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Computer viruses and bugs, also known as “malware”, have the capabilities to wipe out all of the data on your hard drive and even steal your information.  PC-Matic, a product of PC-Pitstop, is an online application used to scan your computer for viruses; from there it will remove any existing viruses and also block the threat of new ones.

In addition, it is able to locate updates and apply these updates to programs running on your computer.  PC-Matic offers increased security, increased performance, increased speed and stability.

PC-Matic compiles data generated from scans of all their customers.  This information is gathered and computed in a database called Cloud.  Integrating Cloud into PC-Matic’s design allows real-time protection.  This means that any new viruses or bugs are instantly added to their database and then used to improve the scans on your computer.

A year of service, with a 30-day guarantee, is $49.99, which is a little pricey.  The only requirement for this program is an internet connection.  PC-Matic can also be used on up to 5 computers and updates are automatically downloaded for free.

Another service, included for free, is the availability of scan reports, which can be directly emailed to you.  These reports outline what the program’s scans are finding and where viruses or problems may be coming from.  It is important to remember there are many viruses that are hard to find and there are constantly new ones being discovered, so any anti-virus software is going to have gaps.

From the PC-Matic Website, you can download a free scan check, which is quick and simple.  This scan will detect viruses that may be on your computer.  If there is a virus, the idea is, you will buy this program to remove the virus.  Is the free scan a real scan or a real scam?

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Does not work

Reviewed By Huns on November 30, 2013, Nejad

I paid full amount for PC Matic software. My computer is slower than before and I experiencing freezing too which I did not have it before.

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April 21, 2014

I'm an 84 year old computer tech and have been into computers a long time and can say, "I have never had any virus or malware problems. Go to Avast.com and download the FREE version. Before you do that, go to control paned, all control panel items, Programs and features. Delete PCM, Noxtxn and any other anti virus programs. Do not delete any malware protection if you have it.

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Reviewed By Mr.Computer Illiterate F'up on October 10, 2013, Nfrontputer,WV

Bought PC Matic cause of that girl.Now my puter runs,no walk,no freeze.Thanks PC Matic here's $50 more!

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It's a scam

Reviewed By Me on July 4, 2013

Tried it and regret it. Don't follow in my path. It's a scam then junks up and slows down your computer, then ransoms you $50 to fix it

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why do people keep falling for this piece of s**t is beyond me

Reviewed By a real PC technician on June 10, 2013

look people, there are NO magic fixes for broken PC's. Only a REPUTABLE pc tech can fix these issues, not some trash software you see on TV... get a clue...

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July 01, 2013

Absolutely right, back up your data, wipe it out and start again. Better than trash ware.

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Reviewed By Ron on May 26, 2013, chattanooga,tn

They tell more lies about PC Matic on TV than Obama does. Well maybe not that many. But you can get free programs and keep your $50.00 and get better results .. Forget it, Don't Buy it,...

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May 27, 2013

HEY WE'RE A VIRUS THAT MADE ENOUGH MONEY TO DO A TV AD :D USE US. I hate how viruses target unsuspecting users.

July 01, 2013

What the heck does the president have to do with anything? He's the President people. You lost, we won. Get over it!

July 03, 2013

your president has the biggest forked tongue in the history of these United States. The sad part is you're to dumb to see it after 6 years of this traitor. Mr. Smilealot and ride Air force 1 until it's rode hard and put up wet.

August 22, 2013

Wow and let me guess you LOVE BUSH for all he did.. sad people ripping into OYUR counrties presidents... How about you vote a better one in. Anyway PC pitstop as most said after a Virtual test are exactlly as stated here they open up a one way train of malware and trash and Screws your registry something Rotten

November 26, 2013


Obama sucks so that explains why your post sucks. Consumer report did an in depth testing on registry cleaners and PC Matic didn't make it matter of fact only 6 software programs passed the test which was stringent.

James John
March 19, 2014

Get over it teabaggers..we WON and you LOST. President Barack Obama! The BEST President this country has ever had!!!

March 19, 2014

And if you teabaggers don't like it...you can kiss my rosy red azz...heheh

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