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Is MegaTyping.com a Scam?


MegaTyping ( MegaTyping.com ) is a program that claims to teach people how to make money online filling out short forms.  There is a growing number of these programs popping up on the internet, and they're all virtually identical in their premise.

The truth is that MegaTyping has no contact with companies that need advertising forms filled out.  All they do is direct you to Google AdWords and an affiliate program directory called ClickBank.

The 'typing for money' part is only a clever trick because when you're creating your website or your AdWords advertisements you're literally 'typing' and if you make enough sales then you will earn 'cash'.

MegaTyping.com fail to mention the costs of running an advertising campaign on Google.  Instead of receiving work for pay you are unknowingly tricked into a position where you may even lose money if you're not successful with their business idea.

There's quite a lot more that goes into making money with affiliate marketing than they tell you.  You will have to: build a website, conduct keyword research, perform search engine optimization, track conversion statistics, and most importantly make sales!

The reason I call MegaTyping a crash course in internet marketing is because they don't provide information on these important topics.  The worst part is that companies like this actually deter people from making money online by misleading them.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints for 'MegaTyping'


Average Rating is 1.43 out of 5 based on 130 reviews.

SoloIcewind   Worgworg13

9:29am on May 12th, 2012 

It is definitely a scam. I explain why. It is not a question why they need captcha typed. Otherwise they cannot identify whether the right code was entered or not.

More subtle question is why they set 15 sec/image and do not really tolerate mistakes.
Answer is simple: you have to make your 1000 to earn anything. With these conditions even most pros won't. So you can work for free for a while just finishing as kicked-out donkey.

Forget this site.

The owners' best place would be in jail.

mohan   india

1:37am on July 20th, 2010

can you please publish the legitimate website?

Aimee   Alabama

12:09pm on June 17th, 2009 

I have not used this particular one but I started to thinking I would make mega bucks...yeah right! Also there is another company a home-based-business that is a scam at the website 67gogreen. They always have something hidden. Plus you should never have to dish out money just for materials to find out about the company.

Sharon   Chicago

10:41am on June 13th, 2009 

I just purchased Megatyping. I cant logon without username and password. Now Im trying to get my money back their not answering.

Brenda   Ontario, Canada

8:15am on May 12th, 2009 

I just went to the MegaTyping website and tried to unsubscribe, and wouldn't ya know it, the link doesn't work. From what I've read on here, this doesn't surprise me. I personally think all of these online "jobs" are a scam because if it were that easy to make money, EVERYONE would be doing it instead of going out and working a 9-5 job.

Anonymous   Location unknown

5:46pm on May 11th, 2009 

Mega Typing is a scam. As I read the description fore mentioned, it is very accurate. There really need to be a law prohibiting these scams.

burl wharton   las vegas,nv

9:19am on May 7th, 2009 

I too was scammed by mega typing. and I suspect also by some surveys program.
Pass this info to all you know.

Tasha   Yonkers, NY

6:47am on May 4th, 2009 

I was just about to sign up for the "RISK-FREE" program that required a $47 payment. I personally feel you shouldn't have to pay anything for a job. With that being said, I am going to look for a company that doesnt require my info to charge me or just start my own business. I feel that is the best way to go since you know where u r investing ur money and no one can take advantage of u in the worst way because it is actually ur own business. I will start off the books then go back to school with the lil exp and work on the books for tax reasons.

Stephen   Rochester, NY

10:23pm on April 27th, 2009

Thank you so much for saving my money! I thought about joining it. But I feel funny. I want to make sure if it is safe site. I always look for a logo "BBB" (Better Business Bureau). The BBB is most important to look at. If it does not have any logo "BBB", do NOT join or buy it. But you have to be careful about yourself. Don't want you become gambling addict. Always look for a logo "BBB".

tricia   SA, tx

3:24am on April 26th, 2009 

well sofar i havent had a problem with mega typing... i dont wanna speak to early and burst my own bubble but the only thing i am concerned about is that they dont really tell you how to start the blogs and exactly how it needs to be done. i wont disagree when they said they dont really fill you in on too much info but i will say that i did get logd in and i did had proof and a "receipt" of what i purchased and for how much. i didnt receive a conformation for my credit card payment but when i logd in it shows my account and purchases. I am alittle concerned about why they keep my credit card info on file... normally they should just have you retype your card number and info every time you make a purchase but in this case it seems like they keep ur card info on file so you can just select somthing to buy without going thru the whole process of entering all that card info. sounds like it could be alil iffy to me but i guess ill find out... and i will DEFFF come back and let you all know how things are going for me.

