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About is a website which describes themselves as the world’s largest digital coupon marketplace, giving consumers from all over the world access to coupons from a wide variety of retailers.

One of the most popular uses of the internet for the average family and homemaker today is trying to find ways to save money, whether that means price comparisons, special deals, or through using coupons and discount codes. claims to provide a wide variety of savings in the form of coupon codes to their customers, unlike websites like, which qualify as daily deals sites and offer their customers a limited time special from local retailers, or which focuses on primarily on grocery coupons.

According to their website, they served more than 500 million visitors to their websites across the globe in the last twelve months alone, and claim that they give their customers access to hundreds of thousands of digital coupons and offers from retailers.

Their coupons range across a wide variety of popular categories, including Accessories, Art, Automotive, Baby Products, Beauty Products, Books, Clothing, and many other options.

To make it easier for their customers to navigate the extensive collection of coupons and deals they offer, allows their members to “Favorite” certain stores, so that these retailers are given priority when you visit their website and go through their offerings.

There is also a free mobile application that you can take advantage of, so that when you are out on the go and shopping you can find any relevant coupons that you can use at the stores you are currently in.

They also provide something called “Deal Alerts,” which will send you email notifications from your favorite stores so that you will never miss a discount offering from retailers you are loyal to.

Customers who have complaints or issues with the validity or accuracy of the discount codes you receive from should contact their Customer Service department.

If you have any experience with this website, please leave your reviews below.

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They make commission off your purchases

Reviewed By Andrew on August 10, 2016

Pretty much a SCAM, not Amway level - but unscrupulous non-the less

Email thread below:

AUG 08, 2016 | 12:53PM CDT
Original message
Andrew wrote:

Why didn't I get my 5$ rebate?
This is a joke! This must be a scam.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your email. Unfortunately, we were unable to verify your purchase, so your submission doesn’t qualify for the reward. It looks like your submission was rejected, because the purchase could not be verified as originating from RetailMeNot.

This can happen for one of the following reasons: cookies aren’t enabled on your device, the link wasn’t clicked on Step 2 of the instructions, you clicked another site after clicking the link in Step 2 of the instructions prior to making your purchase, or you used a non-RetailMeNot coupon on your purchase.

RetailMeNot receives a commission when you click through our links. The rebate is part of the commission we receive when you click through our links. Because we did not receive credit for the submission, we are unable to process a rebate for you. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Leah A.

My response :
Sounds like horseshoes to me Leah!
I hope your company goes belly up

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Retail me RUBBISH

Reviewed By Julie Simpson on August 14, 2015

I use to work for a dot com company in a call center and retailmenot would alway use expired codes and pass them out like water and then we'd get tons of unhappy callers when we would NOT use their codes. Some of the codes were years expired sometimes. I think the consumer should be aware of what they're being offered. Only good codes that have been approved from the site should be allowed.
By the by, if the company or a representative would of come to the company themselves then I am sure we would of been able to come to some agreement instead of the process they operate.

Just saying...

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Reviewed By Jeremiah Taperla Cinco on June 25, 2015, Brisbane City, Queensland

I've been a fan of RetailMeNot since 2014 because of their great coupons it saves my life. This site is such a great, it helps thousands of people out there. is one of the best in online but these two sites where you can find 10-60% discounts.

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August 14, 2015, cool I would love to try them out. Thanks!

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2 Reviews

Good e-commerce site

Reviewed By Lori on September 15, 2014

I like their mobile apps

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