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Opinion Outpost Reviews

Is OpinionOutpost.com Legit or a Scam?


Opinion Outpost is a get paid to take surveys company, serving only adult residents of the United States and Canada.  You might be a bit surprised when you first visit their website because of the western theme but navigating becomes easier once you get used to it.

In order to sign up with Opinion Outpost you'd want to click on the town hall icon, and it will take you to the registration page.  After you register you can go to the grand hotel which is where your profile and other pertinent information is.

Initially, you will have ten profile surveys waiting for you, these surveys are not rewarded with points.  However it's recommended that you fill out these surveys since that information will be used to send you more paid surveys.

The reason that most folks don't receive as many survey opportunities as they'd like is because they haven't fully filled out their profile or taken these intro surveys.  As with other online survey companies Opinion Outpost rewards you in cash redeemable points.

Their current rate is ten points to one US dollar, with an average survey paying between 10 and 100 points.  You need to acquire 50 points before you can cash out for the minimum of five dollars.  In order to request a payment from Opinion Outpost you would click on the bank icon; you can expect a check within 6 weeks.

Each survey that gets emailed to you will have some quick preliminary questions to answer to see if you qualify for the survey.  These surveys do have a limit on how many participants they need so for a higher chance of acceptance try to respond to the emails as soon as you get them.

The most important thing to remember with Opinion Outpost is to stay active. If you don't attempt to qualify for a survey at least once every 3 months they will remove you as an active member and clear your account of any earned points.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints for 'Opinion Outpost'


Average Rating is 2.74 out of 5 based on 266 reviews.

John   WA

4:28pm on January 9th, 2012

Went From Great To Bad In A Few Short Months!

This used to be the best survey site around and I have used them for about 5 years. In the last few months their 20 minute surveys went from paying $2 to $1. I have found this reduction in compensation to be across the board for all their surveys.

In addition to their surveys reducing the compensation many I now get disqualify me after fully completing them. Add that to their now poor customer service and you may as well sign up for Toluna since they are almost the same poorly paying and badly managed survey site.

Tammy   Missouri

10:52am on January 9th, 2012 

This used to be a great site, BUT since about 11/2011 it has went to hell. Most surveys now are 10 points (1.00) for a 30 min. survey and after you spend that time it says "Sorry quota met" and does NOT reward you.I have been trying to get paid 10.00 for a 7 day diary survey I completed in 10/2011, they keep feeding me excuses NOT WORTH IT!!!

Chuck   Cleveland, OH

9:34am on January 9th, 2012 

I've been taking surveys on opinion outpost for over 2 months now & I can say it is 100% legit & 100% reliable for rewards/payouts. In this short time I've made $285. I've signed up for a prepaid Citi card (cost me $1) & every 150 points I earn converts to $15 & gets loaded right onto the card. Use just like a regular debit card & use it everywhere C.C.s are accepted. Redeem $15(minimum) & it will be loaded on to your card in 2-3 days. Although I've had rewards loaded on my card in as little as 6 hours. But usually 2-3 days. Always, every time! THE CASH IS REAL!! Each 15-20 minute survey is the equivalent of $1 or $2. If you're a stay at home, unemployed or a retiree or just want a little extra gas $ or whatever, go ahead & sign up. I'm not sure why some of the negative posts but I personally can't think of a reason not to sign up with opinion outpost TODAY! I just wish I knew about it a long time ago.

Jerry   Memphis, TN

3:06pm on January 8th, 2012 

With the merger of Opinion Outpost and SSI, you can get Paypal rewards instantly... but the surveys and their consistency is worse. Today I have completely finished two surveys and the classification portion just to be told I don't qualify. I guess they'll just throw all the info out, huh?. This type of thing has never really been a common problem until the merger.

Alex   California

3:40pm on January 4th, 2012 

This site used to be great, but they went down with the SSI merger.

Now you never get enough survey and 90% of them you're disqualified from since you have to compete with twice the amount of people.

It's not worth it at all, I've only made $4.50 in a week, what a shame!

I used to make $30-90 every week.

Oh and customer service is a joke, they never fix any issue. I'm owed about $45 in points that I still have not gotten in 6 months! They just say to keep waiting till I forget so they don't have to pay me. Forget Opinion Outpost.

Cindy   Ohio

9:30am on January 1st, 2012 

Opinion Outpost is, BY FAR, my favorite. I've redeemed for checks three times; twice the check was in my mailbox one week TO THE DAY. The other one got to me in one week and two days. I've done a Paypal redeem with them once; 11/27 in my Paypal account within MINUTES!!!! I withdrew Paypal funds to bank account. I was able to get it out of my bank checking acct on 11/29-TWO DAYS FOR THE WHOLE THING!!!! All of the checks that I've received from them have been good.

David   Atlanta GA

7:44am on December 28th, 2011 

Opinion Outpost USED to be fantastic, I made well over $1500 with them the last few years. Then they changed this fall. Avoid them now. It is really sad. I am looking for a great replacement if anyone has a suggestion.

Angry   wi

8:51pm on December 26th, 2011 

This used to be an awesome site but now it kinda blows. I guess it was bought out by a different company? Under the new management, I managed to cash out on $10, which I scored pretty fast but then Opinion Outpost began doing something it had never done to me before. They are deliberately keeping me from cashing out, I feel.

