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Scott Yancey is one of the stars of the A&E television show, Flipping Vegas, and the proprietor of his own personal real estate investment system, which he promotes through seminars and books.

In his TV show, Scott Yancy, his wife Aimee, and a whole team of contractors purchase houses in the Las Vegas area and then “flip them,” which is a term used for affordable renovations made to a piece of property that will allow you to quickly resell it for a profit.

On his website,, his published biography says that Yancey’s grandfather was a successful real estate investor, who taught him the basics of profitable real estate investment from a young age.

Now Yancey is providing his expertise and knowledge to a wide audience, not only through his TV show, but also his book Go Time, and his nationwide series of seminars, which are described as “live real estate income events” where people can “learn secrets from the pros.”

These seminars are intended to show the attendees how to get started as an investor, how to pick the right area of real estate, how to create profit regardless of the state of the housing market, how to generate monthly cash flow, and more.

The website is very clear, however, that these seminars and informational sessions are meant to give people access to real estate education and investment training. Customers who attend this seminar looking for a ready made real estate business opportunity will likely have complaints, as this will not be the focus of the material shared.

TV stars of shows which focus on real estate flipping often take their information out to the public in this very way, just like the Armando Montelongo study course or the Fortune Builders educational website, which is run by some of the cast members of the show “Flip This House.”

If you have any experience with this website or its products, please leave your Scott Yancey reviews below.

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Hope and Motivation

Reviewed By Shreena Robin on June 21, 2014, Lake Hughes, California

Signed up with hope and in search of knowledge and motivation. At the same time skepticism.
After reading these reviews AFTER I signed up I went prepared to flght for a refund if these reviews were true.
Now I can say I did get some very good information and motivation.
Would not say $2,000.00 worth.
With a week to think about all that transpired, here is my impression.
First, have no doubt - this is a 'CULT' = A big Biz cult with definite undertones of Religion.
The whole religion part is well hidden, but they're without a doubt
Connected. The particular religion, I leave to you to figure out, I believe I know, but without proof will not name it.
They do lead people to believe they will be able to use their money to do this program. IT IS TRUE, BUT, not easy, as they allude. This was covered quite eloquently in a previous post, I agree it is a bit of a bait and switch.
The bottom line is, If you do 'JOIN' and follow ALL of the steps they put forth, with A LOT of work you will succeed.
These are all things people can do on their own, but with the connections they provide in a package, it would be easier.
I did not part with any more money, but do not give it a complete negative.
Cults can be quite powerful, As any large like minded group of people.
Some people NEED group support, some will not.
What you do with all of this is up to you.
No matter how much money you put in, If you do not do the work it will be a waste.
Good luck to all.

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new investor in northern va

Reviewed By david on June 17, 2014, northern virginia

I recently paid the $1997 for the workshop and it is this weekend for 3 full days. I have already flipped two homes on my own and made decent cash. I plan to use their money to buy and resale homes and pay them the 1% of the purchase price they say they charge. Sounds like a sweet deal to me. I will not be buying into any other so called deals...Dave in DC :)

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Single mothe of 4 boys and a grandmother raising her 3 grandchildren

Reviewed By Brenda Kelsay on June 12, 2014

Scott Yancey is a fraud never even seen him but seen his so
called partners. they are nothing but a bunch or con artist. They should all be put in jail where con artist are suppose to be at He took mine and my friends money saying we don't have to use our own money or credit and the first thing that they say at the workshop is we need to increase out credit card amount or borrow
money from our family. they got 1000.00 dollars out of us and i'm a single mother of 4 boys and work hard for my money and she is raising her 3 grandchildren how dare them anybody that goes there is stupid like we were.. And I'm am going to get our monwy back one way or another. I think the State's Attorney might like to here how these people come here and promise all these lies and get out money and ignore my calls and emails.

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June 12, 2014

Where was the seminar held was it n the DMV area because there is one being held tonight and i was thinking about going.

July 04, 2014

Nobody to blame but yourself. If you are that gullible and stupid why not give someone else control of your money. But not Scott YANCEY no matter what he promises

FYI you won't get your money back because you voluntarily handed it over and they provided exactly what they said they would, BS. You were just stupid enough to buy it

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1 Review


Reviewed By ScamKiller on May 21, 2014, Las Vegas NV There's a lot of complaints and reviews out there saying these people are scam artists and I have personally seen it! However every time something bad is posted Scott and his gang of scum bags make fake accounts and try to discredit it and send in the overpaid lawyers, I wouldn't be surprised if that happened here in a few days!

