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PC Power Speed is a registry cleaner used to optimize your computer’s performance. You can download a free scan online that will detect errors within your registry and it only takes a few seconds.  The software is meant to speed up your system, fix errors, clean the registry and increase start-up speed. It is also supposed to protect your information and safeguard your computer from viruses and malware.

Once you run a free scan available on the PC Power Speed website, a list of errors will be displayed for you. At that point you will be able to sign up for a free trial to try out the software. During the signup process you will need to provide personal information and a credit or debit card that will be charged automatically at the end of the trial period. At the end of each subscription cycle, your card will automatically be charged for a new subscription. There are no refunds for subscriptions that have already been paid for.

PC Power Speed, and its affiliates, sends cookies to your computer to track and record your internet activity and keystrokes. This function is used to track patterns and trends amongst its subscribers.

Unfortunately, companies selling registry cleaner software, including PC Power Speed, are convincing consumers to buy their products under false pretenses, which constitute them to be a scam. Many reviews online have actually deemed this program to be a virus which poses a security threat to your personal information and financial data.

Each of these products offers an initial free scan, many errors on your computer are identified, all of which do not really exist. The scanners are fake and do not provide any real source of useful data. The errors shown within the fake scan reports are used to make you believe that you need to download and purchase the program; technically they are stealing your money and you are unknowingly paying for a virus.

Not only is your computer infected with a virus after the program is installed, your registry settings and other system files are changed. This will cause your computer to operate slowly and may even cause your entire system to crash. Since Adware is also incorporated into the virus, constant pop-ups will also slow down your computer’s performance.

Uninstalling any registry cleaner program poses a number of issues. Its properties are the same as any virus or malware program, a simple uninstall does not remove all of its files from your hard drive. Since the program extracts a number of files onto your computer it is often hard to identify and locate all of them. Many of these files are hidden, attached to other files, layered upon one another and some of them have even been created to reanimate themselves.

Before scanning your computer using an online registry cleaner program, go through your system to see if it has preinstalled software to clean up your computer. Even though there may be a few more steps for you, it is easy to do. There is no reason to ever clean the registry, it doesn’t make the system faster, in fact, and it can actually cause significant damage to your system.

Consult with a computer professional who will be able to recommend a safe registry cleaner. In addition, you can ask them for tips on how to keep your computer running efficiently.

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Reviewed By mr. wong on July 31, 2012, Chicago

This program and site remind me of the commercial a few years ago for myfasterpc. ha ha ha. The guy on the website is so stupid looking, with all his errors. who actually experiences all that? It seems fake to me.

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