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About Laser Spine Institute

The Laser Spine Institute is a nationwide private healthcare center which specializes in endoscopic spine surgery, which they describe as a safe and effective alternative to open neck or back surgery.

According to their nationwide commericals, their organization offers state of the art outpatient surgery centers, where their surgeons can correct spinal and nerve conditions without the complications associated with open back surgery.

Laser Spine Institute says that traditional back surgeries require large incisions and lengthy hospital stays, and can lead to dangerous surgical risks, while their patients can often walk out of the hospital the same day.

The Laser Spine Institute says they can help patients struggling with spinal stenosis, bulging or herniated disks, pinched nerves, degenerative disk disease, sciatica, arthritis of the spine, and more.

Recently, the Laser Spine Institute has had problems regarding a medical malpractice lawsuit brought to them by famous wrestler Hulk Hogan. According to Hogan’s stated complaints as reported by Bloomberg, Laser Spine Institute convinced him to undergo six unnecessary and ineffective spinal operations, which actual made his back problems worse.

The lawsuit further states that Laser Spine Institute is a for profit medical institution who “scared” Hogan out of having the traditional surgery he needed and instead promoted their surgeries which only temporarily helped his back, until his problems re-emerged and he needed additional surgeries, with each surgery costing “six figures.”

But Laser Spine Institute says that 87% of their patients report improvement from their conditions within 3 months of surgery, and some report improvement on the very same day, and that in addition 97% of patients say they would recommend Laser Spine Institute to a friend or family member.

Customers who think this outpatient medical center and their endoscopic procedures might be for them can request free information from their representatives just by filling out and submitting a form on the website.

If you have any experience with this medical facility and their procedures, please leave your Laser Spine Institute reviews below.

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Thinking about this

Reviewed By Sheri on December 6, 2016

I want to do this and really need to find some reviews before I go any further, already been told I'm a god candidate for this but had some people saying No don't do it! Email me at

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January 26, 2017

I went to their facility just outside of Philadelphia on 01/19/2017. I brought my two MRI discs. They said I needed two surgeries and the total cost would be $15,000. Two days ;later I get a phone call from their Corporate Headquarters in Florida and was told if I go to their Ohio facility the cost for both was now $1,500.00 with a deposit of $250.00 first.I have everything in writing from them My advice is run away! I know that I am.Tony

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