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I would highly reccomend Kitsy Lane

Reviewed By Beverly S. on December 31, 2012

I have been with Kitsy Lane for maybe 2 months now and I have experience nothing but fun. My customers and owners are gradually building up. I feel as with any business, you will first have to sow your seeds and then await the plentiful harvest. I don't expect this to grow over night. This business isn't going anywhere, so I will contine to work hard regardless of any "road blocks", I feel I can't loose nothing because I didn't pay a penny to get started. In other businesses I have done with pricey overheads, the given was always 2-3 years atleast. It's strange how some haven't given it a couple of months and are ready to quit. My advice to others would be come in expecting to win and be persistent, find a support system, attend Kitsy Lane webinars. I haven't met one company that actually does marketing assistance (FB) this company goes far and beyond...that along is awesome! So keep having fun updating your boutique and see your work as fun and make it fun. If you need to change your mind-set to a more uplifting and positive so.

"Just my two cents"

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April 16, 2013

I totally get what you give! Keep up the good work. I am attending my KL orientaton tonight and am very excited to get started. Thanks for your upbeat attitude!

June 15, 2013

I have an "up beat attitude" - thanks - I'm just not making any money - ARE YOU FOR REAL - WHERE'S THE $$$$$$$$?! I have trouble believing something like this is true when Ive posted plenty of link ads and gotten no results - ARE YOU FOR REAL - OR WHAT - THIS IS B.S. GET W/ IT & STOP THE SCAM NOW - KITSY LANE IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!

October 23, 2013

Well guess what Kathie, you wont be making ANY money!! It's a scam!!

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Great business just not for everyone

Reviewed By Xstream Shipping Boutique now on FB! on May 17, 2013, Virginia

I am going to keep it 100% with you all. Most of the negative comments come from people ordering from people who has yet to run a legit work from home company. You must stay on all of your customer orders why leave that job to your customers? I have read reviews about how for example some people order on 4/12 item says will ship 4/18 come 5/2 the item still has yet to ship. On 4/19 the owner of the boutique should have reached to KL with a simple message like "Hey when you get a chance check out order #12345" when you using all caps, posting a ton of post on Fb, sending over 20 e-mails thinking that you are the only one in boxing Kitsy Lane i am sure it hits the spam box. In any business progress takes time.

I have ordered 2 items and have already sold over 4 this month all but one shipped on time, and the one that didn't bet your butt the next day as a Boutique Owner I was in contact with KL. Half of you owners think you jump in and make money...haha only in your dreams you must put in a lot of time and lots of effort. The thing about the internet is more negative information gets posted over positive no matter how huge the company is. Don't believe me check out Delta, Carnival Cruise, Sony, Wal Mart and etc on Facebook. Nothing is stopping them from continuing to why let it stop you? No one business runs 100% perfect.

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May 19, 2013

I placed an order 3/7/2013 and have followed up on several times with the concierge@kitsylane. Always the same answer "We deeply apologize for the delay in your order. Your item, Celia Silver, is made-to-order, and is taking a bit longer to put the finishing touches on it than we thought. THE ONLY PROBLEM WHEN YOU CHECK ORDER STATUS ON WEB SITE shows order complete. The problem only have the order received. Don know how they stay business terrible service

It's just me
May 31, 2013

I have a boutique still ! Unfortunately I have tried to cancel my store about 6 wks ago SEVERAL times through the website , through phone , no answer and email , no answer .No response .My friends whom I told I was quitting are still getting spam emails with my likeness and name have also tried to unsubscribe cant ! That is just wrong ! Dont Go With This Company ! They Dont Care About Customer's Or Affiliates !

August 30, 2013

I consider it a retail opportunity. When you work in retail you have to do some foot work.

p. blanton
December 02, 2013

My daughter does do all the footwork. And after 2yrs.,she's made .23cents
So don't feed me that retail crap and you gotta do the foot work to make money.BS

December 09, 2013

This is a concern.

