy's show Flipping Las Vegas and living here in LV. However, after coming home and doing lots of research everyone had the very same story they just want to sell you more training, that was never stated at the event. Knowing I could not afford any additional moneys I called their Customer Service on Sunday morning within the normal 72 hour window to change your mind, leaving a voice message stating if they were going to require additional money for a mentor, working with me to close my first deal, etc. I wanted a full refund. Getting no return call I called again on Tuesday leaving the same voice-message someone did call back leaving me a message that my attendance at the seminar would be cancelled, however, nothing about my refund. On Friday morning, May 3, 2013 I went to the seminar and spoke with a Scott A. before the seminar began explaining my concerns I live on a fixed income and cannot afford to be out any additional money. He told me to return the kit (CD's) to him and I would get a full refund. I went home typed a letter outlining all the details and went back to the seminar Saturday morning giving back the CD's as requested by Scott A.I also requested he sign my letter as proof that I returned the CD's., which he did!

I called my credit card company today to see if my account had been credited the $2k nothing, I then called their Customer Service and spoke to a Leslie it appears they have no record of my return I explained I have a signed letter from Scott A. and if she would give me her e-mail address I would forward her a copy a proof, she told me some else would call me to day or tomorrow she asked me for a return reference number and again I told her I only have my letter signed by Scott A. as proof I returned the kit.

I will not allow them to take my money, if necessary I will take this to our local news.

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June 05, 2013

I'm currently going having the same issue and run around of getting my money returned. when I called the customer service line there were people in the back ground laugh and mocking some of the phone messages that were left by people requesting the return of their money! I do plan to speak with my states attorney and the news media and A&E!

October 30, 2013

Has anyone tried to report them? I would love to but I expect they are not doing anything illegal. Want to see action on this but don't know how to proceed.

December 03, 2013

We live in Ct and went to the free seminar and then bought the 3 day seminar for 2k. We are both realtors and work with investors thinking we would love to do this ourselves. At the seminar everyone was told to call their credit card companies to raise their credit limit. This should have been a hint of what was yet to come. Everyone seemed sooo nice and really made you believe you could do it. The only reason we bought the package for 20.000k was that they said we could use their funding with interest unlimited. When we tried to use the proof of funds no one took us serious and said they would not take that as proof of funds. We are so frustrated and feel scammed( we were). If there is anyone else in Ct or tri state area please speak up as they will keep doing this to others and take their last penny if they have to. I think a class action lawsuit should take place!,,,

Abner E.
February 01, 2014

Perhaps, a class action lawsuit would be in order.

March 03, 2014

Has anyone that has gone to the 3 day event and left feeling scammed been able to contact their bank and receive credit for services not as promised?

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Scott Yancey Real Estate Seminar

Reviewed By Matt Atkins on May 11, 2013, New York

Do NOT purchase the $2000 seminar at the end of this event!! Make sure you think about it for at LEAST a day!!!

During the seminar they completely tap into your emotions and ask you to purchase immediately for $2000. I am a salesman myself and I can admit, they have a great pitch.

Things to consider:

1.Margins: In the presentation they explain to you that you will be able to utilize their money to flip houses. They say they will only charge you a small % to utilize. Sounds great but The problem is they are charging you a % on the money they lend you and not the money you make on the deal. If they lend you 150,000 they give you 2% of that cost. They will show you big examples of making $50,000 + on a deal with 10,000 closing cost then and you will only pay them around $2,495. Think about how hard it is to make a 50,000 commission. Ask yourself if so many people are doing so many BIG deals why don't they split the profits? Probably because margins are not that good.

2. Inside information / Finding buyers: They claim that because Scott is such a frequent buyer of real estate he has the knowledge on which banks are failing and NEED to sell their houses. Which I am sure he does. The problem with this is in order to do a deal you need to find big buyers by attending housing auctions. My question is: Do you think Scott has information that other big buyers don't? One other thing on this, they claim you are not supposed to purchase houses at auctions because it "gets emotional." then they ask you to purchase a $2000 3 day seminar on pure emotion and impulse.

3. Questions - This is the BIGGEST issue I had with the whole deal. It is VERY OBVIOUS they don't want to answer questions while everyone is listening. They do this because they don't want anyone asking something that might prevent people from purchasing the seminar at the end of the event. They say "we'll take questions at the break" this way any objective type questions cant be heard and sway the minds of the entire group.

Summary: The bottom line is they PRETEND they are making money by helping you make money. The truth is they are selling you $2000 Education. And I truly feel bad for some of the vulnerable people who know nothing about real estate and they think this is their ticket.


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May 12, 2013

Once you go to the 3 day seminar for $1997 you then are told a lot of stories by the speaker and they push very heavily Sandwich Lease Options and Wrap Mortgages. They did talk about a lot of other real estate strategies. But just touched on the basics of each. Not really worth $2000 in my opinion, you could probably find out all that info on line. They didn't talk at all about traditional flips which is what Scott does on his show. Several people asked about that but were brushed off. Scott of course didn't show up except a life-sized poster. Clearly he is just the advertising face to get people to show up. Who knows who is really running this machine. However, they dangle a software program called PropTrend to do your business with and say it is only available to those who go onto the advanced seminar which there are 3 levels ranging from a little over $18,000-40,000. They don't like to answer questions during the presentation claiming it will get everyone sidetracked which I understand and they take you one on one to answer questions I believe to make sure your questions and their answers don't get others off the trail they want everyone to go down. I personally don't feel I got much out of my one on one except that I know a lot more about my "coach" and his life - so what. At the end of the seminar everyone is separated into two rooms, those going to the advanced seminar and those who are not. In the room of who isn't get the opportunity to buy the software with workshop books for $3,000. There were several people who wanted their money back but were denied. I was amazed at how many people did sign up for the advanced workshop. About a third. There were about 160 people at the seminar by the last day. We started out with more. They are making some serious money at this gig. I felt that if they didn't delivery everything they said they would for the 3 day seminar then they definitely won't deliver on the advanced training for lots more of money.

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