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In order for the body to absorb nutrients from food, the stomach has to break it down past the cellular level. Food extractors are used to break down food into a “pre-digested” state and enable your stomach to easily reach essential nutrients and vitamins.

The NutriBullet is a food extractor which is used to grind up all types of foods into drinks. Not only can you use it to make health shakes and juices, but you can also make soups, dressings, desserts, flour, and peanut butter.

The main difference between a typical blender and an extractor is the amount of horsepower in the mechanism. An extractor has so much horsepower that when used in combination with extremely sharp blades, you can pulverize anything into extremely small particles.

The fun part of the process is making up your own personalized recipes using your favorite foods. Using foods with certain nutrients and vitamins allows you to customize the nutritional components you wish to obtain. Some of the benefits you can expect from choosing specific foods include reduced joint pain, younger looking skin, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and migraine relief.

When ordering the NutriBullet online you have the option of paying the full price of $119.94 or making six individual payments of $19.99. The NutriBullet comes with a milling blade, an extractor blade, a power base, three cups, two lids, one user guide/recipe book, one pocket nutritionist, and the Natural Healing Book which is a free bonus gift. There is a 30 day risk free money back guarantee as well.

The high price of this product needs to be weighed in regards to how much you are going to use it. If you invest in the product you are also committing yourself to the cost of the food you plan on using. Determine if you are excited about the idea of having product or actually using the product. If you have a habit of buying appliances, using them a few times, and then storing them in the cabinet where they will never be seen again, you may want to rethink this purchase.

If you are buying this as a miracle weight loss tool, you will also need to do the necessary additional typical activities that accompany any weight loss diet. Sometimes drinks can be a hidden source of calories, adding up to unexpected future weight gain. If you make health drinks, be sure to include the calorie content into your daily calorie count. If you use these drinks as meal replacement or make them with low calorie foods then you are on the right path. Don’t forget to incorporate physical activity into your weight loss program.

There are many complaints about the NutriBullet leaking during the mixing process. Consumers have ended up returning it because of this issue. Consider reviewing the reputation of other extractors that have been on the market for a longer period of time. All in all, you want to compare the capabilities of different extractors, the durability of the product and its components, and the ease of use. Overall, the easier it is for you to operate, the more likely you are to use it.

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Incredible product

Reviewed By Michael on February 17, 2013, Short hills noj

The ease of use is amazing. Cleaning is so quick makes using it everyday a breeze. Yes, it smells when you take it out of the box, so did your new flat screen TV. I noticed the health benefits of mixing kale or spinach with a variety of fruits and seed after about 2 weeks. you just need to be careful with the cups as the tab did break on my cup. I contacted cust serv online and had a response and a new cup in few weeks, that probably could've been faster but it comes with 3 cups,so no worries.. The recipe book gave me great ideas. As along time vertigo sufferer,with meniers disease, I can tell you I have had no symptoms in the 2 months I am using this. Totally changed my life. Great purchase, affordable price. Haters are haters, can't make some people happy no matter what, so don't base your purchase on a bunch of negativity from people who need to just relax!

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Reviewed By L. Purdy on December 5, 2012

I purchased the nutribullet even though I had read the reviews and some people had leak issues, thought it was worth a try. On the very first try it leaked even though I didn't over fill it and tightened it very tight. The almonds were still chunky on the first try, second try..leaked, raspberry seeds didn't get broken down, third try...leaked, carrots chunky still had small seeds from berries. Final try...spinach not properly pulsed very leaky. Disappointed but not surprised, unfortunately I will be returning it. Now it's between the cuisanart and the ninja.

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December 09, 2012

They leak when filled over the full mark on cup

December 17, 2012

ninja sucks,,have it don't like it...horribly loud

December 26, 2012

Get a BlendTec

December 27, 2012

Get a VitaMix, have had mine for more than 20 years. It is the best mixer, blender, soft ice cream maker, bread dough blender and many many more things in one.

Hopeful Purchaser
December 27, 2012

The Ninja is great for dicing onion and other veggies in two seconds. It works to blend smoothies but not pulverize the food. Just ordered the NutriBullet and hope it breaks down the fiber into liquid as advertised.

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When purchased brand new ,

Reviewed By vitally on July 10, 2013, Canada Ontario Toronto

When purchased brand new , you have to seat the seals on each chopping and milling and extractor blade assembly .
For the first 3 uses fill cup only to one third and add one third water , oil the seal and threads ( with vegetable oil ) much easier , when putting blade assembly together with the cup . Use a dish towel to assist in handling the cup and blade part . Mix with short intervals . These actions will season and seat the seals and help prevent leakage . Vitally

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July 20, 2013

Thanks for the suggestion. Mine is about a month old. The milling blade chewed up the silicone gasket the first time I used it which is how I ended up in customer service hell in the first place.

