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Power4Home.com is a website from John Russell, an electrician who created the Power4Home system to help teach regular people how they can slash their electric bills in half, or more.

Over the past four years, Russell claims that he has helped over 100,000 people learn how to create personal, individual power sources in their very own backyards, and to “get off the grid,” with homemade solar panels and wind turbines.

As a professional electrician, Russell says that commercial solar panels are incredibly expensive considering that the materials needed to make solar panels are actually very cheap.

In fact, he claims that he purchased all the materials needed to make his at home solar panels for under $100.00, and then spent one day in his garage assembling all the pieces until he had his very own professional grade solar panels at a fraction of the cost.

In addition, he says that you can add a small scale wind turbine to your backyard power factory as well, for both similar costs and time investment. And doing this will not just slash your electric bill, but sometimes allow you to store your own energy and even receive money from the electric company.

His step-by-step system includes both videos on how to create your own solar panels and wind turbine, as well as illustrated manuals so that you are walked through the entire process.

Russell also includes bonus gifts, one of which is the package of IRS tax rebate forms you must fill out in order to receive tax credits from the government in reward for switching over to renewable energy sources.

The Power4Home Pro 2.0 system sells for $49.97 and is a Clickbank product, which means that if you have complaints about the materials you receive, you have 60 days to return it and receive your money back, no questions asked, so those afraid of a scam have that reassurance.

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