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Prosperity Team is a work at home training program which works in combination with the well known Empower Network to give their members the ability to earn a livable wage from the comfort of home.

The Empower Network is a multi level marketing (MLM) business opportunity. MLM is a type of business where representatives make money not just from selling products but also from recruiting new representatives.

The business opportunity being sold by Prosperity Team is the Empower Network, but here it is being repackaged with some additional tools and resources under a new name to attract new representatives in a competitive market. This is also a method used by other Network reps, like Pure Leverage or Big Idea Mastermind.

Prosperity Network promises their members receive an added level of training and support from with the Empower Network community. In fact, Prosperity Team claims that 40 of the Network’s top 100 sales leaders are a part of their community.

While the Empower Network provides their members with the necessary knowledge, tools, and resources to successfully market MLM opportunities, the Prosperity Team adds to this by providing their own form of support and training.

This includes daily webinars with step by step assignments from the top leaders on their team so you can “steal” their secrets and use them for yourself. In addition, these webinars can help you deal with the problems and challenges that everyone faces when establishing their first online business.

The cost of joining Empower Network begins at $25 a month with an additional $19.95 each month to become an affiliate, but members also have an option of purchasing packages which are priced at $500 and sometimes even more.

New members should go to extra lengths to understand the program and how it works to determine if they have issues or complaints before they make the decision to invest more money into additional programs.

If you have any experience with this business opportunity, please leave your Prosperity Team reviews below.

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