I just lubricated the blades as you suggested. In doing so, I discovered that internal drive shaft for the milling blade feels very smooth when I turn it by hand. The extractor blade however feels rough, as though there are subtle burrs on the internal drive shaft. When I ran them both with vegetable oil and water, the sound was very different as well. The milling blade was smoother and quieter, the extractor blade was louder with a grinding sound.

I bought mine at Target. Since I'm within their 90-day return window, I'm going to buy a new one, test the parts, box up the defective parts and return them to Target. Let them deal with NutriBullet.

Dave R.
July 26, 2013

Running the vegetable oil through sounds like a good idea but the company told me yesterday that no special conditioning or break-in was required. Having to replace my extractor blade after 8 months due to either bearing or shaft issues, not sure which. Would love to take the blade assembly apart and see what they are using for bearings. Bet it's a pretty low quality part.

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For Heaven's Sakes It's a BLENDER!

Reviewed By RealityCheck Girl on December 9, 2012, Dallas, Texas

This thing is nothing more than a 600 watt BLENDER people!
I have juiced (in juicer) and YES even BLENDED veggies in my plain ole, high wattage blender. Everything from nuts to carrots, celery etc. My blender chops it all to micropieces.
This nutribullet is nothing more than a high powered, but cheaply built blender. Save your money and invest in a stronger blender and believe me you will get the same results AND with no leakage problems.
I did not buy this product when i read of all the problems and spoke to people that have had trouble with it.
Go to Walmart or Target, buy a high wattage blender (above 400 watts), try it out and if you dont like it RETURN IT TO THE STORE. Very simple.

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December 12, 2012

Thats what I figured, its a blender, so I stuck a few pieces of spinach, kale, grapes, parsely in a little food processor attachment that I found in my cabinet, and it made the best veg/fruit juice ive ever had.
P.S. I had that food chopper thing for years, its an attachment to my immersion blender and never used it, now I use it almost everyday.

Strange review
January 11, 2013

Hmmm. You can review something without actually trying it? Interesting.

Say What?
January 14, 2013

You didn't buy this you just felt like you needed to yap yer mouth off?

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Bought while Christmas shopping

Reviewed By TexasTexasTexas on January 12, 2013, Bastrop, Texas

Background: I've gained 20 pounds in 5 years (5 yr anniversary and I know my wedding weight). Recognition that I'm too chunky has been on my mind. I'm a teacher and I constantly crave sugar rushes. I've started my day with 4 cups of heavy-creamed coffee for 25 years. I went to the doctor over Christmas break and stepped on a scale....ugh....165 was written next to my name. It affected me so completely that I forgot why I was there when the doctor came in.

While browsing kitchen gadgets for stocking stuffers, I saw this mixer system. On a whim, I paid $99 and bought it for myself. I came home and started reading reviews which were extreme pro and extreme con.

MY EXPERIENCE: I've been drinking breakfast every day since I bought it. Spinach, pineapple, orange, and frozen blackberries or blueberries with water. The berries camouflage the spinach and it's a delicious drink in my opinion. I also cut my coffee to 1 cup per day. Now I really appreciate it and savor it. I've always thought I couldn't start my day without coffee and that it perked me up. Now I realize how much it drug me down. I have MUCH more energy now that I drink fruit and veggie breakfast. I eat raisins or a small apple at 10am (conference time) and I have lunch at 11:30am. Another snack at 3pm and dinner at 6:30pm. I usually have hot tea (vs cupcake or dessert I used to have, ugh, I was in bad habits). I HAVE NOT EXERCISED AT ALL, but I plan to start soon since my pulled neck muscle has healed.

The nutri-mixer is simply a tool. It works great and it's a breeze to clean. I leave it on my counter. I've tried many recipes now. Coconut milk + a banana = delicious quick protein drink that fills me up. I need to get chai and flax to throw in, but I was waiting to see if I actually used the mixer before committing. I weigh 161 now and my eating habits are under control. I expect to be back to 145 by March but I'll continue drinking "breakfast gardens" since my energy levels are so much higher. I am 45 years old. If this helps even one person get motivated to regain control of your eating then it was worth typing.

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January 17, 2013

The problem with that is their number they provide (which they state you DO need to RETURN) is constantly busy, it's fruad if you ask me. I can't even return it. I canceled TWO hours after ordering it and they still sent it after my THREE requests not to, next day find my debit card had the full charge on it, 119.94-4 days later they tell me it has been shipped BUT if I want to return it I have to call that number, which did me no good to begin with. Wish I and learn. NEVER, EVER again!

quality blenders and vitamix do the EXACT same thing!

love my bullet
January 21, 2013

want that neck muscle to heal faster and feel less pain? start putting raw Tumeric root in each juice, if you cant find the root then get organic tumeric powder. It heals arthritis pain, joint pain along with many other things. The bullet will pulverize it and there really is no taste and no side effects. Good luck .

February 09, 2013

hi can you tell me if that motor smell is normal, or it is the begining of a potential problem

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