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National Grants Conferences Reviews

Is National Grants Conferences a Scam?


National Grants Conferences is an eight year old company out of Boca Raton, Florida. National Grants Conferences (NGC) is a clearing house of government programs at all levels: Federal, State, Local, Loans and Subsidies.

You may have come across a National Grants Conferences operation in your town or city. They hold seminars throughout the year and work nationwide. What the NGC does is in these seminars is let people know what types of government programs they can receive.

In these seminars the National Grants Conferences will make the application process for government programs and loans seem complicated and intimidating. Once they convince you that you are incapable of filling out the necessary paper work yourself they offer their services.

National Grants Conferences team of legal professionals will offer their services for a fee of $900 for a completed loan or grant application. However what most people donít realize is that even though they are paying money they are not guaranteed acceptance into any government program.

The NGC is not funded or supported by the government thus despite their professional appearance and guarantees the only thing that you are paying for is a correctly filled out application. National Grants Conferences is not the first or only company to offer these services. There are plenty companies trying to convince you that you canít fill out an application with out a lawyers help.

If you really feel that you cannot apply for a government grant on your own then you should seek some sort of legal/financial assistance. But please be aware that government grants can be attained by anyone that does some research on the internet or at their local library and can proofread.

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