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The Pimsleur Approach (PimsleurApproach.com) is a foreign language course that promises to teach you the basics of your chosen language within 10 days using proven methods created by Dr. Paul Pimsleur and used by the FBI.

When you order the Quick & Simple program, you will receive 4 audio CDs with 8 lessons, each 30 minutes in length, and you are scheduled to listen to only one lesson per day.

The entire program is 100% audio based so it can be listened to in the car, the home, or downloaded and played on an MP3 player. The Quick & Simple program is currently priced at $10.00, with free Shipping & Handling.

What is “The Pimsleur Approach”?

The Pimsleur Approach to learning a foreign language is to teach adults a language the same way babies learn language – orally. According to them, learning language begins with learning sounds and pronunciations, not with grammar rules or vocab lessons.

The Pimsleur Approach works on the idea that you should absorb grammar rules through understanding how conversation works orally, just like you did when you were learning your first language.

The website says that while there are over 1 million words and phrase in the English language, there are only 2500 that we use consistently and that we need in order to communicate with the average American.

The Pimsleur Approach identifies these same language building blocks for foreign languages and only concentrates on teaching you those, so that you can quickly be conversational in your chosen language.

The Cost

The Quick & Simple program does cost $10.00 and comes with a 30 day trial, where you can receive a refund if you return the program in excellent condition. However, you are automatically enrolled to get subsequent programs sent to you.

These subsequent programs, if not returned with 30 days, will cost you 4 payments of $64, or $256, and depending on the language you have chosen, you can receive up to 4 additional shipments.

With each additional shipment, you have 30 days to return those and cancel the charges. You can also call 1-877-802-5283 to cancel future shipments in advance at any time.

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Reviewed By P_A_is@Bad.biz on October 3, 2013, Philly, PA

I sympathize with everyone that's been duped by P A; the product itself is outdated and may have worked well back in the 80s, but it hasn't been updated, or aged well. But the purchasing is a nightmare!

A year ago, after ordering the $9.99 item from P A, my bank card began being charged several months later numerous times for over a $100 for something I did not order, nor receive. Called their rep to remove charges, who said that they had confirmation that item was delivered, but I assured them that it was not ordered, nor received by me. Ive read that if you don't read the fine print, or miss declining an additional offer box, that this can happen, but I was very careful to look for these additional offers, as well as recorded the online purchase with a screen recorder that shows nothing other than the original $9.99 item was ordered; therefore, their sales system is adding purchases that people are not making. Even with proof, a half year later they were still trying to make unsolicited charges.

I would encourage anyone who is intent on ordering this outdated product to record their online purchase with screen capture so that you have proof you did not order products that they will charge you for and then say they delivered.

Better still, please avoid this dubious and unscrupulous, if not illegal, practice, with every fibre of your being...just run away!!! But if they do try to get you, be prepared and fight back, because they will!!!!!!!

Also, they are not BBB accredited.

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Direct contact with owner of pimsleur approach

Reviewed By LJ on September 23, 2013, Philadelphia

Here is the direct contact information for the pimsleur approach aka stroll aka internet order llc.
CEO: Dan Roitman 215-701-3300 ext 1101
Address is 1600 JFK Blvd 3rd floor
Philadelphia pa 19103

That's the main person who too contact

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Stroll is a SCAM

Reviewed By Hardy Cook on September 10, 2013, Athens, GA

This is a SCAM. Do not order.

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September 23, 2013

Stroll definitely is not above board. They continue to charge me for cds that I sent back on time. When I call, they say that there is nothing that they can do. I need to call my credit card company.

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method works great, just buy the CDs on ebay or bigredbarn

Reviewed By David on August 29, 2013, Asheville, NC

I've learned several languages well enough to travel on my own in foreign countries and speak pidgin. Easy ones like Spanish and German, as well as hard ones like Russian and Thai. The method is NOT old-fashioned, it blows the computer lessons like Rosetta Stone out of the water. Rosetta Stone will teach you some basic vocabulary and phrases but Pimsleur really does teach you to think in the language and speak with a decent accent.

I listen to the lessons to and from work and work through several lessons a week, usually listening to each lesson twice or three times.

Don't buy the CD's from some website that forces you into some sort of marketing scheme, just buy the whole set new from bigredbarn, or used from ebay. After you're done with them (and have them ripped onto your iPod) you can sell them on ebay yourself and get some of that cash back. And nobody has your credit card number to keep on charging it!

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September 03, 2013

He/She is absolutely right on the credit card autocharged when you don't return their materials after 30 days. It's very annoying. I really dislike this merchandising strategy.

September 23, 2013

Even after I returned mine on time, they continue to charge me. Every month I have to dispute it with my credit card company

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Even better then it appears

Reviewed By Kerry on August 26, 2013, Chattanooga, TN

First, one really needs the complete set, not the introductory program. The imperfections or flaws are not accidental, they are purposely designed to build up additional vocabulary and to help prepare one for the more advance lessons. Despite what any source claims, learning a foreign language require a long term commitment. Those 10 minutes a day programs simply do not work. If they did, every high school graduate should know at least two foreign language!

I completed Level 1 Russian, and now on lesson #9 level 2. By the time I finish level 3, I will be able to converse rather well.

Rosetta Stone is almost worthless. I might use it to help learn some random vocabulary and listen to a different native speaker. At best, Rosetta Stone might be an acceptable supplement.

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