Shawna   Louisville KY

4:40pm on April 16th, 2009 

Unfortunately I was one of the suckers who did pay for the program of megatyping.com and got suckered into a bogus program after starting to fill out the information and get started I had to pause and put things on hold for a day or two by the time I came back to it all they wanted was my information again and couldn't find my name and or email in the system. Like I didn't even exist and asked me for all my card information again. I even opted for the manuals to be mailed to me and that was at least 4weeks ago and still have yet to receive anything in the mail. I even tried to request my money back and get even find a phone number or a way to get my money back. I wish I had never even taken the chance. I'm a single mother who just recently lost my job and just wanted to find a legit work at home program so that I could go back to school and still spend time with my boys. If it's out there somebody please let me know, that doesn't cost any money to start.

Katie   Iowa

5:46pm on April 12th, 2009 

Wow, I'm extremely glad I stumbled on this! I go to college full-time and work part-time (but just about all of that money goes towards bills and then food!), so the whole Mega Typing deal seemed pretty sweet to me. However, when I got to the part where they wanted $47.00, a red flag went up in my mind. I decided to do some research, and boy am I glad I did! I didn't pay them anything, but they do have my email and phone number. I'm dreading getting all those calls that some have described, but I suppose it wouldn't be quite as painful as actually paying these cheap, scheming imbeciles.

Beau   Monroe, Louisiana

2:06pm on April 9th, 2009 

I am sure that this is a program that WILL work for some and WILL NOT work for some. As with anything, you have to put effort in and you can be rewarded. I find it very funny that not a single claim (both good and bad) on here has left their phone number for correspondence. I am going to try some type of program, not sure which. I only hope that the one I try does not take my money because I will go wherever they are located and end results would not be good.

corissa   az

12:01am on April 8th, 2009 

I ALMOST paid for this! I stopped short of entering my personal info and decided to check this site out as to it's trustworthiness and legitimacy. Boy...am I glad I did! Like so many others out there, I have been laid off and would like to find a viable source of income until I can land a job. I can't afford to be shelling out my meager unemployment money for nothing.

Anita   Oregon

7:50pm on April 6th, 2009 

They bait and switch proposals. First they tell you to get involved with them to make the business connections and charge you $45.00.

Then, prior to eventually directing you to the website that the article above speaks about and MANY others, they tell you that you need to spend an additional $199.00 if you want to "do the business the way it must be done to be successful.

I've discovered that there's most likely something to it, the "advertising" piece that the person above speaks about above in their article however, from what I can tell so far, there is not need to sign up with "Megatyping."

All of the services that they have directed me to thus far are already offered for "free," and it's "ALMOST" impossible, even being internet and computer literate, to locate their Members Login site if you aren't on your own computer where it is in your "Favorites" and/or "Bookmarked!"

I don't think I should be having to use a search engine, instead of the initial "Megatyping.com" to locate the Members login site. WHAT A JOKE!!!

Vickie   St. Louis

1:52am on April 1st, 2009 

I tried to start the program, but there was just so many hoops to jump through that it seemed to be more complicated than an "easy" way to earn money. Anyway, I plan to call the number (customer service: 1-877-864-3558) and cancel out, if I am actually enrolled. I never got a receipt, or anything like that.

Mridula   Surrey, Canada

3:07pm on March 31st, 2009 

they are the fraud and took money from me..

Gail Nagle   Tampa, FL

8:39am on March 24th, 2009 

I got my welcome letter and the link to get started. All it did was take me to the page when I enrolled initially. There was no link for members. I paid for NOTHING!!!!!!!!

Jimmie   Wyoming

10:53pm on March 23rd, 2009 

Yep! I fell for it and it took me two long days of getting the full control of my computer back. I highly recommend that you back away from anything that has the words Mega and Typing in the same sentence as quickly as you can. DON'T even go there!! There is one other thing that you need to be careful of also and that would be some of the review sites themselves. Choose wisely and go to more than just one or two in your research. These people are getting pretty crafty in their 'marketing' techniques.

Wendy   Fort Worth

2:19am on March 18th, 2009 

Thank you for your candid reviews concerning Megatyping. I have been unemployed since the collapse of the mortgage industry and the last thing I need is to get involved in a scam program.

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