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About Ric Edelman

Ric Edelman is a best selling author, renowned radio host, and acclaimed financial advisor.  He has consistently been recognized as one of America's leading advisors and has a large following of fans both on radio and television.

Currently his books on investing and managing personal finance include: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Wealth; The New Rules of Money; Discover the Wealth Within You; What You Need to Do Now; The Truth About Money, and The Lies About Money.  These have been translated into different languages and have regularly appeared on best seller lists.

His books have received some mixed reviews with the majority being very favorable.  It's tough to please everyone with a financial planning book, especially one written for the mass public, since many savvy investors favor their own methods and systems.

Ric Edelman's radio talk show allows guests to call in and receive free financial advice.  The show has been running for over 15 years and has earned Ric several awards.  He also has a nationally syndicated newspaper column and his own personal newsletter.

On his website Ric offers a number of free resources and lots of practical advice that people can use to start addressing their financial needs.  You can find information on everything from debt elimination to estate planning.  You can also listen to past podcasts of Ric's radio show for no charge.

Overall, Ric Edelman provides sound financial advice and is an avid proponent of big picture planning and investing.  For him, this is the foundation of any financial plan, and once you have a clear set of goals you can focus on deciding which specific investment vehicle will get you there.

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Scam of a company

Reviewed By Itzik Atia on March 19, 2015, Hawthorne, New Jersey

Dealt with John McCoy of Edelman Financial in VA...complete scam artist. Promised one thing but at the end of the day he wanted to just make commissions and almost made me lose all my money. Stay aware from this company...complete scam artists.

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May 06, 2015

PLEASE NOTE: I have settled all my issues with Edelman and want to revert my latest claims. I have dealt with John McCoy as a professional contractor and though we have had some disputes, they are now resolved. I do not wish my previous claims to seem as if John sold my investments [he does not sell securities], rather I meant to say we had a disagreement which lead to me losing commissions at my job. I have contacted the website and asked for removal of previous comment.

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I'm tired of being a sucker, , ,

Reviewed By Wallace Neat on September 3, 2013, Franklin, TN

I can't remember where the inspiration came from, , , but one day I woke up and decided that I was tired of being a sucker, , , I went to bob brinker, , I went to suzy orman, , , I did my homework, It was like playing golf , , Now I know my trade , , ,

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Sally Wood

Reviewed By Joe on May 24, 2013, Chicago

I would love to meet this Sally Wood chick, she seems a bit psycho, but sure knows how to hold a grudge. She also really likes commas. As far as Edelman, I enjoy his radio show and think he gives good advice, but I wouldn't pay the fees for him to manage my money, you can easily do it yourself with little experience.

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Sally Who?
September 13, 2013

I agree. Probably a competitor trying to stir up trouble.

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eldleman OUT

Reviewed By sally wood on April 7, 2013, hollywood calif

ric edleman is interesting on the radio and he is a good saleman,,, but be aware ,, He wants your dough,,, learn the trade and do your homework,,, use www.bob brinker.com and learn to invest your dough yourself,, rather than be subject to this edleman shark attack,, he had got to have a high lifestyle ,, and all of your are backing,it,, like suzy orman ,, learn ,,, study,,, and do your own thing,, like paying golf,, learn the game before you put your dough out there for people like rick edleman to get fees off your hard earned money,,, wake up sucker

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Reviewed By nano on December 16, 2012, nyc

I never dealt with Ric Edelman. I used to listen to his show, and the thing that I can't get off my mind is that he used to advise home owners to carry as big a mortgage as possible, and invest their money in the market. I used to yell at the radio whenever he repeated that advice. And that was a short few years before the housing and stock market crash.

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sally wood
April 07, 2013

I agree,,,this edleman charges a high fee to invest your money in funds you can do yourself,, use bob brinker.com for one hundred eightfive bucks you can get his yealy newsletter and do it yourself,, I have made nothing but dough,,, never give anyone your dough

Frank Nyberg
November 20, 2013

What Ric says about mortgage makes sense. Lets say you paid off your mortgage. You have lots of equity. You lose your job so you need access to the equity. Apply for a mortgage when you have no job? Good Luck. His point is to have liquid assets. Home equity is not always liquid. Many are house rich cash poor. That is the heart of his mortgage advice.

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