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Missed Fortune, found online at MissedFortune.com, is a new set of financial principles created by Doug Andrew, who says that his financial philosophy is more beneficial than traditional philosophies.

MissedFortune.com says that conventional financial wisdom says that people should spend their time and effort investing money in an IRA or 401K, two classic retirement funds that have been trusted for years as some of the best retirement funds.

Doug Andrew, the creator of the Missed Fortune financial concept, is the owner and president of Paramount Financial Services, a comprehensive personal and business financial planning firm.

After years of working with traditional financial planning strategies, like those advocated by well known financial planners like Suze Orman and Dave Ramsay, as well as alternative theories like those seen on BankOnYourself.com, Andrew came up with his own concept.

The Missed Fortune philosophy is designed to help people find their "missed fortune" using asset optimization, equity management, and wealth empowerment strategies. 

The idea is that conventional advice about financial independence may not always be the best choice. Instead you can use the Missed Fortune philosophy to utilize home equity retirement planning, which may provide tax advantages during the contribution and accumulation years and more importantly may allow to you enjoy tax free income during your retirement years.

Many people who are not familiar with the strategy outlined in the Missed Fortune books question that if this strategy is so successful, why is not being promoted by more financial professionals?

Doug Andrew says that most of these professionals simply are not familiar with the concepts he uses. He holds regular seminars for financial professionals, and says that whenever financial professionals attend their seminars and test their concepts, they always agree that his numbers add up.

Customers who are curious about whether or not this financial strategy could work for them can request a free analysis at MissedFortune.com and receive specific information in return to better help them make a decision.

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