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July 12, 2014

People seeking to improve themselves are NOT stupid, however NOT reading the contact and your rights may not serve you well. If you’ve engaged in any financial agreement READ the terms of cancellation before signing. Most states and contacts include a cooling off period of 3 business days allowing you to change your mind. This is your safety net! To be safe the 3 days should start for you the day you sign. Document all calls and written requests you send (via certified mail with proof of mailing. If for some reason you have problems receiving a return of your funds:

1. Don’t allow others to make you feel stupid for your having made the purchase. This is only designed to keep you from taking the needed action you need to take towards getting you $$$ back. Talk to an attorney!... Then ....

2. Go to the FTC web site to determine if “contact fraud” is involved and the case with you and the company you are dealing with. If so report it to the FTC. Do so via their online forms and snail mail.

3. Then go to your states consumer protection agency via the States Attorney Generals office and report the business there as well. Do so via their online forms and snail mail.

4. Then go to their states consumer protection agency via their States Attorney Generals office and report the business there as well. Do so via their online forms and snail mail.

NOTE some states have more then one reporting agency file reports with each of them.

If the purchase involved real estate or real estate “education” contact the Department of Real Estate in all the above mentioned states as well.

Since many businesses are cloaking who and when the principals are located (via the filing of multiple L.L.C. and corporations; pay special attention to all e-mail addresses and information given to you, physical addresses as well as all online locations associated with that company. This information should be included in complaints you file.

Don’t assume that you are the only one that has or will have problems with a company.

July 12, 2014

P.s. My funds were eventually refunded, in full, to me

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Real Estate training is not Competitive in the San Francisco Area

Reviewed By Louis Gamache on May 17, 2014

I paid $1,997 and $18,997 for Scott Yancey Real Estate trainings in the San Francisco Area. Scott Yancey instructor Tim Anderson repeatedly told me during the $1,997 training we do not want to fund million dollar purchases of homes. During this training we were told that $500,000 was easily available for the purchase and repair of homes from Scott Yancey sources. CBS recently reported the median value of homes in San Francisco as $925,000. The Scott Yancey method is to offer 20% - $40% off the fair market value. This figure could frequently be greater than $500,000. Other companies such as Love American Homes can offer 90% to 100% of the fair market value. The Adams Financial Group can offer up to $1,000,000 for the purchase and repair of homes. The Scott Yancey method is to offer 20% - $40% off the fair market value. This figure could frequently be greater than $500,000. This makes the Scott Yancey funding very low and unlikely to be accepted at all. Precise info about Scott Yancey loans is not presented until after over $18,997 was paid. His DVDS say “don’t worry if you do not have money”. Then the idea is presented that you have to have a high paying job and put up 5% to 10% of your own money to get funding. When I called I was told you can get funding if you have a buyer and seller at the same time. Who is going to sell if they can get up to about 50% more from another company? I believe that I am entitled to a full refund of $1997 and $18,997 because of the above reasons.
I believe that the most houses available with Scott Yancey funding in San Francisco would require demolition. A Scott Yancey event and training will be presented in the San Francisco bay area soon. I will bet he is arrogant enough to make the same presentations.

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Marvin Brown
June 08, 2014

Oh no my sister and I just went and we paid the 1,997 plus bought the tax lean DVD . We were so excited the training starts June 12th 2014. We are very worried now.

June 11, 2014

Marvin. we just did the same thing, signed up in Hesperia for the Ontario class tomorrow. If you signed up on the 8th, you have 3 days to change your mind per their paperwork fine print. loo it up. That said, I did the Russ Whitney classes years ago. it too was a huge sales pitch but crammed full of info that my hands were tired by the end of each day. Several people in that class made deals after it was all over with and hd I not married the wrong guy, I think I would have been one of them. Its' all what you bring to the table, attitude and self motivation. Dont let them think you cant make it work without paying more money. Scout the net or hard money investor and more resources and go for it! Also, take snacks to the classes and water and business cards!! you are going to want to get info and make friends with as many people there that you can. Network, not everyone will be go-getters, but there are ones worth their weight in silver that you will want to befriend and maybe partner with.
Good Luck.

July 04, 2014

You people get exactly what you deserve. Anyone stupid enough to spend 20 grand on an obvious scam is not mentally competent to have control of their own money. That said anyone this stupid would hand over a power of attorney to anyone who knocked at the door

It is because of you IDIOTS that the scammers thrive and new ones keep coming up

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