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Rate Marketplace is an online source to find quotes for auto insurance as well as quotes for competitive mortgage rates. This site is an efficient way to find a number of quotes at one time by submitting only one request form.

Rate Marketplace is not a lender or insurance broker; instead, they will match you with mortgage lenders and auto insurance providers based on your needs. You can complete and submit a form directly through their site to obtain 5 free, no obligation, quotes. There are no hidden fees and they do not conduct a credit check.

Other mortgage quote options are available for those who are considering a home equity loan or for those who wish to purchase loans. To retrieve a quick daily mortgage rate, there is a short form on their site where you select the loan type you are looking for, your general credit profile level, and the type of home you are purchasing or refinancing.

Individuals who are interested in finding a lower auto insurance rate than they currently have or simply want quotes for a new auto insurance policy can use their services to compare quotes as well.

Tools and resources on their site are accessible for their users including a number of articles and calculators. There are also informative materials pertaining to each states rates and regulations. With all of this useful information it is imperative to understand the terms used. With their glossaries, you can discover exactly what the information you are reading refers to or is defined to mean.

Rate Marketplace is operated by Adchemy, a digital marketing technology company. They enable marketers and their agencies to optimize advertising on a massive scale. Rate Marketplace shares information with Adchemy who then distributes each lead to 4 or 5 affiliates. Adchemy is dedicated to generating leads that are also quality leads.

Customers sometimes complained about the number of phone calls they received from lenders and insurance companies. Some customers also came to find that the quotes they received were much less than what they were presented with as they moved forward through the loan application process. The quote estimates on Rate Marketplace didn’t factor in any initiation fees or closing costs. These costs add a substantial amount of money when they are factored into your loans.

Prior to submitting your information to any of these quick quote websites understand the process and the way your information will be used and know exactly who your information will be passed along to. Always read the fine print, especially within the terms of use and privacy policy. Additionally, read through the “Frequently Asked Question” section to further understand what the general public has been inquiring about.

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Spam always leads to Scam

Reviewed By Chris on November 28, 2016

There is no reason or excuse by now to be unaware of how internet companies collect any information you're willing to give to spam your email's inbox and your browser with popups. Add this to your list of "things not to click on". This is why spam folders even exist. They will tell you who they already plan to pass your info to, but they won't tell you they contractually agree not to sell your info to others. How do you think they make money per click? Don't be that fool.

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