Lumosity is an online tool used to increase memory, increase attention and improve overall cognitive performance.  The advisory board for Lumosity initiated The Human Cognition Project, led by credible neuroscientists at Lumos Labs.  These scientists conducted research dedicated to enhancing human intelligence.

The research was based upon the idea of neuroplasticity, defined as the brain’s ability to form neural connections when encountered with new experiences.  They used the results of the study to devise challenging activities to increase the number of neural connections in the brain.  
After you sign up for Lumosity, you will complete a questionnaire to identify your current abilities and areas that need attention. From there, it automatically generates a customized program to strengthen weaker cognitive skills. 
As your performance improves, the exercises become more challenging, continuously adapting to your progress.  There are three progressive training levels, Basic Training, Peak Performance Training and Advanced Memory Training.
When you reach maximum performance in all cognitive areas at one training level, you can then move on to the next.  In addition, versions of the program are available for individuals with medical needs.
Some of these include post-traumatic stress disorder, mild traumatic brain injury, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and patients in cancer recovery.
Lumosity offers a 3-day free trial period.  There are a number of pricing options available.  One option is to pay as you go, the cost is $15.00 per month.  Longer subscriptions are also available, one-year will cost $80.00 and 2 years will cost $120.00.
The family subscription allows for up to five users on one account, the cost is $130.00 for one year.  Each subscription has a 30-day money back guarantee with the option to upgrade or cancel at anytime.
Lumosity is constantly adding new exercises and programs.  The program allows you to keep track of your progress, it provides helpful tips and techniques, and offers a performance percentile chart.
They even have a Smartphone application called Brain Trainer so you can take it on the go.  Increasing memory, sharpening your problem-solving skills, and improving concentration can have an effect in all areas of your life.
Trying something new is always worth a shot because everyone has capabilities they may not know exist.

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Still a dummy here

Reviewed By Danny on February 27, 2015

I used this service religiously for 2 years. My IQ is still shitty, and people still think I'm a little slow. Don't believe the hype!

Actually, since I stopped using Luminosity, I did not notice any difference. HOWEVER, I did come across this article that says there are cheap video games that are WAY better at making you more intelligent. See for yourself:

In short. Don't be stupid like me and don't pay these guys for a product that doesn't work! Instead, buy a video game like Portal. You'll be having fun, and it will be more effective at making you smart!

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Seems to be a SCAM

Reviewed By Al on August 3, 2013, USA

They appear to collect a lot of information on you including your personality and traits. I understand that the games they offer are not taken seriously by mainstream science.

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You might learn a little they COLLECT a LOT of data

Reviewed By Lab Rat on July 26, 2013, Maze, ME

The ENORMOUS database they are amassing will be sold to researchers to mine the data and make connections between personality and behavior, or maybe a certain collection of traits and schizophrenia.

Don't be fooled. They don't care about you getting smarter....they care about THEM getting smarter by collecting and timing every click and choice you ever make on that site.

WHATEVER you do... don't sign up with your real name and have your profile linked to your real identity (through payment for instance). Remember this rule of data - it will ultimately be used for purposes other than those for which it was collected.

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Reviewed By mjdub on July 12, 2013, mpls, mn

Seems like good marketing over science.. because the commercialization and online marketing banners are everywhere.
I don't see the credible neuroscientists.. not that it matters.
These are just simple games that get harder, Pac-man gets harder to a point where I stop playing. Maybe this exposes weaknesses in areas of which I don't use as often, say 'basic division' or memory games so I stimulate a little bit of that cognitive area I don't use as often with the variety.. at 15 dollars a month its not the worst cost but I don't believe it will strengthen any brain skills at least it probably would plateau quickly. I unsubscribed after five days of trial because it really just is a stimulation in game form I could get from reading, math, crosswords, etc etc. I don't see the long term benefit but I do see the amount of marketing dollars and people protecting the Lumor name. It's well done, I don't hate Luminosity but it isn't for me even if I do need to sharpen skills.. but then again that's the beauty of the product who doesn't? Who doesn't want to get better at remembering names? Great marketing... even better when I sign up and forget to login to do the exercises but keep paying... ironically it's like a gym membership at the beginning of the year lots of members (membership fees) and after a month or two lots of open equipment. Just my opinion.

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It seems to help!

Reviewed By Steve on June 24, 2013, Las Cruces, NM

I am a musician and am very interested in ways to strengthen my ability to memorize music. I was immediately helped by the memory games to expand my repertoire. Lumosity uses the brain's neuroplasticity or ability to physically adapt to the tasks it performs. What a great idea that we have this opportunity to increase brainpower and sharpen our cognition! This is based on the brain research that it also provides a wealth of data to help advance. Not only is your own cognition improved thru these games, but it helps the science advance by providing willing, paying participants in a vast experiment
forming a virtuous cycle. I don't understand all the negativity-I think it's a great idea.

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October 23, 2013

Obviously you work for the site..musicians dont talk in advertisements

February 27, 2015

Also, wouldn't just putting effort into memorizing music make you better at memorizing music?

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