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LifeLock is a service that provides protection against ID theft. They offer a proactive solution to prevent its members from being a victim to ID theft. LifeLock noted that over 8 million Americans have been victims of ID theft during 2011. There are so many more available routes that are used to access other people’s personal information. Criminals are using others information to open fraudulent accounts, to obtain work, and to even file taxes.

There are two membership plans available for the LifeLock service. The first one is called Basic LifeLock; this service costs $110.00 for one year. With the basic service you will receive notification of credit and noncredit threats, computer system monitoring to protect you from criminal websites, assistance if you lost your wallet or it was stolen, and you will have unlimited access to their fraud resolution team.

The second plan is called LifeLock Ultimate; this is the most comprehensive plan. It will cost $275.00 for one year of service. In addition to the services listed in the Basic LifeLock plan, you will also receive additional protection. One of the additional benefits you will receive is alert notifications when new bank accounts are opened in your name or changes are being made to your existing bank accounts. Another added benefit is that all of the credit bureaus will send credit report alerts to you. Lastly, you will also be granted with 24/7 online access to your Transunion credit report.

LifeLock also has some solutions for businesses. LifeLock Data Breach Services is a program for businesses, used for protection, in the case there is a loss of customer and employee data. The overall effect of an instance occurring, with substantial risks involved, could be potentially disastrous for the people whose information is at risk for being stolen.

With The LifeLock Data Breach Service, LifeLock will assign a team to quickly take action in response to the situation. Overall, the program is used to protect your company’s reputation and all of the individuals who are at risk for ID theft. They provide communications management services including mailing letters and sending emails to those who may be affected by the situation and informing the outside community of the situation. They also setup security notifications required by the state law, federal law, bands and credit issuers.

Another solution for businesses is an identity theft protection plan for companies to integrate into their benefits package. LifeLock will negotiate a price with employers to make it affordable for the employees to enroll in the program.

With the number of ID theft crimes quickly rising, companies, such as LifeLock, make others feel vulnerable to ID theft if they don’t use their services. General Identity Theft statistics and information can be viewed at the bureau of justice statistics.

LifeLock is essentially a middleman collecting your money and using the credit agencies to provide all of the notifications. Not only that, but they also are technically keeping your credit information in a constant state of fraud alert.

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