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Scott Yancey is one of the stars of the A&E television show, Flipping Vegas, and the proprietor of his own personal real estate investment system, which he promotes through seminars and books.

In his TV show, Scott Yancy, his wife Aimee, and a whole team of contractors purchase houses in the Las Vegas area and then “flip them,” which is a term used for affordable renovations made to a piece of property that will allow you to quickly resell it for a profit.

On his website,, his published biography says that Yancey’s grandfather was a successful real estate investor, who taught him the basics of profitable real estate investment from a young age.

Now Yancey is providing his expertise and knowledge to a wide audience, not only through his TV show, but also his book Go Time, and his nationwide series of seminars, which are described as “live real estate income events” where people can “learn secrets from the pros.”

These seminars are intended to show the attendees how to get started as an investor, how to pick the right area of real estate, how to create profit regardless of the state of the housing market, how to generate monthly cash flow, and more.

The website is very clear, however, that these seminars and informational sessions are meant to give people access to real estate education and investment training. Customers who attend this seminar looking for a ready made real estate business opportunity will likely have complaints, as this will not be the focus of the material shared.

TV stars of shows which focus on real estate flipping often take their information out to the public in this very way, just like the Armando Montelongo study course or the Fortune Builders educational website, which is run by some of the cast members of the show “Flip This House.”

If you have any experience with this website or its products, please leave your Scott Yancey reviews below.

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Typical presentation (part 2)

Reviewed By Doug on November 24, 2013, Hawaii

Part 2. Please read part 1 first

Excellent pressure! Prays upon basic human emotional instinct. Here are 10 red flags that were clearly visible.

7) Rushing back to your seat, you hear part 2 on investing in Tax Liens. "It will be faster", they promise. Yes, instead of 2 hours, it's only 1 1/2 hours. The time is 12:30pm. You are physically, emotionally, mentally deprived of your senses, then you hear about this price. Only $1497! BUT, they will give you $1500 back on in credit to help you with your transactions and make it FREE for you. (You find out later, it's in the form of fifteen $100 discount coupons) Again, rush to the back. There are 15 of you that want this, and only 6 available... (Go now, fight, quantities are limited, hurry)
8) A little before 1pm, the group is finally allowed to go after a final 10 minute wrap up. Most of the audience stuck around for the free camera. A few are chastised for interacting with each other in the back of the room. The group is divided in two. Those who have, and those who have not. Now this is important! You don't want to have the two groups interact. The "haves" must not be influenced by the negative have-nots as they may change their mind. The have-nots can still be influenced to purchase, and this is a last ditch effort for the presenter to hard sell, lower the price or somehow reach this group of naysayers.
9) I was one of the "haves." I'm already doing real estate, and was particularly interested in using Scott's $500,000 to finance my deals. And I knew that after walking out, I would have 3 days to rescind the contract in which I would do my due-diligence and research the company. After reading these reviews and seeing the small print on one of the slides that stated "results are not typical.." And something about some members go for more training... I realized the investment is minimum and more would be needed if I wanted to succeed. I concluded it was a scam to get more money. $20k to $60k? Wow.
10) I will NOT be attending the 3 day training. I already called my credit card company. They said it has not appeared on my account yet; it's been less than 24 hours. I will call the Scott Yancey cancellation number first thing tomorrow. If they still intend to charge my card, my credit card company will dispute the charge.

In conclusion, Scott probably has good ideas and the business could be done. BUT, when you sell your idea, and more money is made off of the idea and concept through books, seminars, presentations rather than the actual product itself, then that makes it a scam in my book.

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November 24, 2013

I forgot to add, we received no camera. But I did get a coupon for the camera if I register online, they will send it to me. I hope I receive it before Xmas. It would be a great grab bag gift at my office.

Kathleen Dalton
November 26, 2013

I never received a camera or coupon. They kept this all very quite.

July 04, 2014

Gee. You were SOOOO SMART giving them you CC info. You is one smrt cookee

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Typical marketing presentation (part 1)

