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About is the online home of MailChimp, a company which provides tools and software to help companies manage their email marketing campaigns regardless of their needs and size of subscriber lists.

Their website says that currently more than four million people use the services of MailChimp to design and send their email marketing campaigns, and that they offer a wide variety of tools and features to meet all their clients’ needs.

These features include their email designer which makes it easy to add content and collaborate on emails that fit your needs as well as the ability to gather information from readers on a signup form so you can send them newsletters they care about.

They also provide multi-user accounts, which give administrators the ability to give different levels of access to team members as you choose, and the ability to access from any internet capable device.

Their clients also receive free reports based on your email campaigns which you can integrate with Google Analytics to inform your content with purchase data and improve your sales by directing emails to the right customers. says that their service further gives clients the ability to customize campaigns by giving them revenue reports, and A/B testing which help you determine the best subject line and send time for your chosen audience.

Finally, they also offer mobile signup forms allow you to collect customer information on the go, and MailChimp integrates with apps like Eventbrite to plan events and spread the word.

Their pricing is based on your subscriber list, with different plans for business owners that work with 2,000 subscribers or less, 50,000 subscribers or less, and then businesses with more than 50,000 subscribers.

Businesses that are working with more than 2,000 subscribers every month can get a custom pricing quote for their specific needs on their website, which will be based on their number of subscribers and their emails needs.

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