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Levela is an “all-in-one anti aging formula” newly released from “Hollywood’s elite circles” that claims to help reduce lines and wrinkles, restore firmness, and maximize skin hydration and elasticity.

According to Levela, there are five major factors leading to wrinkles and aging skin: sun damage, dryness, wrinkles, wounds/spots, and natural aging. They say their formula addresses each of these factors.

Levela has eight specific ingredients that they say will help counteract wrinkles and other negative effects of aging. There is Deanol, which helps firm skin; MSM, which increases collagen synthesis; Alpha-Lipoic Acid, which prevents glycation, a cause of wrinkles; and Hyaluronic Acid, which aids collagen cell production.

The final four ingredients are Resveratrol, which boosts production of collagen; Co-Enzyme Q10, which protects from oxidative damage; Vitamin E, which protects your skin from UV damage; and Jojoba Oil, which minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, unclogs pores, and softens skin.

Together, Levela says these ingredients will penetrate deep below your skin, tone your facial tissue, and reverse the effects of sun exposure.

A one month supply of Levela anti aging formula costs $89.95, and a three month supply costs $119.95. You can also choose to join their Autoship Program, which will send you a one month supply every 30 days for $89.74.

Some affiliate websites may offer free trials of Levela, but make sure to read their Terms & Conditions before agreeing, as the Levela policies may not cover these outside agreements.

If you have any complaints about the Levela product and are interested in a possible refund, you must call Customer Service at 888-283-7452.

If you have any experience with this product, please leave your Levela reviews below.

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27 ‘Levela ’ Reviews
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Reviewed By Viviana Guzman on May 14, 2014

I order lavela and splendyr and pay only the 8.00$ for shipping and handling I use it and everything seems just fine until the next day, I woke up to see my face covered with pimples on my forehead and chin, and 10 days later I get charge 88.00$ dollars for the full product. so if you order this product please check with a dermatologist before you purchase and if you do cancel by phone right away other wise you will be charge for the full product you just get.

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I was scammed too!

Reviewed By Melissa on September 20, 2013

Two weeks after receiving the product & shipping charges to my cc, there were two additional charges for $89.95 each!! I called my cc comp right away to dispute the charges. They called the comp while still on the phone. The person I spoke to kept saying "did you read the terms & conditions"?
Unfortunately, I ordered this on my Iphone and never saw the other half of their screen where it showed terms & conditions and the charges after so many days! I would have never ordered anything if I had to call/cancel garbage. The person on phone gave me ONE RMA # and I now have to chase a second one to Splendyr....and ship it all back at my expense. I am praying it all gets credited.
T&C's says you have 30 day guarantee if not satisfied with product!! DON'T deal with this company unless you plan on getting whacked $190 for two samples!! Unbelievable. Also my cc company said "If anyone wants your credit card, they are trying to charge you more down the road. If it's FREE, they should ship it for FREE!!!!!

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Lydia Gallegos
October 16, 2013

after I received my credit for the first shipment that was returned, they again charged my credit card for another shipment that I refused and was returned, now they are telling me that my requested for the 2nd shipment is over 30 days and that I have to email them a written request, and to top it off they gave me a wrong email address, I'm sick of these stupid people that I can't even understand their English....does anyone have their correct email address?..I am fixing to submit a fraud complaint against this company or companies to the BBB and to my Credit Card Provider.

October 17, 2013

I agree with every negative comment. They are scammers BIG TIME! And to think I ordered this because of Dr. OZ's recommendations! Never will watch him again! Any luck on getting this money back?

Pat s
November 05, 2013

Same here!!! Still fighting I did get 2 refunds at $89.95 have 2 more to fight!!!

Hefziba Gutierrez
November 14, 2013

I just send them an email to get instructions to return a package that during last weekand I ordered it but, since I checked in Amazon about the price and there were bad reviews about levela and splendyruse wich are the same because even they have different telephone numbers, email adrress and different shipping cost, I received a package today with both products and in one left corner of the labol it is the Splendyrusa order number wich was canceled (I keep my record of this transations). I called them on Twesday right after I order the product to ask why I was charge if I canceled the order and they said because the cancelation was for "future" orders but, I still receiving the product. then I asked about any address to return the package as soon as I get it and the customer representative told me that I need to call back when I get the product for return instruccions. It seems that they think they have the right to do what they want but, not with my money. Since all my payments were clear with that credit card, I went to my bank and canceled that credit card and got a new one. So they won't have access anymore to my account. I asked them to a full refund of my S&H and the return labol by mail in order to me to send back the packeage as sson as possable since I do not like have things that do not belong to me. At least I could stop them from taking my money away under their terms and conditions since I am returning it before a week even if they do not send my the labol to avoid any inconvenience, but I will continue contacting by mail to have proof of this situation. thanks for taking the time to share your experiences

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Levela Moisturizer SCAM

Reviewed By Donna on September 20, 2013, Massachusetts

This product did absolutely nothing for me, and be very careful because they keep sending you product/billing your credit card for it!!!

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Marketing scam

Reviewed By Patti on August 17, 2013, Orlando, FL

Second time I have been caught by the "free trial " just pay shipping - then they send you a month's supply and charge the full price in one week. I am sure it is in all the fine print. When they send the product there was no additional information and no phone number to call. Product is no better or worse than any other cream I have used. No miracle results here.

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August 20, 2013

Ifeel i was railroaded.My credit card called me to ask about this charge.I've been caught several times on this free trial. never again.

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Brilliant way to RIP off people, here's how to get money back.

Reviewed By Cheryl Marshall on August 9, 2013, Sullivan, Maine

They send you the free sample. IT doesn't work any better than any old hand lotion. Within 2 weeks of receiving the shipment you must call them. You have to call the phone number to cancel future shipments (they have your card number and they will continue to bill you til it is formally cancelled) 1-800-870-5645 Toll Free M-F 8am-8pm PST When you call the number they put you through 2 options. 1 to keep the product at a reduced price and the 2nd option to cancel and return the product in (i think 14 days) if you choose to return the product (at your expense, but it is a small bottle and I gladly return it with a piece of my mind. They ask you to take down a number to put on the outside of your package return. THEY will give you the number VERY VERY FAST and a little unclear. You can ask them to repeat it by pressing #3. but if you do it more than a couple of times they disconnect you. Don't worry, here is the number you call to get a person to tell you what that number is so you can write it down.

Levela Client Services Department
877-238-2124 - this number will get you a real person.

if you are reading this, I feel your pain and frustration and I've taken the time to write all this down so you will not be just another of their victims. Hope it's not too late. I should have check this site for scams first as i usually do.
Good luck, Cheryl icre8arch@hotmail.com

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August 09, 2013

if you would like to register a complaint as I have, this is the site for the Better Businees Bureau for this company


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