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 Is Multiple Streams of Income Legit or a Scam?



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Robert Allen Multiple Streams of Income


Robert G. Allen is an author and popular seminar host who's most known for his work with real estate and home income courses. 

Throughout the years Allen has released products such as One Minute Millionaire, Creating Wealth, Multiple Streams of Income, and Internet Income System.

His most recent products, Multiple Streams of Income and Internet Income System, have been generating a lot of flack due to ther billing policies and the aggressive advertising campaigns used to promote them.

Affiliates of Robert Allen have taken to using fake news websites to promote his products, particularly the Multiple Streams of Income package..

In them they deceive customers with a fabricated story of a young single Mom who solves her financial woes with the Multiple Streams of Income kit. These advertorials make people believe that they can be making over 300 dollars a day with little to no work.

The news sites also use an IP reading script to customize the offer based on your location. This is another tricky tool to make it seem as if the single Mom in that article is from your home town, customizing the offer and making it even more enticing.

These types of sites are dirty sales tricks and it reflects poorly on Robert Allen for allowing his affiliates to use these methods. It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that he’s ok with it, given his background as a real estate seminar and infomercial hype man.

Many people have complained that Robert Allen preys on folks without much experience. He convinces them that riches are just a seminar or short read away. However, much of the information that he preaches is material that can be found for free in libraries or online.

When it comes to Robert Allen's Multiple Streams of Income or Internet Income System courses I can say that they're pretty typical courses in the methods of making money online. If he's right about one thing it's definitely that future fortunes will be made online and that's where you should be focusing your attention.

In one course he boasts how he's made almost $90,000 in 24 hours. However, what he leaves out is that he did it by pitching to his enormous email list which contains hundreds of thousands subscribers. This is true for almost any guru who shows amazing results like these, what you need to really pay attention to is not what they say but what they do as that's where the real money is.

Another important fact is that if you look at the bottom of the sales page for Robert Allen's Internet Income System you’ll see a little note that says,

"Services are provided by Prosper, Inc., which has been specially selected by Robert Allen to provide education and guidance throughout your program. *Results not typical. Individual results may vary.

This is important to know because Prosper, Inc is a mentoring company that charges anywhere from $2,000k to over $10,000 for their services. This is something that not many can afford, and is even more concerning since many of their customer complaints deal with difficulty in obtaining refunds.

Overall, Allen's reputation mirrors that of most on/offline gurus and that's one where for every supporter there's a naysayer who make their opinions equally heard. Some people enjoy Robert's materials while others think they're a scam and demand refunds, which is the story for most internet income systems.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints for 'Robert G. Allen'


Average Rating is 2.02 out of 5 based on 136 reviews.

joe   east longmeadow

4:27pm on August 26th, 2013 

this program got me divorced by my wife. they told me i would get a divorce if my wife wasnt on board and she was the smart one who said its a scam. i paid for the seminars, the books, a private coach- costing $50,000. I took out an increase on my mortgage just to pay for this program. then the sales of homes dropped within 6 months. i lost everything. this is a scam and they prey on people that dont know much about the real estate market or anything about buying and selling homes. Why isnt he in jail? donald trump is being sued today for this very same idea? why hasnt Robert Allen? something to look into.......

an   south africa

8:23am on March 7th, 2013 

he was in South Africa- TO TAKE THE MONEY FROM THE POOR... ITS SAD!!!!

valerie rushton   londonderry nova scotia

8:05am on February 26th, 2013 

I also received a letter stating that i also had won 20.000.00 . And all i had to do to receive this was to send 10.00 . What a scam It's the second one i have received.I googled Robert Allen ,No one matches this one.

Anonymous   Location unknown

11:37am on February 8th, 2013 

Robert G Allen is a scumbag. In 2007 I got into his real estate investment course and after three months I noticed the he had violated his contract by promoting other people's products. I asked for a refund and nothing. This ruined my credit and now I am over $50,000 in debt. As soon as I have money I am going to sue this scamming bastard.

