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Mindvalley Academy, found online at MindvalleyAcademy.com, is a company who says that their goal is to help everyone create an “epic life” by using the skills and techniques of the world’s foremost experts and teachers.
According to their website, the traditional educational system has turned out to be a kind of letdown, as it is incredibly expensive and often leaves people in debt, working at ordinary jobs that don’t find fulfilling or simply don’t like.
Mindvalley Academy says that they want to help their customers “fill in the gaps” left by the traditional educational system with courses that are meant to help people lead a successful life, but more importantly, a “deeply meaningful” life.

To meet their goals – and to help you meet yours – Mindvalley Academy offers courses to help you better your Body, Mind, Living, and Social aspects of your life, or you can just search their Top Courses, like Philosopher’s Notes, Modern Qi Young, and Silva Life.
Many courses come with an affordable trial period where you can review your course for ten days for a charge of only $1. Customers who do not like what they see in the course they have offered can choose to cancel during their trial period to avoid the full purchase cost.
To do this, you must email their Customer Service team with a letter titled Cancel Trial along with other necessary purchase information, as described on their website. This will end your access to your course and stop any further charges.
Customers who are happy with the program they have ordered should do nothing and at the end of ten days their credit card will be charged with the full cost of the program, which varies based on the program you have ordered.
After you have paid the full purchase price if you discover another reason why you may want to return the program, you have 90 days from the date of the purchase to contact Mindvalley Academy and let them know why you want to return the product.
Silver Package customers whose program was delivered online can expect quick refunds, while customers who ordered Gold or Platinum physical packages must ship them back to the company before a refund can be processed.
If you have any experience with this company, please leave your Mindvalley Academy reviews below.

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change your life

Reviewed By Jennifer on February 22, 2014

I have not used the money back guarantee yet on any products and I have a lot of their products. I started with the Vibrantly program and purchased several others. Also they sent me a free program for taking a survey which I greatly appreciated. Their customer service is top notch. I have called and emailed them for suggestions and help and they are always friendly and I get an immediate response. The Vibrantly program has helped me tremendously and I am learning to use the other programs slowly. My biggest issue is time. I love the Om life program for meditation because there are 10 minute programs too. I highly recommend their products. With the money back guarantee you can't go wrong. I wrote this review to truly help people. If more people were happy with their lives, could you imagine what a world we would live in? Be happy and breathe!

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1 Review

Helpful & Quick, No Question Refunds

Reviewed By Emily on February 18, 2014

I purchased a full course and then tried one for $1. I made a mistake while entering my email and had to call customer service to have the class redirected to my correct account. She quickly fixed the problem and I was able to instantly access it in my Library.

When I called back to cancel, they did it quickly with no questions asked. LOVE IT. Doing business with MindValley is ALWAYS a great idea!

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