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About Reading Fanatic

Reading Fanatic is a toolbar browser extension which claims to help its users locate popular and bestselling ebooks online, completely free of charge, with just a simple download.

A toolbar is an extra addition to your internet search browser. Generally, a toolbar is designed to work with a specific browser, so the toolbar you use with Mozilla Firefox generally won’t work for Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

A browser extension widens the scope of your browser’s functionality. In the case of Reading Fanatic, the claim is that this addition to your browser will help your search feature specifically find and identify free ebooks. They claim you can find access to over 1 million free titles. says that applying this feature to your browser is incredibly simple – it just requires you to download and install the toolbar. The toolbar is completely free, and there is no registration required.

Whenever you download new items to your hard drive, it is smart to ask yourself is it safe to download this product? Many downloaded items can contain a virus. Even if the item is clean of all malware, toolbar extensions have the ability to collect your information and sell it to third party sources.

While there don’t seem to be any reports of the Reading Fanatic toolbar being linked to malware, their privacy policy does state that some of your information will be shared with their partner websites.

The policy goes on to state that none of your personal information will ever be sold or shared. Rather the information shared will be used to provide you with better targeted marketing and product results.

If, after downloading this item, you decide you no longer want it and wish to return to your original browser, you can find detailed instructions at which will explain to you how to uninstall the toolbar and return to your original browser and settings.

If you have any experience with this tool, please leave your Reading Fanatic reviews below.

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1 Review

Would not let me uninstall it

Reviewed By Cheryl Ann Marshall on October 15, 2014, East Sullivan, Maine

I should have read the reviews here before downloading it. Had to do a system restore to get rid of it.

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Free Public Library eBooks

Reviewed By Lee on November 9, 2013, Fayetteville, NC

Check your Public Library for their free eBooks and audio Books.

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Reading Fanatic

Reviewed By Norm on October 7, 2013, Canada

I have a Kobo Glo and when I click on Kobo eBooks, the only ones that come up, are not free!
Not a good as advertised!

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reading Fanatic -no thanks

Reviewed By Carol on July 10, 2013, New Zealand

Don`t like reading fanatic at all.Never ever download it.I have had so many problems when I`ve downloaded reading fanatic and my anti-virus goes ballistic.Am staying well away from reading fanatic and advise others to do the same

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August 24, 2013

thank you for the warning !

Casey Fairbairn
September 05, 2014

You haven't downloaded it, yet you know you don't like it? How does that work exactly?

October 15, 2014

I tried to uninstall it and it says module can not be found so I did a system restore to get rid of it. I should have checked reviewopedia first.

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Free on the net PHEW!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed By Yea right on May 10, 2013, U.K.

I have on occasion by accident Downloaded a toolbar that Say's it's free and brilliant. I think they mean it is free to roam your computer and pinch what it can.

Then try and remove it, not the easiest of tasks. Eventually your browser is the only thing free when you've trashed the toolbar.

If they are that good why make them difficult to remove, Virtually a virus in themselves they know people won't want them.

Maybe this one is genuine, I for one hate freebies off the net cause they aint wot d'say most the time.

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June 11, 2013

freebies frighten me, so I'll pass,atleast for now.

November 27, 2013

What kind of review says "Maybe this [product] is genuine..."?
I thought the point of writing a review was to share your experience, not to ask the question people looking for reviews are asking!

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