Rick K   Bucks County PA

5:45am on October 15th, 2012 

Went to a free seminar a few years ago. Sat in a room of about 20 people while some older guy went on an on about he made millions, bought boats and cars, etc. He was an employee of Robert Allen. He seemed to have a good pitch... and I had a question, so I raised my hand. He looked at me and looked away. I raised my hand a few times, and then after about 15 mins he blew up on me. "Sir, I've seen you raise your hand now several times but have not taken one single note so I have no interest in answering any of your questions". So I held up my notepad which was full of notes, everyone looked at me and at each other like all confused. This guy was such a pompous a-hole. He told me to see him afterwards if I want to ask questions. I was treated like a 6 year old in first grade. Wow.

After the seminar/speech... they have guys sitting in the hallway trying to not let you leave. They literally berate you on the way out by calling you names like "are you going to be a coward or make yourself a millionaire?". Or "what's the matter, you can't spend a few hundred dollars to give your family a better life". "Are you to lazy to make yourself better?".

I took another exit out, and will never return back. Give this scumbag your money and you are a fool.

Jacob   Arkansas

8:04pm on April 12th, 2012

I love reading things like this I see why most people have no money they spend too much time dogging the rich man when they should be listening to hem and doing what he says until they are like him but know they whine and find as many others that will do the same and they all are broke at the end of the day and the rich man dies and leaves his money behind and they still just dont get it he was rich and was trying to show them what he knew but they whined all the way to their grave and left nothing behind but a bad story of junk from there lips so do what you want but no one on here that is whining will ever have anything until they shut up and do something.

David   London

7:58am on March 19th, 2012 

I have just returned from seeing Robert at Business 2012 at the O2 in London. Some guy ushered us into to see him so I thought I'd take a look - what a load of bollocks this is. There is some lame 1990's powerpoint presentation that he goes through and tries to wow the audience with some 100folder nonsense. Within 10 minutes I thought it was a scam but because of where I was and the exhibition I thought I'd listen further.

By the end I knew he'd try and sell some stupid system or seminar that you'd have to pay for, with an even more waste of time money back guarantee, and I was right. He may have made money in his time but I could see this scam for what it was - I just hope others could too. I'm disappointed this sort of nonsense was allowed to be shown at a show aimed for small businesses and entrepreneurs, so I will not only be complaining but staying well clear of such rubbish.

Save you're money, invest in your own business/website and if you have any cash research the stock market and try to make money there - your chances are just as good, if not better

Anonymous   Location unknown

10:55am on March 1st, 2012 

In 2008 my husband and I lost about $5,000 from Robert Allen.

See   Birmingham, Alabama

11:52pm on February 14th, 2012 

All I did was listen to part of the video. A little time went by and my virus protection found and removed a virus. Afterwards I paid a few bills online. I checked my billing statement the next business day and there was a charge for 10.00. In my checking account this happened yesterday 2/13/12. I just saw it and plan to have the bank remove the charges and change my cards and account #.

John Doe   PrOvo Utah

12:36pm on February 3rd, 2012 

Ethan Willis and randy garn are the owners of prosper learning in provo. They are both Mormons married and socially looked as an example of working blessed men. I disagree as they started making money after they returned from their Mormon missions by selling pest control and making a "killing". They both were going to school and started a sales floor. Now, a sales floor buys "leads" and or create leads by online marketing the names the buy to sell a coaching program. The coaching program varies in price according to how much money their leads have on Their credit cards. The real estate gurus are not investors in the field they claim to be gurus of. Investing un one property doesn't make you a mentor in my book. Having a website with products on doesn't make them a mentor either, but that is another topic. Once people but the coaching program. If they are dissatisfied they will be stalled for as long as possible so they may use that money as a ponzi schemer does. They have attorneys defending them and they will use any loopholes the system has to obtain their means. Bottom line is this... Randy, Ethan sell Robert, trumps, names on coaching programs, and other leads they buy. They go and take the Only last cow an old beat up lady has for nourishment, and sleep at night thanking their God for being blessed. But the whole system is corrupt from government to people in mlm, etc. but Mormons or members of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints have so much to gain in skill and understanding but would rather use it to their personal gain, so called blessings from God. Good luck in your search of people like this.

Eddie Nalley   Franklin IN

5:08pm on January 31st, 2012 

There has got to be people in Robert Allens den of scum that read this stuff. Yet Bobby A. does not crawl out of his roach hole. Wise choice. I have a pair of roach stompers and I want to use them.

Eddie Nalley   Indiana

11:00pm on January 24th, 2012 

After being scammed by Robert Allen. I spoke with him. He is a smug, lying cheat. I wish there was some way to expose this creep nationally.

