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Opinion Outpost Reviews

Is OpinionOutpost.com Legit or a Scam?


Opinion Outpost is a get paid to take surveys company, serving only adult residents of the United States and Canada.  You might be a bit surprised when you first visit their website because of the western theme but navigating becomes easier once you get used to it.

In order to sign up with Opinion Outpost you'd want to click on the town hall icon, and it will take you to the registration page.  After you register you can go to the grand hotel which is where your profile and other pertinent information is.

Initially, you will have ten profile surveys waiting for you, these surveys are not rewarded with points.  However it's recommended that you fill out these surveys since that information will be used to send you more paid surveys.

The reason that most folks don't receive as many survey opportunities as they'd like is because they haven't fully filled out their profile or taken these intro surveys.  As with other online survey companies Opinion Outpost rewards you in cash redeemable points.

Their current rate is ten points to one US dollar, with an average survey paying between 10 and 100 points.  You need to acquire 50 points before you can cash out for the minimum of five dollars.  In order to request a payment from Opinion Outpost you would click on the bank icon; you can expect a check within 6 weeks.

Each survey that gets emailed to you will have some quick preliminary questions to answer to see if you qualify for the survey.  These surveys do have a limit on how many participants they need so for a higher chance of acceptance try to respond to the emails as soon as you get them.

The most important thing to remember with Opinion Outpost is to stay active. If you don't attempt to qualify for a survey at least once every 3 months they will remove you as an active member and clear your account of any earned points.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints for 'Opinion Outpost'


Average Rating is 2.74 out of 5 based on 266 reviews.

Isabel   California

11:13pm on February 2nd, 2015 

Honestly, for the past few weeks, I have been redirected to many surveys only to be rejected after a few questions. It's really frustrating. Because of this, it's really hard to get points to redeem for cash. This is pretty much a waste of time.

Hey Kailani,
no, you don't need to use your credit card. It's a free website.

Kaelani   Nc

12:21pm on December 22nd, 2014 

Was just wondering if I have to have a credit card to be able to do this??

Joanna   San Diego

2:19am on December 10th, 2014 

Love opinion outpost. I have been a member for 3 and a half was and have made 70 dollars. II don't qualify for some surveys but that's ok I'm just not the right person for it. When I cash out its fast and easy. I recommend this site to anyone who wants to make a little extra cash

Kristy   South Carolina

11:48am on December 4th, 2014 

This company used to be great. Since joining a few months ago I have done a few surveys been paid twice. I have done two in home product surveys and have never gotten paid for them. I can't get answers out of them. Super annoying and now I am out almost 100$ from both. I did not get reimbursed like I was supposed to nor did I get paid for my time.

Mike   San Francisco

10:09pm on November 22nd, 2014 

I joined a few weeks ago. I have earned $15 in Amazon rewards. It is feeling more like a scam lately though as I will answer questions about products and give my opinion about products and services only to be told after 10 to 15 minutes that the survey has enough responses or that I donít qualify. This is not after demographic qualifying questions, but after rating products and ideas. I think that is a scam to get opinions without having to reward or pay for them. That is simply not fair and is dishonest.

Angeline   New York

3:27am on November 16th, 2014 

Loooooooove Opinion Outpost! I joined 3 months ago and have made around $250!!!!!!!! I have tried many sites but none as good as this one!

norma   Location unknown

7:26pm on October 15th, 2014 

I've been a member of this site for about a year and have made approx. $400. I've never had a problem. They have excellent customer service and pay very quickly.

Meagan   texas

1:38pm on October 8th, 2014 

This is one of the best survey sites available. I get paid within minutes of cashing out my reward and make around 90-120 month.

Barbara   Florida

1:11pm on September 17th, 2014 

I do not know how to contact you anymore. I have taken 9 surveys & have not received credit for any of them. After completing a survey I get "Internet Explorer cannot Display the Webpage. Your site used to be wonderful & I only had one problem which was taken care of immediately. Since you have made site changes, I have experienced problems. I have been a member for almost two years & have 84 points as of 8-20-14. Since then, as described above, I have not received credi for all the surveys taken.

