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Power Freedom is a home based energy guide available on PowerFreedom.com, which says that it can teach anyone, even people who have no technical knowledge and are not “handy,” how to create their own home electricity system.

PowerFreedom.com hosts a video presentation from professional electrician David Bradley, who says that he got sick and tired of the extremely high prices of home electricity, but especially with the power outages which occasionally affected his family.

Bradley decided that it was important to find a way to produce his own electricity from a home power system. This required using an energy source that isn’t “on the grid,” and the best source that everyone has access to is the sun.

Solar power is not a new concept. Many companies will set up a solar power system for you, though unfortunately professional installed systems can be extremely expensive and therefore not an option for most American families.

But, as a professional electrician, David Bradley knew that he should be able to create his own at home solar panels for a price that is completely affordable, and which would make such a power system accessible to anyone who wanted it.

According to their video presentation on PowerFreedom.com, Bradley was able to purchase everything he needed to make his own at home solar panels for less than one hundred dollars.

The complete at home Power Freedom system doesn’t stop there however – it also includes a small home wind turbine. The entire system is described as being $197.15 worth of materials which are able to be completely constructed within the time period of about one day.

And the Power Freedom system was completely designed with the intention of being able to be recreated by regular people with no electrical background, even people who aren’t particularly tech savvy. The whole instructional system only costs $47.

The video presentation also says that this is the only guide of its kind available, which isn’t exactly true. Power 4 Patriots and Easy2Power.com both offer the same type of guides, available in the same price range.

If you have any experience with this product, please leave your Power Freedom System reviews below.

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It's a Hustle that's a Hassle

Reviewed By Jennifer Botens Honeycutt on January 18, 2014, Midland, Oregon

This really sucks that we didn't research this more thoroughly before purchasing the booklet, etc. David Bradley seemed like a standup guy and since our average power bills are $320/month we thought solar power could be the answer. Fortunately, we'll be able to keep the $47 before they get it, but it means we have to cancel a credit card...what a hassle.

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it's a scam

Reviewed By gotscamed on December 3, 2013, stockton,ca

powerfreedom.com is a complete scam, after you pay then they tell you they no longer tell how to make solar panels or wind turbines even though the whole ad is based on that promise, don't lose your money like I did, it's a scam. you can find better info for free on youtube.

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phillip millewr
December 04, 2013

I got took for 47.00 and got nothing at all and can not contact anyone at all . its is 100% fraud a rip off to get your money .

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Reviewed By William Sommerwerck on December 1, 2013, Renton, WA

I'm a degreed EE, and all the issues "John from Virginia" raised immediately crossed my mind on viewing the video. The issue is not whether you can do such a thing -- of course you can -- but that it can be done so inexpensively and easily.

Suppose you wanted to run your electric baseboard heating on a cloudy day. You'd need a couple of kilowatts, right? How many panels would you need to provide that? (Hint -- it's not the three shown. More like 20 or 30.) And if you had a battery storage system, how many batteries (lead-acid car batteries, presumably) would you need to pump out a kilowatt? Roughly ten. How much would that cost?

We haven't even discussed the need for a DC-to-AC converter (an "inverter") to run the AC-powered equipment in your home. It would have to be able to deliver at least 2kW, to be safe. (You could also use a motor-generator system, which would probably be cheaper.)

There is simply no way to do all these things for $200. Period. End of story.

Well, almost end. Of course, that doesn't mean a solar and/or wind system /wouldn't/ be a good idea. Prices are falling, due to big drops in the manufacturing costs of solar panels (a point this presentation conveniently overlooks).

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December 03, 2013

powerfreedom.com is a complete scam, after you pay then they tell you they no longer tell how to make solar panels or wind turbines even though the whole ad is based on that promise, don't lose your money like I did, it's a scam. you can find better info for free on youtube.

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power freedom scam

Reviewed By Michael on November 28, 2013, va

I just watched the power freedom video,and out of curiosity, decided to do some research. I'm sure that its a scam, but what i found interesting is one of the links that came up is a text version of the video, but the story at the beginning is different. In the video its a snowstorm that knocked out his power but in the text version of his "story" its a tornado that knocks out his power and made him mad at the government. I imagine if i look hard enough i can find other versions of the same story.

I've lived by "if it sounds too good to be true, it is" and this falls into this category. I've priced solar system kits and the individual components and you cannot build a solar grid for your house for 92 dollars, or anywhere near that. Having said that, i would be curious to hear from anyone who has bought the system and built/attempted to build his panels and wind turbine.

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Nowhere to go from here

Reviewed By R Crowe on November 9, 2013, North Carolina

I watched the video with interest but knew soon enough that this site was playing on people's emotions more than anything but sent for the material. Included is a nice study guide that is informative and a DVD with a couple of series on Solar Hot Water Heating, How To Rig Up For Safety When Doing An Install, etc. Nice but not enough. The issue i have is that in the material it tells you to "log in to the Member's Website"; THERE IS NO MEMBERS WEBSITE!! That's when I called for clarification. We you do this you will get an instant phonemail message telling you to go on-line (again) to www.powerfreedom/support. I did this and my only real option was to contact them by email. I got a response back telling me the website was down but it would soon be up. A month later that is still not the case. If you log on to www.powerfreedom.com ALL you will get is the infomercial with the cartoon drawings that is way too long. My complaint is this; if you're going to go to such great lengths to produce what this site / company has done so far, why can't you finish it? I got the info. I get the concept. I know about the nay-sayers who can't wait for a hail storm. I just was hoping that there would actually be a way to order real panels and micro-inverters and take the plunge but I cannot see a way how on this site. If this guy would have done this and really shown people how to proceed to a finished product he would have done well in my book. But it doesn't appear to be David Bradley's real goal.

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November 09, 2013

ditto, guess I'll have to accept I been scammed!!!!

November 13, 2013

I also can't find a members site. Was anyone successful in getting a refund?

November 23, 2013

Yup, sadly me too. You can probably find 50 dollars of savings in the common sense tips to lower your power bill but , overall - a scam. The review below says it and I agree " if too good to be true ......" The did respond one time by email to me as well - but ignored my follow up emails.

Roger Papler
November 26, 2013

Please provide the phone number of this outfit so I can get my $ back for the booklet. I had the same experience. Anyways PLEASE provide a phone number .

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