Cocerned   Citizen

2:27pm on December 23rd, 2011 

Why do you keep defrauding people? Or is there some other group impersonating you, because all your checks are fraudulent instruments. If someone out there is impersonating you, do something about it, because people have been receiving checks from you and then those checks are returned as fraudulent instruments.

Adriana R   Florida, USA

6:08pm on December 19th, 2011 

My involvement in online surveys began a couple years ago with u.talk.back, which is no longer available. I'm signed up with multiple opinion panels, and make a nice chunk of change actively participating in them.

So far, Opinion Outpost is BY FAR the BEST. They have TONS of surveys for you to take. I just keep clicking "Take Another Survey" and there's always another one to take! Once you eventually run out of opportunities, there will be a bunch more the next day.

I signed up two days ago (12/17/2011), and by the following day (12/18/2011) I had completed 10 surveys worth 105 points! 1 point is $0.10, and you need at least 100 points to redeem them for payment to your verified PayPal account.

Today (12/19/2011) I verified my PayPal account (which I thought would be difficult, but it all it took was punching in a few numbers and one minute of my time) and redeemed 115 points. That's $11.50 in less than three days. That is AWESOME. Never, ever have I earned so much in such little time with any other opinion panel company.

You also are frequently entered in prize drawings, which I don't care about because honestly, what are the chances of winning that? Nonetheless, the possibility is still there, even if it's extremely slim.

HIGHLY recommended! You won't be sorry. I don't know what these other reviewers are talking about, Opinion Outpost is great. One thing you must be sure to do, though, is NOT create two accounts or log into two accounts on the same computer. If you do that, their system catches the same IP address coming from two accounts, and they will reasonably assume that you're committing fraud. Even if the account really is your friend's or your brother's or whatever, it doesn't matter, it's in their Terms and Conditions. So don't do that and you're fine!

Have fun making money! :)

Cris   NV

4:59pm on December 19th, 2011

This is indeed a legit site. You can finish up surveys mostly without any problem except the surveys offered by opinionshere.com which is the most ridiculous and cunning site I have ever seen.

I used to redeem my points as AMAZON gift cards, but since November last week it is temporary down. Which of course definitely cause lot of problems for OO survey participants. I do not know why they take so long to fix that problem, seems to be they are not taking ay efforts.

jJan Friedman   Aurora, CO

12:32pm on December 19th, 2011 

I find that although OpinionOutpost seems pretty fair in there distribution of surveys and winners.

I am trying to get my reward turned into cash and can't find a link to do this so as to receive a check. I do have a papypal account, but wanted to get the money to me in the fastest way. How can I get that done?

Ken   Illinois

9:09pm on December 14th, 2011 

Absolutely legit. You have to stick with it and sift through several surveys every night, most of which you do not qualify for BUT they hit you with multiple surveys every night. I opted for the debit card payments, earned enough to pay for a 42" HDTV after about a year. Try it and stick with it.

Daniel   Virginia

6:06pm on December 8th, 2011 

I just signed up with them and got 30 points within 25 minutes with 3 surveys. People it really isn't that hard.. Be honest! I made $3 in 25 minutes so I make more than $6 an hours with them! Not bad at all.. considering that I just take them when I feel like it.

Margaret   Detroit

8:41am on December 8th, 2011 

Don't waste your time. After you answer hundreds of questions, it will tell you that you don't qualify. Basically, you are answering most surveys for free. I think I maybe qualified for 2 in a couple months.

Linda   Texas

7:38am on December 7th, 2011 

I have been with Opinion Outpost for several years and never had a problem receiving my rewards. It was great to get a check for $50 or so every couple of months. Now that they are part of Survey Sampling International, I haven't been able to redeem my points. I have $77 in rewards owed to me and can't get any of the options to work to redeem them. I've contacted customer service several times and they are willfully ignoring my specific complaints that I can't get Amazon, PayPal or Citi cards to work. They just keep directing my back to the site. I see that the BBB is currently investigating the company. I guess I'll add my name to the list of complaints. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME TAKING SURVEYS FOR THIS COMPANY. YOU WILL NEVER BE PAID!

Lewis Skolnik   Denver Colorado

7:35pm on December 2nd, 2011 

Avoid this company if at all possible! They take all of your responses and then, a lot of the times, do not credit your account.

Stick to your day job and avoid Opinion Outpost!

Bob   TX

10:11am on December 1st, 2011 

Became a SCAM after moving to new website.
Unable to get points I've earned on old website.

juan   Canada

4:59pm on November 29th, 2011 

This one is a very good one. They already paid me 135$ within 2 months.

Buffy   Arkansas

6:22am on November 25th, 2011 

I signed up a month two ago. I have taken survey after survey. It is quite hard to qualify for most of the surveys. However, this is definitely a legitimate site. I had 435 points accumulated in my account. The payout is $10.00 for every 100 points. I requested a pay out for 430 of my points. Within minutes, I received an email from my PayPal account stating that a payment had been made to my PayPal account of $43.00. It may only be 43 bucks, but that is 43 bucks I didn't have 15 minutes ago. Overall I give Opinion Outpost 4 stars.

I had to take away 1 star for the difficulty level of qualifying for the surveys. If you are always honest, they tend to send you more and more surveys that are closest to your profile and your previous answers, so it is somewhat easier to qualify. This is definitely not a way to make a living, but for an extra few bucks every now and again, it is great.

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