Skye   Canada

5:52pm on September 10th, 2014 

I joined this site 2 months ago, I've been 90% through surveys then told I no longer qualified, or that the survey was full already.

I've been "locked out" of my account once, which they promptly fixed after I emailed them. But not before telling me /I/ Must've caused the server to lock my account by doing something wrong.

The worst thing is within 24 hours of registering I had THIRTY emails stating I had surveys available, but when I'd click on the link - there'd be no surveys! I had to Email them and ask them to stop!

Jason   Houston

2:14pm on September 7th, 2014 

DONT TRY THIS SITE. It's a complete scam. You will spend endless hours taking pointless surveys and you will NEVER GET PAID. The website is very poorly designed and it takes at least an hour to properly set up an account. Then the surveys begin. You will quickly find that most of the surveys will reject you, after a lengthy, repetitive, time wasting general questionnaire of course. When you finally get a survey you CAN participate in you better make damn sure you answer the questions exactly how they want you to or else they will drop you from the survey before you can blink. Which completely defeats the point of the entire website by the way. Just put yourself in this situation for a moment: You're answering a 'quick' survey about trucks. You've spent the last 20 minutes answering questions about what kind of truck you like and what kind of prices you deem reasonable. Suddenly, a single question appears in front of you. "Do you plan to buy a truck in the next 6 months." I pity the fool who answers "no" because you will be ruthlessly kicked from the survey right away. BUT IT'S OKAY! For your participation you've received one entry into the $10,000 giveaway! What a relief! You won't win. You won't. And I highly doubt it's even paid out anyway. Also, if you somehow do not experience what I described above and you start racking up the points smoothly you better be very careful. If your answers don't match up PERFECTLY with the information on your account kiss your precious points goodbye. Your account will be frozen (Deleted. Let's be real it won't ever be unfrozen.) God forbid you accidentally click 'Pizza Inn' when you selected 'Pizza Hut' earlier. How dare you sleezy internet bandit submit false information to hardworking companies?? Something similar happened to me when i was around 80 points. My eyes were shining with the anticipation of cashing in a cool $10 on my Paypal when suddenly my account was frozen. So I sent them an email asking why my account was frozen and received a reply equivalent to a giant middle finger in my face. So I created another account and spent about 6 hours meticulously answering surveys. It took so long because i made SURE all my answers matched up and I answered all the questions truthfully. AND ALSO BECAUSE 10 MINUTES = 30 MINUTES IN OPINIONOUTPOST SPEAK. Honestly I've had an 8 minutes survey turn into an hour long survey before. Okay tangent over where was I? Oh yes I was nearing 100 points when AGAIN my account was frozen. Why? because i registered 2 accounts at the same IP address. Of course! How could I have overlooked such an obvious felony! Clap me with the internet irons because I'm a hardened rule breaker. However my punishment was already served. I wasted 20+ hours of my life for nothing and another hour writing this review that nobody will see. But on a serious note stay away from this website. I have never gotten anything from it and nobody I know has either. You might manage to make a few bucks a month but its really not worth it at all. There's my 2 cents. If you read this whole thing congratz. PCE.

Casey   Los Angeles

1:20pm on August 11th, 2014 

I've been a member of Opinion Outpost for about a year and a half and like everyone else has here, and I wad getting relevant surveys and was able to earn $10 - $20 per month. Then after about six months, the site became unreliable and dishonest. In the past 6 months I have never qualified for any survey they emailed me: even if I answered the email 5 minutes after it was sent, the site states that it is full and they already have enough responses. I have not qualified for any survey invitation sent by email in 6 months. They also consistently lie about the time it takes to complete their surveys: it will take at least 10 to 15 minutes longer than stated. In addition, they will immediately end the survey at any point if you do not choose a response that benefits their clients, tainting and skewing the results to make the whole research project invalid and not representative of the population. Countless times I have been 25 minutes into a ten minute survey and have been told my answers don't qualify. This happens frequently. Just to illustrate the problem, of the last 30 surveys I have been invited to take on the past 60 days, I have gotten paid for 6. In two months. Save tour time and effort and look for better survey sites.

