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Anti-Aging products do not only address our appearance on the outside, they also address the aging process as it occurs on the inside of our bodies. MarineD3 is an anti-aging supplement that is used to improve the quality of life during the natural aging process.

According to the website, using this supplement before signs of aging start to appear will preserve your health, extend your life span and decrease normal aging indicators. For those who feel the aging signs have already begun to affect your health, this product is supposed to improve your quality of life and even reverse the aging process.

MarineD3 is supposed to increase energy levels, improve circulation, help joint stiffness and pain, lower cholesterol, reduce fat, improve memory and improve overall cardiovascular health. This all natural and organic supplement is comprised of three components, none of which are chemicals.

Two of the ingredients come from the sea, from almost 100 feet deep under the surface. These plants have live in harsh conditions at an extremely deep sea level, some of which have survived for over 200 years.

The first ingredient in MarineD3 is a pure form of Seonal P, a seaweed extract from Eckloma Cave, and it is FDA approved. Seonal P is different than most of the products on the market because most of them contain Seonal F, which is made using additives. Oil derived from squid, called calamarine, is the second ingredient. This oil is rich in omega three which assists in the absorption of Seonal P and also delivers more DHA to your system than other fish oils.  Cholcalciferol is the third ingredient which acts as a vitamin D booster and may aid in preventing diseases such as cancer.

The price of each bottle, containing a one month supply, costs $67.00, when you buy four bottles, the cost drops to $50.00 per bottle. If you are unhappy with the product you have a two month 100% satisfaction guarantee. With each purchase you will also receive three free reports with scientific facts and studies on MarineD3’s ingredients.

The complaints online regarding MarineD3 are not related to the product itself; they are actually in regard to the payment and shipping process. Customer’s credit cards were charged more money than they were supposed to be. In addition, many customers never received their shipment. MarineD3 was on backorder and completely out of stock, yet none of the customer service representatives relayed that information to the customer.

It is always necessary to consult with a physician before taking any new supplements; although MarineD3 claims to have no side-effects, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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The miracle can happen, but you have to help it

Reviewed By James Hall on September 27, 2013

I have been on BP Meds for more than 15 years and the side effects were killing me...I had all of the typical side effects plus more and more of the non-typical ones. There are no more options for me as far as BP Meds go. After finding a combination of BP meds that work they are now making me sick. I cannot go out like this.

I started Marine-D3 a little over a month ago, I doubled the dosage as recommended to speed up the loading effect, plus I added 1 capsules of 1000mg of Walmart Brand OMEGA 3-6-9...that's two MD3 and one omega 3-6-9 twice a day. I also do a quick 20 min workout in the morning, a 30 min aerobic walk on a treadmill 5 times a week evenings and use the dash diet. I noticed decreases in my BP, especially in the morning, laying down (at rest) my BP is 140/83. Still High but better.

Not satisfied, I added 2 grams (3 caps/day) of kyolic aged garlic with lecithin formula 104 and got the results I was looking for 120/73. I am not longer on BP meds and have scheduled a physical for an organ check.

I am 56 yrs/o, lost 50 pounds (still need to lose 20 more to get within weight standards) and feel great. My goal is to stop taking pills and capsules of any kind. But for now I will definitely order 2 more bottles of Marine-D3, the omega3-6-9 and the garlic

I hope this helps, Good Luck!

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November 03, 2013


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Totally Garbage

Reviewed By Frank on September 25, 2013, Hartford

Don't waste your money!

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September 29, 2013

Please tell us why it's garbage.

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This is a total scam

Reviewed By Dave on September 25, 2013, Albany, NY

I purchased Marine-D3 because I wanted to see for myself if the claims were true. Working in a lab at a local hospital, I had the pill analyzed and there is absolutely nothing beneficial in this pill, just a bunch of fillers. Take a One-a-Day vitamin and you will be much better off and also save yourself a lot of cash. Don't fall for this scam! What is next? Put some M&M's in a bottle and sell them for 75 dollars a bottle and claim they will make you live forever? This is rediculous! You don't have to take my word for it, have it checked out for yourself.

David P.
Albany NY

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Guru Sagoo
September 25, 2013

David, my email address is with my review. Could you please send the results of your hospital analysis and can you tell me the color of the pill you tested.?

October 14, 2013

So, Dave, you're saying that the product does not have the ingredients of 1,000 IU of vitamin D3, 300 mg of EPA and DHA from Calamarine oil, and 40 mg of Seanol-P extract from brown seaweed, Ecklonia cava?

I actually find your "hospital lab analysis" claims harder to believe than the official label on the product.

