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Oasis Legal Funding, at OasisLegal.com, provides legal funding for people fighting personal injury lawsuits who need immediate financial assistance, but are still negotiating the terms of their settlement.

Oasis Legal Funding provides funding to personal injury Plaintiffs who often incur difficult financial situations due to their circumstances. These people will often settle for less than what they could receive just to alleviate their immediate monetary problems.

If Oasis Legal Funding can provide a loan to cover financial issues in the short term, it gives the attorney the necessary time to get a better and often higher settlement for the Plaintiff. The attorney, the Plaintiff, and Oasis Legal Funding all benefit from this arrangement.

When your settlement is complete, Oasis Legal Funding will be paid directly from the settlement by your attorney, the same day on which you will receive your settlement funds. If you do not win your settlement, then Oasis Legal Funding is not repaid, and you do not legally owe them for the funds they provided to you.

Because Oasis Legal Funding does not get paid if you lose your settlement, their prices for providing this funding are expensive. They do not advertise their pricing scale in order to stay competitive, but they will discuss pricing with you over the phone.

To apply for legal funding, simply fill out the application provided at OasisLegal.com. The application is free to submit, and bad credit or other financial difficulties will not preclude you from receiving your loan.

On average, it takes about two days for you to receive your legal funding, though frequently customers have received their funds within 24 hours, and there have been instances where the funds have been approved and distributed within hours.

All prices and fees are final; Oasis Legal Funding assures that there will be no hidden fees or future charges for the services once they're rendered.

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I had a great experience with Oasis

Reviewed By Dee on February 3, 2014

I do not have any complaints regarding Oasis. I filled out the application on Sunday evening and promptly late Monday morning, I received a call from an Oasis representative with an approval. They did all the legwork and contacted my attorney. After approval, I was sent paperwork. I signed the paperwork, and sent it back. My attorney also faxed over signed documents. On Monday evening my funds were sent via Western Union. I had the option of overnight, Western Union, or my bank account. This is not a scam. I honestly think each person's situation is different. I was denied at two other companies, and one other firm did not even contact me back! I highly recommend them! Give them a chance.

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rip off oasis legal finance

Reviewed By Ronald Thompson on October 2, 2013, Birmingham Al

Oasis Legal Finance is a rip off. They do not do what they say they will

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Reviewed By mr x on June 20, 2013, eastern us state

these are loan predators --- there has to be a catch to this --- first of all if you lose you don't have to repay --- they can't make money like this and you can bet there will be hidden fees and a way for them to recover so BEWARE! --- also they advertise on TV on stations that constantly run ads for dishonest and scamming people and products --- suckers fall for this stuff all the time --- show me an honest ad on TV and I'll show you an honest politician in Washington --- if we ever get a legitamate government in this country they'll put a stop to this --- as for insurance companies who refuse to pay although they know they're wrong they should make them pay in full PLUS the legal fees --- once it becomes cheaper to settle honestly you won't need loan predators to advance you your settlement --- NOTE: if you do win your case by the time the loan predator and the lawyers get paid you'll have nothing left and will probably owe them something up and beyond the settlement

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July 01, 2013

if u didnt use the company how do u know its a scam ???? ive been injured i want to read a review by someone who has used oasis

July 22, 2013

Lawsuit funding should only be used if there are no other options. The interest rates are higher than traditional loans and if a traditional loan can be obtained, it should be used instead. However, the problem is many people don't have access to money any other way. Reputable companies will include the amount that will be need to be paid back. If settlement is soon, the amount will not be nearly as high. If it takes several years, the amount will be substantially more than the loan amount. So, if there are other options, you should use those first. However, if there are not other options, it can be very beneficial, but only take what you need because the loans are expensive.

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