Andrea   Virginia

5:33pm on July 30th, 2014 

I have been a member for two weeks now and have already made $60 and they send you your payment right away. If you have the time this site is well worth it, saving up all my funds for Christmas this year!

Elizabeth   tulsa

2:19pm on July 25th, 2014 

I've been a member for almost a month and I have $20 worth of gift cards sitting in my Amazon account thanks to opinion outpost. Saving up for Christmas! Some days I don't qualify for any surveys, other days I qualify for all. It just depends on what individual companies are looking for.

Sally   Southwest Forida

2:08pm on July 23rd, 2014 

I have found that a few times when completing the survey as soon as they asked for my ethnicity says "you do not qualify". Seems like discrimination to me.......this has happened multiple times. Filled out countless and still wouldn't qualify.

Donna   AL

6:14pm on July 5th, 2014 

I have been a member of Opinion Outpost since May 2011. Used to get at least $40.00 a month. But this year I am doing good to get $10.00 a month.
I am retired for 3 years now and married with no children at home. I do enjoy the surveys just wish I could get and qualify for more. Payment is always very fast. I think in the whole time I have been with them my account has only been frozen one time.

TL   Ohio

10:14pm on June 26th, 2014 

I have tried lots of survey and money making sites (swagbucks, Toluna, Tellwut, instagc, Panda, etc) and this is by far the best. I've been a member since December and I have earned over $150. I don't take surveys everyday, and I took the whole month of March off for my wedding. So I'm not getting rich from it, but I have a steady stream of bonus cash to put in my Amazon account. I use it for birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions.
What you have to remember about these surveys is that Opinion Outpost doesn't make them, or choose who can participate. The companies who want the information have a specific type of person they are interested in. You either are that person or you aren't. People who are married or live with someone, have kids, and have some amount of disposable income are going to qualify more often than single, childless people who have no income. Companies are interested in the opinions of people who will or do BUY their products.
People who qualify for a lot of surveys are also disqualified from a LOT. I probably get kicked out of 2/3 of the surveys I try. It just goes with the territory. Sometimes I get frustrated with this, and then I take a couple days off. If getting disqualified really bothers you, this might not be the site for you. You might like swagbucks or instagc better as they have other ways to earn besides surveys.
I never lie to try to qualify. I always give my true thoughtful opinion on surveys. If OO suspects that you are lying or rushing through without thinking (they have computer software to track your activity and detect unethical behavior), they will lock you out.
The best things about this site are the posting and redeeming of points. As soon as you complete a survey you qualified for, the points post to your account. No waiting for certification. And the moment you hit the minimum limit ($5 for Amazon, $10 for PayPal) you can cashout immediately. I usually get an email with my Amazon code within 5 minutes of cashing out. Other sites take seemingly forever to see your points show up, then when you finally turn them in, you have to wait days or weeks to get your reward.
OO is definitely not a scam. It's not for everybody, and not everybody can earn a lot of money here, but they give you what you earn, very quickly, and have always been responsive to any problems or questions I have. I highly recommend you give it a try.

Mare   Location unknown

9:55pm on June 23rd, 2014

They asked me a lot of information like my address and job, is it worth it to give it to them? It doesn't seem very legit to me...

georgia   albuquerque

4:20am on June 21st, 2014 

This site is excellent! :) I've only been using it for about 2 weeks and I've already made $60 from taking surveys. I'm really surprised, because some people have given it bad reviews. The other thing is that when it's time to redeem, they put the money in your paypal account immediately which is great. One of the downsides is that sometimes you'll get the 'you weren't eligible for this survey', but y'know, if you're not incredibly impatient it's not a big deal. I 100% recommend for anyone looking to make some money on the side. Definitely not an income - but perfect for affording little extras. :) thumbs up!

Nikki   Florida

7:27pm on April 23rd, 2014 

A waste of damn time. I had quite a few points the first week i started and had the option of redeeming my points. Then once i went back to fill out surveys they will have me go at least half way through the survey just to end up saying I didn't qualify. PLUS after accumulating 300 points (which TAKES TIME) they decide to freeze and then deactivate my account. Just ridiculous. Take it from me- DO NOT waste your time.

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