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In order for the body to absorb nutrients from food, the stomach has to break it down past the cellular level. Food extractors are used to break down food into a “pre-digested” state and enable your stomach to easily reach essential nutrients and vitamins.

The NutriBullet is a food extractor which is used to grind up all types of foods into drinks. Not only can you use it to make health shakes and juices, but you can also make soups, dressings, desserts, flour, and peanut butter.

The main difference between a typical blender and an extractor is the amount of horsepower in the mechanism. An extractor has so much horsepower that when used in combination with extremely sharp blades, you can pulverize anything into extremely small particles.

The fun part of the process is making up your own personalized recipes using your favorite foods. Using foods with certain nutrients and vitamins allows you to customize the nutritional components you wish to obtain. Some of the benefits you can expect from choosing specific foods include reduced joint pain, younger looking skin, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and migraine relief.

When ordering the NutriBullet online you have the option of paying the full price of $119.94 or making six individual payments of $19.99. The NutriBullet comes with a milling blade, an extractor blade, a power base, three cups, two lids, one user guide/recipe book, one pocket nutritionist, and the Natural Healing Book which is a free bonus gift. There is a 30 day risk free money back guarantee as well.

The high price of this product needs to be weighed in regards to how much you are going to use it. If you invest in the product you are also committing yourself to the cost of the food you plan on using. Determine if you are excited about the idea of having product or actually using the product. If you have a habit of buying appliances, using them a few times, and then storing them in the cabinet where they will never be seen again, you may want to rethink this purchase.

If you are buying this as a miracle weight loss tool, you will also need to do the necessary additional typical activities that accompany any weight loss diet. Sometimes drinks can be a hidden source of calories, adding up to unexpected future weight gain. If you make health drinks, be sure to include the calorie content into your daily calorie count. If you use these drinks as meal replacement or make them with low calorie foods then you are on the right path. Don’t forget to incorporate physical activity into your weight loss program.

There are many complaints about the NutriBullet leaking during the mixing process. Consumers have ended up returning it because of this issue. Consider reviewing the reputation of other extractors that have been on the market for a longer period of time. All in all, you want to compare the capabilities of different extractors, the durability of the product and its components, and the ease of use. Overall, the easier it is for you to operate, the more likely you are to use it.

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i am amazed

Reviewed By doris on July 25, 2013, ky

I came upon this product by a chance meeting with my nephew at my sisters house he and his 8 yr. old son had come for the weekend. I had not seen him for about 6 mo.and at that time he was way overweight,was doctoring for stomach problems, back problems and was very stressed out.not good for a 40 yr. old. this time he was about 60 llbs. lighter, no stress, no back problems, no stomach problems and his skin looked like it was glowing. his complection was as young looking as his 8 yr. old sons. and as i'm sure you have already guessed, he had bought the bullet! he fixes a fruit drink every morning with the spinach, strawberries,pineapple,kiwi,grapes,banana,apple,fills with ice water to max line. has done this for 6 mo.and this is in the big cup. he is a foreman and ironworker and has a lot of energy now. I being an overweight 66 yr. old, ran out and bought me a nutribullet. Iam on day 9 and am amazed at the energy I have. I have lost 5 llbs. I'm reading up on different recipes to try.OH and my 3 overweight daughters have went out and bought them one. So that will be another story to tell in about a month from now. So everyone get out there and buy a nutribullet and become healthier.

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my experience

Reviewed By Jerri on July 22, 2013, Bakersfield, California

This is my second nutri-bullet. My first one ended up in the trash after when i was pulsing my drink and it went into lock mode. I couldn't stop it. It wouldn't un do and i ended up unplugging it. Then i tried to remove the container and could not. I had a friend try also and she couldn't either. I ended up throwing the whole thing away after it set on counter for a week unable to unlock it or remove anything.

Then i bought another one. Guess what...It's doing the same thing. The very same thing. Now what are the chances of 2 machines going rogue on me. I can not pulse anything. It wants to twist itself...Without me touching it into lock mode and off it goes..This product needs to go back to the drawing board.

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August 05, 2013

did you contact the company about this problem?

August 17, 2013

Jerri, I've been using using my Nutribullet for over17 months now. Last Sept. I had the same problem. I had to wait till I got home from work. I used a butter knife and pushed it in to where the slots are at that attach the cup from the motor. After a little pushing I pushed my cup in the aligned area and pulled my cup off the motor. I, too thought that my Nutribullet was done for. But that's the only problems I had with mine. You have to make sure that the cup is alligned on the motor then give it a twist to get it going. I hope that I helped you out in this situation. Good Drinking & Good Health :)

November 25, 2013

sounds a little better. hope it wworks so good.

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Super Product

Reviewed By Ty on July 18, 2013, Los Angeles

The results exceeded my expectations. Tried the 6 week program and lost 10 pounds in 4 weeks. I purchased one for 3 of my siblings. Love it!

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Reviewed By KAREN GARCIA on July 13, 2013, FLORIDA


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Gary Holmes
July 18, 2013

I called Nutri Bullet and told them I was having this same leaking problem and they said they were having a problem with this and said they would send me a newly designed blade.

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When purchased brand new ,

Reviewed By vitally on July 10, 2013, Canada Ontario Toronto

When purchased brand new , you have to seat the seals on each chopping and milling and extractor blade assembly .
For the first 3 uses fill cup only to one third and add one third water , oil the seal and threads ( with vegetable oil ) much easier , when putting blade assembly together with the cup . Use a dish towel to assist in handling the cup and blade part . Mix with short intervals . These actions will season and seat the seals and help prevent leakage . Vitally

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July 20, 2013

Thanks for the suggestion. Mine is about a month old. The milling blade chewed up the silicone gasket the first time I used it which is how I ended up in customer service hell in the first place.

I just lubricated the blades as you suggested. In doing so, I discovered that internal drive shaft for the milling blade feels very smooth when I turn it by hand. The extractor blade however feels rough, as though there are subtle burrs on the internal drive shaft. When I ran them both with vegetable oil and water, the sound was very different as well. The milling blade was smoother and quieter, the extractor blade was louder with a grinding sound.

I bought mine at Target. Since I'm within their 90-day return window, I'm going to buy a new one, test the parts, box up the defective parts and return them to Target. Let them deal with NutriBullet.

Dave R.
July 26, 2013

Running the vegetable oil through sounds like a good idea but the company told me yesterday that no special conditioning or break-in was required. Having to replace my extractor blade after 8 months due to either bearing or shaft issues, not sure which. Would love to take the blade assembly apart and see what they are using for bearings. Bet it's a pretty low quality part.

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