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Opinion Outpost Reviews

Is OpinionOutpost.com Legit or a Scam?


Opinion Outpost is a get paid to take surveys company, serving only adult residents of the United States and Canada.  You might be a bit surprised when you first visit their website because of the western theme but navigating becomes easier once you get used to it.

In order to sign up with Opinion Outpost you'd want to click on the town hall icon, and it will take you to the registration page.  After you register you can go to the grand hotel which is where your profile and other pertinent information is.

Initially, you will have ten profile surveys waiting for you, these surveys are not rewarded with points.  However it's recommended that you fill out these surveys since that information will be used to send you more paid surveys.

The reason that most folks don't receive as many survey opportunities as they'd like is because they haven't fully filled out their profile or taken these intro surveys.  As with other online survey companies Opinion Outpost rewards you in cash redeemable points.

Their current rate is ten points to one US dollar, with an average survey paying between 10 and 100 points.  You need to acquire 50 points before you can cash out for the minimum of five dollars.  In order to request a payment from Opinion Outpost you would click on the bank icon; you can expect a check within 6 weeks.

Each survey that gets emailed to you will have some quick preliminary questions to answer to see if you qualify for the survey.  These surveys do have a limit on how many participants they need so for a higher chance of acceptance try to respond to the emails as soon as you get them.

The most important thing to remember with Opinion Outpost is to stay active. If you don't attempt to qualify for a survey at least once every 3 months they will remove you as an active member and clear your account of any earned points.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints for 'Opinion Outpost'


Average Rating is 2.71 out of 5 based on 243 reviews.

a person   NE PA

6:17pm on March 20th, 2012 

its not very good it costs too MUCH

Danielle   michigan

8:25pm on March 19th, 2012 

I have been on this site for several yrs i qualify for surveys all the time! lots of which i have tried new products through and had lots of fun doing. I was with them when they cashed out checks yrs ago which always came quicker then they stated would and never had probs. cashing. I do not have paypal so i choose to cash out with the citi bank prepaid card. I got the card number emailed to me within 24hrs. i could have just used that but i choose to pay 1.50 charge out of the money i was getting to get a actual opinion outpost citi bank card. I now get all my money from them put on that same card. It is on within 24 hrs can be used anywhere and has no fees! I love this site and have made tons of money from them even won free points the other day.

Caria   CA

3:25pm on March 17th, 2012 

So many technical error messages for the surveys you have completed. If you didn't write down the survey number and amount of points, basically, you can't contact and complain to prove anything. You get quotas full messages almost at the end of the surveys and they refuse to credit you your points saying you simply did not meet the criteria. They are a total scam, absolutely horrible business ethic. If you have problems, report them to better business bureau in UT. That's what I did, because they did not give me my money.

Liz   NC

5:37pm on March 16th, 2012 

If you're having issues, READ THIS:

For those of you having issues with redeeming points with PayPal, make sure you do not have any addons installed in your browser that may conflict. Also, check your hosts file in Windows. Sometimes there can be entries in your hosts file that will conflict. I had tried everything and thought of checking my hosts file as a last resort. When I did that, my redemption finally went through. Before you bash Opinion Outpost, please make sure you've tried everything you can to resolve the issue.

Their customer service could do a little more to help rather than saying it's all PayPal's fault, but at least they are quick to respond and are polite. Also, the issue with points not showing up, I've found that sometimes my points are on a delay. I've also emailed them about being told I don't qualify for a survey that I've successfully completed and they agreed they are looking into it. This was just a few days ago.

Hopefully this review helps someone. Opinion Outpost is still one of the better survey sites I have found.

Alan Hall   Costa mesa Ca.

