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RealDose Weight Loss Formula No. 1 distinguishes itself from other products by ensuring customers that they are getting the right ingredient at the right does their products are natural and are manufactured in the U.S. With the strict standards of their development and manufacturing process they ensure their products are safer and their customers will have better results. With their primary focus on providing precisely calculated amounts of each ingredient in their pills as well as the right ingredients, they made this their “RealDose Promise.”

The concept behind the combination of ingredients in RealDose Weight Loss Formula No. 1 is targeted toward removing the four fat burning hormonal barriers by turning food into energy so dieters melt excess fat away quickly. The ingredients in this supplement include Dolichos Biflorus seed extract, Betel extract, Decaf Green Coffee, Siberian Rhodiola Rosea, and Pepper extract. RealDose Weight Loss Formula No. 1 is stimulant free, non-caffeinated and not addictive. It is made of natural ingredients, non-gmo, Vegan-made and certified kosher. They don’t contain gluten, dairy products, soy or eggs.

Dolichos Biflorus seed extract combined with Betel extract is a blend used to boost adiponectin in your body by 15.3%. Adoponectic is a fat burning hormone. This combination also decreases ghrelin, a hunger hormone, by 17.3%. The Decaf Green Coffee contains chlorogenic acids, promoting weight loss by regulating blood sugar and backing up glucose production of the liver. These are the two main components of the supplement used for weight loss.

The Siberian Rhodiola Rosea reduces stress, anxiety, fatigue and improves mood; all of these benefits contribute to lower cortisol levels. When any individual starts a diet, controlling anxiety is going to help them avoid forming a nervous eating habit. The fourth component, pepper extract, is used to aid the body’s ability to absorb the ingredients within the pills by a process called thermogenesis.

You can order online through their site or by phone; the three package options include six months for $327.00, three months for $179.00, and one month for $67.00. The best feature is that their product includes a lifetime money-back guarantee. In each bottle there are 90 pills, a 30-day supply, take one pill before each meal.

People’s bodies react differently to different weight loss products. Some may lose weight quicker than others, some may not lose weight initially but they may lose inches. Establishing healthy eating habits and exercising regularly is recommended with any diet or while using any weight loss supplement. Diet pills shouldn’t be solely relied on as a magical weight loss tool.

Health supplement companies, may or may not, extend the full truth about their ingredients; they don’t go the extra mile to ensure the amount of each ingredient is correct. Skipping this crucial step saves them time and money and increases their bottom line. Talk to your physician about any supplements, including the manufacturer of that supplement, prior to adding it to your daily regimen. Your physician will be able to direct you to a reputable brand that is safe and effective.

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1 Review

Sorry Doesn't Work

Reviewed By Liz Romero on June 26, 2014

I wanted to believe the hype so bad. Everything on the infomercial applied to me. I'm 44, I exercise 6 days a week with weights and running, I don't eat junk food, yet I am still fat!

When it talked about Cortisol levels, etc. I thought this must be the real deal.

I have taken this product exactly how it says and I have not lost anything. Sorry.

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1 Review

Pepped up so much I could hardly sleep

Reviewed By L C on March 20, 2014

I took Weight loss formula 1 for around a month. It appeared to greatly affect my ability to sleep and created a stimulant effect/agitated effect on my thoughts. I gather this would be from the piper betle. As a science graduate I would have to question the safety of such ingredients if they cause such idiosyncratic reactions and I find it frustrating that rhodiola although anxiolytic, is combined with caffeine in the other products I've seen it in, or as in this case with another psychoactive stimulant.
I stuck it out because I was in denial that the tablet was reducing my ability to fall asleep, the ability to have deep sleep, and also to stay asleep.
I've basically had a month of bad sleep and hence not lost weight. In fact I am still having difficulty with my sleep habits which were fine before taking this.
I think it should have a warning about it being capable of causing adverse stimulant effects.
Their response to me when I enquired about this matter was a generic response obviously formulated to respond to caffeine complaints. After extenuous reading with regard to piper betle seed and leaf I conclude that this CNS stimulant is possibly stronger than caffeine and possibly as dangerous as stronger illicit stimulants.

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Ingredients can be dangerous

Reviewed By Max on October 21, 2013, Oregon

Read the ingredient list and investigate them. I just read about the ingredient: Dolichos Biflorus seed extract (DBS) which they claim reduces Ghrelin. DBS is a lectin which can be helpful as it is a carbohydrate-binding protein however too much lectin may cause leptin resistance. Such leptin resistance may translate into diseases, notably it could be responsible for obesity in humans who have high levels of leptin. Lectin is in most foods and though a supplement can initially aide in weight-loss as it binds to carbohydrates and prevents absorption but too much will cause weight gain. Foods with high concentrations of lectins, such as beans, cereal grains, seeds, nuts, and potatoes, may be harmful if consumed in excess and adverse effects may include nutritional deficiencies, and immune (allergic) reactions.[14] Possibly, most effects of lectins are due to gastrointestinal distress through interaction of the lectins with the gut epithelial cells. THIS would be why so many reviewers complain of bloating and constipation. The DBS in RealDose may work short term but the danger of leptin resistance from such high daily doses could actually have the opposite long term effect and cause obesity! When I first started reading I thought lectin was good for weight loss and have even seen it sold in vitamin/supplement form but now I think it is a bad thing to take as a supplement and in the long run can make you GAIN WEIGHT!

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Wondering about interaction with other medications

Reviewed By Lori A on October 21, 2013, Ottawa, Ontario

I watched the video, and have read the reviews. I have looked up the active ingredients, they all seem legitimate. I was sceptical about the green coffee bean (Caffea Canephora), but again, it really is caffeine free. I am a 45 year old who suffers from Fibromyalgia, and Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN). I had MVD surgery two years ago for the TN (this involved a craniotomy), and I also have ongoing depression. All of this has been preventing me from being as active as I used to be, and I find it difficult to do anything cardiovascular without getting a migraine headache (part of the TN). I am currently taking Cymbalta, and Toperimate and I am wondering if anyone has experienced side effects with REALDOSE. I also have the side effect of Acid reflux from the Toperimate, so I am happy to read that it helped one of the other reviewers. Also, and this is really important to me, has REALDOSE caused anyone to get more headaches, or brought on a migraine for anyone?

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I haven't started the pills yet .

Reviewed By Jeanette on October 4, 2013, Markham,tx

I just placed my order recently and downloaded the e book
Some of the reviews here are very encouraging
Some are just plain negative . I wanted to say that a negative outlook
Most likely helps cause weight problems . I am 44 and just going
Into menopause . Have been tall and slender my whole life , until I hit 42 , then I gained 35 lbs without really changing how I eat or anything .
It seems hopeless to get it off at times , but I'm hoping this will help get back to myself . Thanks for all the good reviews .

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February 19, 2014

How did you go with using it, did you continue, did you notice benefits? Please share as Im interested but skeptical.

April 04, 2014

i am in the same situation and i will be 44 this year. I want to order this, how has it worked for you?

April 04, 2014

hello. i am in the same boat. i will turn 44 this year and i too seem to have trouble with my weight. i want to order this product.
has it helped you?

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