Reviewed By Doug on November 24, 2013, Honolulu, Hawaii

Excellent pressure! Prays upon basic human emotional instinct. Here are 10 red flags that were clearly visible.
1) Pretty empty room. BUT, every chair was filled. Why? Because they only put out 20 chairs. Then, as they need, they put out extra chairs. Basic psychology, you don't want to have empty chairs around. Fill out all seats in the front row and work your way backwards.
2) Turn on AC high. This keeps people uncomfortable, tension high, and avoids audience from sleeping. Your mind tends to focus on either the speaker, or keeping your body warm to stay alive. Nothing else.
3) Present using simple sales tactics. Speak at audience's level. Mostly low to mid-income attendees so talk about making a lot of money. Build up the suspense.... Offer numbers and figures, and flip though the presentation quickly making it impossible to ask questions.
4) Hire smooth talking large- male only employees to add to the intimidation factor, who speak to the group at their level; adding to the realism that they were just like you, and now are rich because of the program. Have him ask questions that prompt you to raise your hand, scream, and affirm his beliefs. (Hallelujah! Praise The Lord! The setting was similar to a church-like atmosphere) Peer pressure filled the air.
5) Towards the end of part one, when you're dying for water or bathroom break (2 hours later) they build the suspense on the price... $1997....but, then your family member goes free.....but, IF you attend the 3 day training and flip a property, it's FREE! This tactic is often seen on TV offers. Buy 1, second is discounted or FREE. They offer "tuition reimbursement". (The fine print states you must buy, flip, record property in under 100 days!) In Hawaii, professional realtors would have a hard time doing this, let alone a newbie in the business with limited training.
6) At start of break one, presenter says to RUSH to sign up NOW, as there are limited number of offers available. Offer is only good while supplies last! (Operators are standing by) While the mass run to the back of the room to sign up (relieve themselves, or quench their thirst) he continues his hard sell to the remaining audience who stick around waiting for the event to end. BUT, if you happen to glance at the signup table, you see a gentleman pulling out a wad of CASH to pay for his membership... Was he a "plant" by the company? Probably.

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February 21, 2014

We were asked to leave after a couple hours of the 3 days workshop. Said we didn't have the right attitude. they are preying on the people that are in such need that they had to sell things to do this class then they tell you to look at the "real class" prices and we snickered when they said don't think of it as a number that you don't have think of it differently (you are and investor) My boyfriend was tapped on the shoulder and we had to leave. Now i'm looking for the damn number to get a refund sigh can't find it anywhere.

March 03, 2014

We're you able to get a refund

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I went in with an open mind.....

Reviewed By cherie on November 24, 2013, hawaii

And went out assured that no one makes money from this flim flam scam! Read the brochure on your chair as you are seated in the ice cold meat locker, or, conferance room. The so- called success rate is based on "students" who took part in Advanced Training! If the 3 day "Retreat" is $2k, It leaves one to wonder just how much $$ these poor suckers must put into Scott Yancey & Company's pockets before they can even have a hope of FLIPPING anything other than a burger. The goons giving the seminar are all jokes and smiles while reaching into your pockets. They really try to make you feel like a loser if you don't whip out your checkbook and write a check for whatever BS they are selling. They make no bones about the sole purpose of that meeting is to fool you out of your money. I found the thing so transparent, I was hoping the other 40 people in the room would too. A few were happy to give theit money away. I went back in-to ask a question before the goons could get away. They were almost rude, and very arrogant and slimey. If you pay attention you will see right though them too. You are too intelligent to be fooled by snake oil salesman!!!

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Reviewed By jIM on November 23, 2013, HOUSTON TX


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November 24, 2013

Jim have you worked in real estate before? Have you did any research about this before you join?
I wish you luck anyway..

MLN - victim
December 01, 2013

Looks like Jim is a paid reviewer... Show us the proof

Laughing at MLM Idiots
December 02, 2013

Hey "Jim" you're not fooling anyone with the obvious all caps font. Let me guess, purposely typing in all caps should lead readers to believe you're some regular guy that's super stoked about the seminar! Very predictable and very pathetic Scott... I mean Jim. Just like MLN-victim said, "Show us the proof"

Abner E.
February 01, 2014

May God have mercy on those involved with this fooling others.

Cher N. Cheralike
February 01, 2014

How did you do after all Jim? How did you learn, find, run it through a title co and flip it in one week? respond here and I will put up my email address and talk to you.

Paul Walker
November 29, 2014

Well, it's been over a year now and yes, we're all still just dying to know?

December 13, 2014

Probably A Scott Yancey plant.

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I can't believe people were signing up.........

Reviewed By Howard on November 22, 2013, Las Vegas

My GF and I went to this free seminar today and I soon commented
to her that this reminded me of a timeshare promotion. The speaker was young, and slick and said all the right things. The examples he gave were fast and loose full of generalities not based on any fact. I raised my hand like many others to ask a question and was ignored. You must pay $2000. to ask questions at the 3 day seminar. My GF said lets go but I wanted to ask the salesman a question so I walked up to where they signing up the Lambs and asked how much was the fee on long term RE . the reply was 12 pct.!! w/a 2yr max on keeping the property. The salesman realized that I wasnt buying a just walked away from us.

Anytime someone wants you to make a financial decision NOW w/out
being able to think about it or research it online you should walk away as fast as you can.

I came home and read these reviews and feel like I saved myself thousands of $$.
100 percent SCAM!!!!!!!!

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