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It takes time to Earn a Free Gift Card

Reviewed By Keeko on March 1, 2015

Yes the website is legit, Find me on the website, i can walk you through a couple of offers/surveys (all free of course).

This being said, there are a couple things you should know before signing up. This takes work and time. You can have it running in the background on multiple tabs and make points 'watching videos' that way. But in my opinion that is too slow. You need 15000 points for a $20 gift card, you should try to fill out surveys/free offers that give you 1000+ points instead of the 5-10 point videos.

Being that it is a very small company running the website it takes you a week to get your giftcard after redeeming it and the website always has some part of it under construction, but that is not to say that there is ALWAYS someone from ADMIN checking up on everything and doing what they can to help you out. I'm no admin, but you can find me on there Keeko014 and i'll walk you through the basics.

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September 02, 2016

what are the best companies to do surveys for?

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1 Review

Lootplace is a scam dont sign up

Reviewed By David Park on January 3, 2015, Pearland, Texas

thier banning people and accusing people for no reason. I got banned for using proxy i never fucking once use proxy on that site .
Only sign up on the site one time up got banned. My pc got hack someone mess with IP use proxy for something. Never use proxy before also got accused for fraud on account for something i never did.

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Tristan Baggins
January 18, 2015

do you know what a proxy is

March 06, 2015

yes i know what proxy who doesn't.

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1 Review

Stay away from it

Reviewed By John Luke Brand on March 27, 2014, New York, New York

it is a scam they make you do surveys for them then ban you for nothing i should know i was ban cause i had 2 accounts which i did not and for account sharing yeah right i did not share shit they even ban me from chat cause i told a moderator to mind her fucking business and see her way out of my conversation so yes they are a scam and Dan the owner is behind it all he is the 1 that ban me for no reason saying he had proof and he even said he showed me proof but there was none so stay away from this place.

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March 27, 2014

I love how it works in your little numb headed brain. You get visual proof 3 times and then you start swearing at everyone and making new accounts and then complain here. Should I post some proof why you are banned or do you want to be ignorant some more?

March 27, 2014

I have been at Lootpalace for a little over 6 months now.... I think.. Haha.. As you see John seems to be a immature from the way he wrote his comment. Immaturity is not tolerated and the mods are on top of that (:
And by the way I LOVE Lootpalace. Best site ever. The community, mods, and Dan are just wonderful. I have earned about $125 at Lootpalace. LOOTPALACE ROCKS !

March 28, 2014

You must be highly intelligent.

(sarcasm, for when your brain doesnt understand it)

M Ased Ahmed
June 23, 2014

Looking for a site that can give you free gift cards etc. by doing simple and free things and maybe even fun things? Then you need to sign up at Loot Palace. Most websites that give out free gift cards etc. make you do frustrating, costly, and virus-spreading surveys or downloads to get what you really want. But at Loot Palace, you can get anything you want from Amazon gift cards to video game gift cards easily and there’s no virus-spreading. No scams and no catches. It’s easy as 1-2-3. You will be wanting to write a review for Loot Palace in no time because this website is making wishes come true really fast. Here are the simple steps to get what you want now:
1) Click the wink face to sign up at Loot Palace! ;)
2) Start earning points.
3) Redeem at the Rewards page.
So i think lootpalace is not a scam it,s rock

Kan Junsk
August 05, 2014

you plainly said that you had two accounts. Something that is blatantly against their ToS

March 06, 2015

They wont give you another chance just permanent ban for 1 mistake. Screw loot place.

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Love Loot Palace

Reviewed By paul on February 9, 2014

Geesh why do people call this place a scam? What makes Loot Palace stand out above the dozens of others is it has a strong community.., On the right hand side of your screen there is a chat log that members talk to each other/share ideas all day.. Its a very friendly group of people- the first week I joined I spent hours in the chat room getting tips on how to make money off the site. My single only complaint is they don't offer 'cash' payments which is what I prefer? but the rewards program is very generous compared to other sites and every month I cash out a few times and treat myself to Dominoes pizza or other gift cards they offer. In fact just last night I ordered pizza using one of the gift cards..

Why anyone would call this site a scam is beyond me. Doesn't cost you a dime to join and its one real 'cool' place to hang your hat and make a few extra bucks.. Loot Palace is great.. If you use the site you'll probably see me in there under paul1212 : )


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John Luke Brand
March 27, 2014

because they ban people for no reason that is why

March 06, 2015

it is a scam so is the owner of the site.

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1 Review

Look at the chat

Reviewed By Legendhidde on February 8, 2014

Just take one look at the chat on this site, everyone there will tell you its legit.

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