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Nutronix International is a vitamin and supplement distribution company.  Nutronix International was founded in 1999 by Bob Bremner, John Moates and Harrison Nesbit.  They are currently doing business out of Virginia where they have their main offices and a warehouse.

Nutronix International has had a solid business model which has allowed it to grow steadily and remain debt free throughout the years.  They currently have over 16k independent distributors and have a presence in over 80 countries.

Part of Nutronix's growth is due to their effective internet marketing campaign, which is attributed to the business opportunity they call Automatic Builder.  This allows members to distribute products with he aid of an automated website.  However there are downsides to this opportunity such as overpriced leads, prefab websites, and high competition.

The health products distributed by Nutronix International include, Coral Calcium products from Okinawa, Japan, Cellfood products from Nuscience Corporation, The Coral Spa line of body and skin care products, including Elogen Skin Care System, and a line of Nutraceuticals.

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