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members only training will take 5k to 17k off your credit cards

Reviewed By Terry Welch on November 15, 2013, star, Idaho

If you are reading this its because you either bought the income masters intitute, or Now I am here to tell you this is such a scam after investing close to 17k on my credit cards and stuck with high interest rates because my bank raised them due to being unemplyed. What ever you do do not speak to a start up specialist they will find out all the info you need to make a sale. They will ask you what your debt is because they want you to be debt free (ya right). and that the biz will pay for itself in time as they coach you with a profesonal coach and they want the right to your success story (laughing). At the time I was biting hook line and sinker. I wish I woud have done my research online they are all the same company from home profit masters to home income cash machine and profit masters academy to my stay at home income. It is a bombardment of calls you will get each call costing thousands. First it was Income masters Institute 79 dollars then it was members only training and that was another 100 dollars. Then I followed step one and called to speak to a start up specialist. Who then had me speak to a business consultant that had me invest 7,900 dollars. Then I was asigned a coach and upgrade my site with the coaching department for another 2 thousand. Then a company calls me by the name of Daeus Finacial for setting up a LLC for 4700 dollars. and then another 1400 into seo software from a 3rd party company that claimed they were instucted by Net training to help me with more tools that they couldn't give me at the time. Bottom line these guys should all be in jail I can't imagine how many people they have hurt and robbed. I should havae done my research, but now you can.

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