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Lyft is a mobile application which promotes and arranges something they refer to as “ride sharing,” and is ultimately intended to be a friendly and reliable alternative to traditional taxi cab rides.

Once you’ve downloaded this application to your Android or iPhone, you can use it to simply click and find a ride in your area to your next location, as long as it is during Lyft’s hours of operation. These hours will vary depending on the city you live in, but they do span the majority of the day regardless of the locations.

The drivers for Lyft are described as being friendly, community oriented people who volunteer their time and vehicles to this cause in exchange for “donations.” Lyft drivers must be at least 23 years of age and drive a car that is a year 2000 or newer, and in good working condition.

Drivers must be able to pass a phone screening, an in person meeting, and two different background checks, one DMV based and the other a basic background. Finally, drivers must have an Android phone or an iPhone so they can connect with their passengers through the application.

Once a driver has picked up a passenger and completed their ride, the passenger’s phone will beep with a message from the app, recommending a suggested donation. This donation is completely voluntary and be adjusted to be higher or lower than the suggested amount.

Lyft has strict policies about the behavior of both their drivers and their passengers. One way they ensure the respectful behavior of participants is to allow drivers to rate their passengers after every ride. Future drivers will be able to see these ratings before they accept a passenger.

Drivers will receive 80% of the donations from the passengers, and drivers will receive direct deposit payments into their accounts once a week. The website says that on average Lyft drivers will receive $35 per hour of work, and can choose their own hours.

If you have any experience with this company as a passenger or a ride, please leave your Lyft reviews below.

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Reviewed By whocares on June 25, 2014

I signed up because lyft offered me a free ride credit but that was credit never working. After my ride lyft only gave me the option of paying by credit card. There's not a single phone number you can call to get a hold of lyft customer service, and they don't respond to emails.

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July 26, 2014

Somehow every snafu hits you. There is one phone number but it is an emergency number for drivers. I have sent a dozen emails which have all been answered within I-2 days, based on urgency. Your impatience and attitude has denied you a great service. I started driving at the end of June, after next week's direct deposit, I will have earned about $3500, and that's just my 1st month!!. You are really missing out!! But you also do not have the "Lyft attitude" to be successful, therefore it doesn't matter. Continue enjoying your taxis!

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Reviewed By Hardworking Driver on March 31, 2014

Lyft sucks! They will terminate you as a driver for no reason and no notice in advance. When you ask "Why", they will send you an email full of lies. Stay away from Lyft. They are very shady, dishonest, and unprofessional. They steal earnings from their drivers and they cheat their customers as well. Use or apply at Uber, Sidecar or even a taxi instead. I've had awful experience with them.

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Trudy Erickson
April 07, 2014

ÜBER is worst. They go out of their way to discourage tipping so your lucky to get gas money. You ruin your car for drunk students and 20 yr ols, who are so rude & cheap I was speechless. they left their garbage in my car, took my daughter's stuffed animal as a prank I guess and always have too many people. Just work for a cab and make real money, protect your privacy and forget the ride share gimmick. I wouldn't want these people in my house and I don't want them in my car! There's a reason they don't call a cab..,,if they can rip you off for less than half the price & leave no tip - why wouldn't they? They're pigs!

Trudy Erickson
April 07, 2014

In addition, no one picks their own hours. If you don't work the weekends at night, and pick up drunks - you won't make money.... Why are they allowed to lie like this!

July 26, 2014

I choose my hours every week and sometimes I don't stick to them. Lyft doesn't hassle me about it. If you can't or won't work weekend nights and give Lyfts to the "bar crowd", you will make less than you could make. Just the fact of the matter! Do you have professional sports teams or a theater district? Make yourself available to drive folks to and from games or shows. I am in Miami and doing well with Lyft and really enjoying myself.
Maybe you are in a sh#t town or you have a sh#t attitude? Lyft won't work for you if so..... missy.

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