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About Rich Dad Coaching is a website with educational materials and coaches to assist individuals who want to leverage their money to attain wealth. Growing up nowadays, parents stress the importance of higher education and job stability. This isn’t necessarily the route to wealth; if your goal is to become rich you must create a plan as to how you will go about it.

Originally based on the book by Robert Kiyosaki RichDadCoaching now has the tools, resources and guidance to help you get rich. First and foremost, they stress the importance of financial literacy and reprogramming your mindset to think like those who have attained wealth. You must also address where you stand financially and where you prefer to be; additionally you must also acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses. Before formulating a plan, it is critical to identify these and use them as building blocks.

The three ways to become rich, according to the author of RichDadCoaching, is by making investments, starting a business or purchasing real estate. To obtain a free introduction to RichDadCoaching, simply submit their online form or call their customer service department. Any information submitted through their website may be distributed to third parties.

A one year coaching program costs anywhere from $3600-$4500; each additional hour of coaching costs $400.00-$500.00. You may opt to purchase coaching seminars, DVD’s and e-books instead or purchase them as a supplement to live coaching. 

RichDadCoaching has reviews online, varying from customers who believe it is a scam, to customers who attained riches. The division of end results may be relevant to the expectations of that customer. With the belief success comes from a specific mindset; their coaches are hired to motivate you and educate you. The program works for individuals who put in the effort in push themselves to succeed.

Consumers who purchased a year of coaching and were unhappy with the results usually complained about its generalized cookie cutter approach to becoming rich. They expected guidance pertaining to their endeavors and specific actions to take.

The issue with that mentality is that these coaches don’t know anything about you and they are not certified. They can’t tell someone the specific steps and actions to take to open a business, suggest funds to invest in, or where to buy real estate. Their coaches can only give you the tools, knowledge, and confidence to help you make your dream a reality.

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