5:21pm on March 8th, 2012 

This site is an absolute RIP OFF!They are offering a secret shopper that is just a scam. Checked with their customer support and their response was their lawerys were looking into it yet did they warn their clients NO!We have over 7k in bogus checks sent to us to send to someone else thru Western Union. Avoid this at all costs they promise you 200.00 to do this and you will be ripped off

wendimac   Vancouver, canada

4:10pm on March 6th, 2012 

I have been a member of Opinion Outpost for a little more than a year. When I first joined, everything was fine, I received many survey invitations and cashed out several times. In the last few months, however, I have noticed a change. Earlier today I finished a 20 minute survey. I was at the end of the demographics when I got a message that I had already taken the survey, and therefore did not qualify for the reward. This is the third time this has happened in the past 8 weeks or so.

Honestly, I would not join this site. It's a waste of time. If you are someone looking to take surveys for incentives, some really good sites are Lightspeed, Ipsos, and Web Perspectives (Valued Opinions in the US). I've never had any problems with them, and have cashed out multiple times with each. Try these out, but avoid Opinion Outpost!

Dustin   Alabama

9:28pm on March 2nd, 2012 


I had been a member of this site for over 4 years and as other have stated the compensation has been cut in half and error messages are pretty common after finishing a survey.

This had been my best paying survey site up until opinion outpost was bought by SSI and it has been all downhill from November 2010.
Recently I had tried to cash out my points via paypal and just like that a message came up saying my account has been frozen,etc.

I filled out the surveys as I have always done for the last several years with complete honesty and yet they lock out my account. Be very careful using this site and MAKE SURE you cash out once you have reached the minimum for you reward just in case you get frozen out of your account as well.

kdmeeks   CA

1:03pm on March 2nd, 2012 

I was a panelist of Opinion Outpost for at least 5 years. During that time, I routinely took enough surveys to earn $50 about every 4-6 weeks. I would cash out and receive a legitimate check within a matter of days. It was great!

Then, at some point late last year, the management changed. They changed the website, the points for each survey, and the rewards system, all for the worse.

In December, while I was trying to redeem points for a prepaid Visa card, my account was locked. When I tried to log back in, a pop-up message stated, "Your account has been frozen due to data concerns. For questions, please contact helpdesk@opinionoutpost.com.Ē

I contacted their helpdesk a few times and was told the following:

"We will look into the reason your account was deactivated and get back to you soon." (Axel, Panel Support Representative, 12/27/11)

"Wwe donít have an update yet about your account but we have already forwarded your concern to the appropriate department who will look into your account and reactivate it. As soon as we have an update from them, we will send you an email." (Emelyn, Panel Support Representative, 1/11/12)

"Our panel management team is doing their best to look into each and every account, with similar cases, as quickly as possible. Rest assured, your membership ID has been placed on a list and will be looked into. Accounts are being looked into in the order they were placed on the list. " (Emelyn, 2/13/12)

Thankfully I had already redeemed the majority of my points before they locked my account, so there were few points remaining. Whatever was left they can keep. I am done with them.

Jim   Boise

7:42pm on February 19th, 2012 

I have been a panelist with Opinion Outpost for three years and like many here have consistently had problems since their merger with SSI.

The rewards have been significantly reduced and I constantly encounter error messages upon completing all or most of the surveys I qualify for.

Also, I haven't been able to redeem my points for any of the rewards for the past two months and customer service hasn't responded to any of my queries.

My suggestion for anyone thinking about joining Opinion Outpost should register for another site.

Anonymous   Location unknown

9:46pm on February 10th, 2012 

Let's see, within the first week of joining, I made $10 a night. Only about an hour worth of work a night too. I understand why people are giving it low votes and what-not because of transaction issues but calling it a scam is just BS. Just because you don't qualify for half the surveys, and half the time a specific redemption service is out of order doesn't mean that it's a scam. For me, it's simple and one of the most legitimate online survey sites I've ever used. I fill out surveys for an hour then I redeem it to my PayPal account immediately.

Albert L   USA(N.C.)

4:08pm on February 9th, 2012 

It works for me, and they pay you really fast.

JV   Los Angeles

3:48pm on February 9th, 2012 

Many of you whiners make me laugh. It seems like you are embellishing your negative reviews make this website seem like the "worse" ever.

