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Everyone relies on the information stored in their computers. They must protect it as well as they possibly can by backing up their hard drive and by navigating the web safely. Computers don’t have an infinite life and anything saved in your computer can be lost or destroyed if you don’t protect it. ParetoLogic addresses the concerns of individuals regarding their computers performance, the safety of their personal information, and its overall accessibility.

The array of products ParetoLogic offers enables you to protect, fix and optimize your computer’s performance. Their products include those that allow you to backup your hard drive to a cloud, another to protect your computer from viruses and mal-ware, and others that are used to speed up your computer and fix common errors. Because they use the latest technology, their software is a lot easier to use than other similar programs on the market.

The price for their products range from $30-$50 per year; each year you are required to renew your license to use their software. ParetoLogic has a free trial of their backup software as well as their Easy File Viewer. They also provide new customers a free computer registry scan.

The ParetoLogic Backup is one of their most popular products. With their backup program, you can store your files in a Cloud. Should you ever need to access these files when your computer is not at hand, this provides an easy solution for you to access your files from anywhere at any time. This software can be programed to automatically run backups and they also give you an unlimited amount of storage.

There have been many complaints regarding the ParetoLogic products. Most of the customers found that after they downloaded the software, their computer’s performance dropped significantly. They noticed it was slower and had multiple adware pop-ups that were never there before.

In addition, the free registry scan has been identified through online reviews to populate a list of errors which do not truly exist. They are enticing you to buy the program under false pretenses which could be considered to be a scam.

The reason their products may be slowing down their customers’ computers is because of the numerous files which are uploaded onto your computer when you install the software. These files typically include malware and adware files and they cause your computer to stall and freeze. They also pose a security risk to the information on your computer if they include tracking software and viruses.

Always do your research before downloading software onto your computer, even though they claim that you should download it to make your computer run better, there is a risk that it actually may be the complete opposite.

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Total nonsense

Reviewed By John Bezniak on December 5, 2015, New York City

Total piece of digital doodoo. Does absolutely nothing but take up space and much needed resources from the computer. Don't trust the "Microsoft Partner" label. It's meaningless. Anyone with a company name can get one. If you process cat hair while using a USB light you can get one too. All these things are such rip off's and no one cares. Especially Microsoft. They don't appear to have a quality control department at all.

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Does this work? I don't think so.

Reviewed By Jay Vogelaar on August 9, 2013, New York

First Paretologic's contact link on its website doesn't work. They don't publish their email address, no phone numbers, and their website link doesn't work. So contacting them is impossible.

Second, they seem to have farmed out sales to something called Safecart does not follow up on multiple emails concerning auto renewal of Paretologic (I was trying to stop the auto renewal). Safecart sends a robo-response and leaves it there, even saying don't try to reply to the robo-response, even though that is their published email contact address!

I used another computer cleaner and it picked up all kinds of stuff that Paretologic has left behind untouched. With Paretologic my computer has been going slower and slower. With the other product's cleaning my computer's speed has jumped forward.

I have no choice but to watch my credit card account to see if an auto-renewal charge shows up. If it does, i'll have to challenge it with the credit card company, because neither Paretologic nor Safecart will answer emails.

My recommendation: Stay as far away from Paretologic as you can!

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