Guru Sagoo
October 14, 2013

Till today, Dave has not come with anything to substantiate his claims. He says that his results have been deleted. I have been watching this site 3 times a day for the last one month and not seen any of his results. He says he analysed the 'Pill', Marine-D3 does not come in pill format !!

It be a scam guys
November 03, 2013

Ha, yeah right douchebag. Why would you check this website 3 times a day if you weren't working for the company that makes Marine D3. Obviously your review was fake and you are just trying to get people to buy the product. You make me sick.

November 23, 2013

David, you are the one that stated you tested the "pill". Now was it a pill or not. What type of analysis did you run? Or are you a the type that just likes to mess with facts?

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A Great Product.

Reviewed By Guru Sagoo on September 5, 2013, Melbourne, Australia

Let me first tell you that I am not paid by anyone to write this. The following is the truth and am reachable on email :

I am 63 years old and was recently diagnosed with two impending blockages in my heart arteries. Further checks revealed I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. Although I am taking conventional medicines to combat these, I soon discovered that these were giving me some unpleasant side effects. So I searched the net to look for natural remedies and stumbled across Marine-D3. I ordered 4 bottles and started taking on the 17th of April. After 3 days of taking (double dose for first week) , the first major improvement I saw was that my sciatic pain in the right leg which I had for 15 years was gone. I don't walk with a limp any more. I suffer from psoriatic arthritis and had severe pains in my right knee for as long as I can remember. This pain is now gone too. My upper eyelids used to have a burning tired sensation, this too is now gone.

Now it is almost 4 months of taking Marine-D3, the varicose veins on my hands and calves have dissappeared. My skin feels smooth and tight.
The wrikles around my eyes are all gone giving me a more younger look.
Last week I saw my doctor, the blood pressue is now 130/80 ( Normal). Although I am still taking medicines for it , the dosage now is so small and slowly I will taper it off. My cholesterol level has dropped from high to Normal range, but it is still on the high side of the normal range. I told my doctor about this Marine-D3, he was not very interested, but said this is a natural supplement, so there is no harm in taking it. I feel full of energy and just completed a 5K run in 35minutes. Given the benefits I got so far, I will be taking this for the rest of my life. A truly great product.

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Arthur U.
September 13, 2013

Medical doctors are generally negative toward natural remedies. He was probably thinking:"Oh s**t, now I am going to lose another customer."

Becky G.
September 24, 2013

You are so right Arthur. That's why I hate when you hear "check with your doctor" before you try something natural. That's the last place I would check. They will always tell you not to try natural things. It may interfere with your meds. And I know more about natural healing methods than my doctor anyway. I would rather take my chances than suffer the side effects of all the meds.

September 25, 2013

Yea Right!

September 25, 2013

It's a scam! Have the pill analyzed and you will see there is nothing but fillers! I have posted the Hospital results on this site but they continue to delete them. Check it out for yourself before you waste your money!

September 28, 2013

After watching a demo I ordered a bottle and was charged $73.00 off my debit. This I expected. I did not authorize any further shipments or sign up for their VIP program either. Then, all of a sudden they charge my debit again, this time for $60.35 for another shipment. I did not authorize this charge on my debit nor did I authorize or order another shipment. Personally, I took this for one day and became ill! I spoke via chat to a rep totally disturbed at the fact they had taken more money from my account and the rep never once checked if the shipment had been sent (which it hadn't) and told me they would refund the money that they stole from my account when I returned the shipment! We placed a call to their customer line and left a message which they did not return until a few days later saying the money would be refunded within 24-48 hrs later. The money has never shown in our account as of yet! I have since found many horrid reviews by many others who have had this same thing happen and also had never reordered or authorized the payments taken after their initial order! Beware!

September 29, 2013

Thanks David. What are fillers? It does make you wonder why someone would continue to delete hospital results.

December 02, 2013

Well Guru judging by your amount of comments on this products perhaps if you spent your time doing your job at Origin we might have cheaper prices for Gas and power

February 09, 2014

I am apt to believe David's review. Should have known better by now to get taken in again. Been taking MD3 for about 2 weeks now and nothing so far. Guess I better keep an eye on credit card for unauthorized charges!

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Omega 3

Reviewed By Geronimo on September 2, 2013, El Cabo

You can buy Omega3 at much lower price, thats all you need .
The rest its just a scam!
Omega3 does a lot of good things for you, including healthy joins,
But will not lower you blood pressure. For that you need exercise , lower weight, no meat, and if still high , medication. Do not believe this add.
Go to your Dr.

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September 29, 2013

No meat? You idiot! Your doctor too.

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