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4 ‘Real Traffic Source’ Reviews
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Interesting traffic source

Reviewed By James on January 22, 2014

Very sceptical to paid traffic sources, but a friend of mine recommended so I had to try it out. I started with a small traffic package and to my big surprise a got 1 sale. not bad at all. I went for a much larger package (I prefer visitors from the US or the UK as they buy more from my pages than people from other nations). I discovered very soon that is a very interesting and profitable traffic source. I made at least 20X my investment in traffic and i'm on my way to get more.

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December 10, 2014

I'm very impressed with the traffic from so far. Noticed a sales increase immediately and the traffic was very fast as well. I have already spread the word about this traffic to several friends and they reported back with good results too!

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Good services, fast and real traffic

Reviewed By Zeke Dockery on April 5, 2013, Birmingham, UK

Thanks so far for my targeted UK visitors, I have seen a good increase in signups and sales. I have already upgraded to a bigger campaign. Let's hope this one is a lucrative as my first campaign with you.

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James Carrigan
April 14, 2013

Yes, you got that right! This traffic source is actually working and they do deliver.

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Guest helped me a lot

Reviewed By Rose Jones on March 10, 2013, Chicago, USA

Very little traffic and no sales! Yes, that was me. Then I got a tips from a friend about Realtrafficsource and their traffic services. I needed traffic from the US and they sent me exactly what I needed. It took a week before I got my first sale, but suddenly I had one sale every day. Great job and I have already purchased again.

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Great traffic and very dedicated service

Reviewed By Johnatan Meyer on July 18, 2012, NY

Like most webmasters i struggle to get traffic and visitors to my sites and my time is very limited. I'm also not very into online marketing and SEO. So, i stumbled upon a great little website called Tried a small traffic package from them and the visitors came rolling in!

Again, gave them one more try with some visitors from the US...same result. Got my first visitors in around 6-8 hours after i purchased the traffic package and in 3-4 days i tripled my sales! Not bad for a few dollars.

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December 07, 2012

Hi Johnatan Meyer:

Not sure if you get this, but if this works for the low price it might be worth the effort to see what it does and maybe see an ROI with my investment.


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