Let me tell you-I've tried over 10 survey sites and NONE compare to Opinion Outpost. First off, this is one of the few sites that credit your account immediately after completing a survey.

Others can take 2-8 weeks just to get credited. This is also the ONLY site that instantly credits your Paypal account after you have accumulated 100 points.

Other sites can take 2-6 weeks to get paid+a few still send you a check(rather than instant Paypal). Also quite a few other sites you need to wait for an email just to try a new survey.

At OO, you can just click into your dashboard to try a bunch of surveys. Yeah, ok, it's not easy to qualify; but this is no different than any other survey site.

What? Did you think you would qualify for EVERY survey? Success rate is probably around 20% or less, depending on how you filled out your profile.

Since November 2011, I've earned close to $300(all paid instantly via Paypal). I got may girlfriend to sign up and she is doing pretty well too.

David   Vancouver

1:04pm on February 6th, 2012 

I tried to redeem my points again and again a message came up that we cannot process your claim at this time. None of the redeem options work for me; all give me same message. It has been this way for a week. I decided to unsubscribe and write off the money they owe me than waste my time contacting them trying to get money I know I will never see. It is clear from most of the recent reviews they will not pay you. Maybe some got money from them, but they were lucky. There is no reason the redeem points shouldn't work, unless it is a scam. Don't use this site, unless you are willing to work for free.

Kim   Canada

3:00pm on February 5th, 2012 

First I haven't had a problem with the new opinion outpost, other than not as many emailed invites. Incentives are lower now so takes a little longer to build up. You can only withdraw up to $30 a day with their Paypal. It's stated on the redemption page when you click on paypal.

I had a problem with a survey I completed - after doing the survey and entering my demographics it said I didn't qualify. I emailed support with the survey link and they responded quickly that it would be fixed. The points were put in my account.

Anonymous   Location unknown

9:25pm on February 3rd, 2012

They used to send checks to people, for that is what they did when I joined a year ago. It is not a lie. Now that they switched to Paypal, I tried to redeem my points only to be told they cannot process the claim at this time. That is not a lie. And what motive would I or anyone else here have in lying.You can believe what you want, but I would suggest to anyone be very careful about this site. Until I get my money, I will rate this site as one star. I may have wasted hours doing these surveys and not get paid one penny.

Larry Leonis   California

6:16pm on February 3rd, 2012 

These reviews are nothing, but lies. They did change a couple months ago. But as far as getting a check that was no good. That would be a lie. They don't even send checks. They pay through paypal. I make 50 to 100 bucks every month and I always get my money. The people claiming they don't make money are the ones that morons that probably cannot read

David   Cooper

4:10pm on February 3rd, 2012 

I just tried to redeem close to $50 in points I amassed over the past year and the redeem points system failed. I belong to Paypal and yet it says claim cannot be processed at this time. The Amazon redeem claim doesn't work and I don't belong to CITIBANK. It seems unlikely I will ever get the money the owe. Will try again over the next few days then walk away if it doesn't work. Also new improvements are worse. Site better before.

Stephanie   Location unknown

2:15pm on February 1st, 2012

This site use to be a good one.. now it's garbage.I agree with other statements made.It was actually December it changed 100% for the worst.I will not use them anymore.Such a sad thing because I use to make $50+ a month! Not cool,not cool.

Donna   Kansas City

11:38am on January 30th, 2012 

I received the check from this place, took it to the bank, and they said this was a fraud, the check was not authentic. If they would of cashed the check, it would of bounced and I would have been responsible for the funds, which would of meant that my accounts would of been blocked and closed. The bank took the envelope and the check. I was really leary about this to begin with.


3:30pm on January 28th, 2012 

What a scam! I just answered an entire survey, only to be told that I didn't qualify for that survey. Ridiculous. I have $7.50 to cash out, but guess what? The only way to cash out when you have less than $10 is through Amazon, and Amazon's been "temporarily unavailable" for a while now, so my $7.50 will just have to sit in limbo, because I refuse to waste anymore time on a opinion outpost--the biggest scam on the internet.

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