Anonymous   Location unknown

4:30pm on January 10th, 2012

Nothing but a scam. stay away.

eddie nalley   franklin indiana

7:09pm on December 23rd, 2011 

robert allen scammed me with his ebay power seller college scam. If he would like to come to Indiana I would like to give him some payback. I can not for the live of me understand how people like him stay on one piece. I told him to come see me. Ain't seen him yet. Before I bought the course I told them that if I could make $500.00 a month i would be surprised. They said NO!. Think $100,000 a year. By the time I figured out that he is a liar it was to late. Disputed with Discover. Allen won.

Niel Martin   Manchester UK

2:30am on September 28th, 2011 

I reserved 3 tickets to the Manchester seminar as advertised at www.robertallenseminars.co.uk. I received a text 2 hours before the event to say it was canceled and my money had been refunded. I didn't believe it so I called the hotel who had no reservation in any of the Robert Allen names or associated names and I've not had my money back yet.

Murray   North Carolina

6:29pm on September 6th, 2011 

I find it interesting that the review attempts to discredit one system, only to sell theirs. Hey, that is called a sales pitch folks, not a review. I have 2.5 years remaining until I am financially free using multiple streams of income (military retirement, real estate, mutual funds, tax lien certificates, and a business). I am currently 44 years old. Read Robert Allen's book Multiple Streams of Income, then take the information and DO something with it other than complain that it is a scam because you did nothing with the information. Get motivated and take some action. Is it easy? Absolutely Not! I have been working at it since the mid 90s. This book in particular provides an overall plan. You will still need to conduct a lot of in-depth studying into each stream to minimize (not alleviate) mistakes. Now stop complaining, buy or borrow the book (it is likely in the library), and DO something with it. Do not be naive and think it is going to happen by itself or happen without many mistakes. If you do not, you will be one of the many that will regret it in the future.

William   Richmond, Va

8:02pm on August 11th, 2011 

I know working at home and online is very attractive. Because of this, people take advantage of this. There ARE scams out there but there are so good offers as well. The secret, however, if you can call it a secret, is to create a following and mine them over and over again. Napoleon Hill has several books out there and I have 5 of them. Though the stories are different, the theories are the same. One book is enough. So why buy more? If you are like me, you are looking for that extra something, that something you may have missed. Mr. Hill has been dead for awhile, yet, his books still make money. He created a following. You, too, can create a following. Become an expert at something, give it away to build trust and people will be more than willing to pay you, over and over again.

If these companies were rotten, they would not have achieved the success they have. Are people THAT stupid? Working online is like anything else, one must be persistent to find what works for you. Sadly, you may lose a few bucks in the process. But...success is well worth the price.

William   Richmond, Va

9:01pm on August 9th, 2011 

In paragraph 10, it was mentioned that Bob Allen made $90,000 in 24 hours and failed to add that he was working with a mailing list. I have his material and he DOES mention the mailing list.

These are common sense techniques that do work. All one has to do is to work with them.

Vicki   Location unknown

12:31pm on July 27th, 2011

As I sit here still wonder if this is a scam or not...do I send the money and try it? I decided to contact Melissa (from IL) that had a success story on the website. I called 10 different people with that name and no one knew her. I even had a local phone book..I only live 25 mins. away...unsuccessful! Checked Better Business Bureau...not good either. This is my first time to seek a job online...now I'm really leery.

maxine   montreal

8:35am on July 11th, 2011

I can tell you the best way to know if these things are scams or not...First thing i look for on these sites is a contact link. If there is none, i find it extremely hard to believe that it's a legitimate offer. I would think that with legitimate offers, the site wouldn't hesitate to offer a contact link to ask questions. When there is no link, to me, this means the company has something to hide. Also, when you hit a site that you try to close but a box comes up offering a lower fee to pay, this to me means these people are trying too hard to attract people. I think a legitimate company would never change their price.

This is how i choose to believe what's real and what's a scam. When you can't contact the site by phone, all the alarms in my head go off BIG TIME.

As for testimonials.....oh come on, ANYONE can write a testimonial. It doesn't mean it's real.

I have been searching left and right for a legitimate program and keep i keeping finding nothing but scams. I personally don't know how these people live with themselves. Shows you just how few people actually have a conscience. These people should be ashamed of themselves!!!

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