About, introduced in 1997, provides online technical video training, member events, instructional books, and tutorials. They have a library with over 1500 video courses and over 60,000 video tutorials on practically every web-based program imaginable. There are videos for beginners and professionals making it easy to find a video suitable for your skill level.

A free 7 day trial membership is available and once it is over you will automatically be charged for a full subscription unless you cancel within that period. Subscription fees are nonrefundable, you can cancel your renewal subscription within 3 days after the renewal for a full refund.

The Standard Membership includes content training, videos, and media files; however, it doesn’t include exercise files. A monthly subscription costs $25 and a yearly subscription costs $250.00.

A Premium membership is also available; this membership gives you access to training videos media in the online training library and the exercise files. A monthly subscription for the Premium membership costs $37.50 and a yearly subscription costs $375.00.

Educators must meet certain requirement to upload content to the site. Once they have completed and submitted the online form; they are evaluated prior to being accepted. First and foremost, they must be employed as a full-time or part-time instructor at an accredited educational institution and must be able to provide verification of such status. hires teachers as contracted freelancers; they receive royalties on a per video basis. Some of the best instructors on the site earn more than they do at the institution they are employed with.

Certificate of Completion is available for some of the lessons once the video has been watched in its entirety. These certificates may be helpful to employees who can present it to their boss for acknowledgement that they have acquired a new technical skill. At the end of the lesson there aren’t any tests to validate your comprehension of the material. These certificates may be dismissed because they do not provide evidence or confirmation of your proficiency of the material.

Online reviews pertaining to varied; there were both positive and negative aspects of the site noted in these reviews. Some users found the instructors for certain lessons to be somewhat dull in their teaching practices. On the other hand, some of the training videos were taught by captivating well versed instructors from prestigious universities.

A common complaint members noted in their online review pertained to the streaming difficulty they encountered while viewing the video online. There is not an option to download videos for offline viewing. There are however CD-ROM versions of these videos to order, but you must wait to receive it and nowadays CD-ROM’s are not as highly sought after as they used to be.

Students can pace themselves through the lessons; this is helpful for those who need more time to understand the material. There are videos added daily and with a membership you can watch as many as you choose and learn as much as you want. There are also mobile device and tablet applications making it that much easier to keep on top of the lessons while on the go.

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Is there any point of getting the $25 monthly subscription

Reviewed By Danny Anderson on February 11, 2014, Manchester, United Kingdom


Thanks for the review. Is there any point in getting the $25 monthly subscription if you don't get the exercise files?

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May 18, 2014

I have taken a couple of programming courses with just the free trial (no exercise files), and found them very useful. The instructor usually has the code samples on screen, so I can just pause the video and enter the code into my local Visual Studio, and duplicate the instructor's work.

I've loved it so far, and plan to subscribe when my free trial ends.

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