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Reviewed By C C  on June 18, 2013, Los Angeles

I had a boutique on Kitsy Lane and they did not ship orders! 3 Months and still no word... they say items are "made to order." My customers asked for their money back and no response... they rarely respond to my emails also. This is no way to handle customers! Ultimately, they kept the money while I made no commission for the items and my customers never received their shipments. They think I took the money while Kitsy Lane is the one who hasn't sent anything out! Definitely a terrible experience.

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June 29, 2013

i signed up to do it, found stuff that is not working, like i sent invites to fb, system didn't send it, no phone to call for questions, couldn't get into the forum, the way it is set up, if i type my url in google it goes to her main site, not my url,, so i cannot do regular freeads or craigslist because i can only use her inside site to market this, i think it will be hard, i don't like to spend time tweeting, i have only 20-40 close friends and family that i don't want to bother, i want to go to the targeted world and get people who want a boutique or want to buy products, i don't want to load up my personal fb with strangers to get leads to try to make this work, i am debating on not continuing, the site i created is cute, it was easy, i love the jewelry, one woman said she sold 4 items in 3 months, i can't make a living on that, and they didn't get their products which is really bad, no replies to her problem, bad, bad, bad, i need customers, this is dissapointing to know people didn't get their order, i decided to check reviews out. not all good, the boutique itself is cute.

Julie Kirtley
August 16, 2013

Kitsy Lane, Inc.,
115 Kingston St, 3rd Floor
Boston, MA 02111

2 Clock Tower Place suite 210
Maynard, MA 01754
Phone: (978) 226-3333, ext 101

Type of Entity
Business Management
Ms. Rachel Lubets, Account Manager
Contact Information
Principal: Ms. Rachel Lubets, Account Manager
Number of Employees

Business Category

August 30, 2013

If you want a refund you need to do it with in about 2 weeks. Also you need to check your inventory and make sure what you have in your store is in stock. Delete any items that are not in stock.

November 05, 2013

Whether it's in stock or not, if Kristy Lane took the money and did not ship it's wrong and they need to refund no matter how long it's been. :(

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It takes TIME!!

Reviewed By DreamJewels on March 12, 2013, Los Angeles

I have been with KL since the debut. I found the ad on Craigslist and it stated that if you become a boutique owner you will receive $50 in FREE items. I thought it was a joke, but... I went on the website and signed up anyway. I responded to the ad with my boutique name and a link, and received a speedy response. I was told to choose any item(s) up to $50 and email them the item number. I chose two pairs of earrings totaling $50. It took about 3 weeks for me to receive my items and yes, I did have to contact them and inform them that I had not received my order. Again, I got a speedy response. Once I received my items, I forgot about the wait and fell in LOVE... Quality?... Awesome!

As a boutique owner, I will admit that it's taken a little time, patience and persistence. I have almost 200 online customers, and MOST of them I don't know at all. I spend approximately 8 hours a week checking my store and pinning, emailing, sharing, and a few other things promoting my boutique. I invited other friends to open up their own boutique as well. It's been about 7 months. The first 4 months I didn't make a dime. But, once customers actually started purchasing items, and I started ordering items, I am making a good percentage off the sales. I get lots of compliments from wearing the items as well. That has also given me sales. The downfall is that a lot of people don't like to purchase items online. Especially jewelry. But, I have to admit that their items are quality. I won't go into detail about how I have been making my boutique work for me, but I will say that I am averaging about $400 a month for the last 3 months. It's a business, find a loophole and make it work for YOU.

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March 25, 2013

Hi and thanks for posting that information about your journey with KL and your average earnings.

I recently left Avon after 7 years and 300 people in my downline. In avon you can earn $ from having a large customer base or being a leader (I was an Exec Unit Leader) - or the best and correct way: doing both. I was finally earning about $1000 a month, but the work to get there was tremendous, taking well over 40 hours a week because of deliveries and face to face recruiting and training of those recruits (and I have a full time job). Also I found myself investing quite a bit of money to keep my business growing each week.

My goal was to quit my fulltime job eventually and work Avon 50 hours a week to get over the "hump" in earnings, but I live at the Jersey Shore and this late autumn Hurricane Sandy and some unexpected medical problems got in the way... and I lost my job because it was destroyed - not quite the way i planned it!

ANYWAY, I've been with KL a couple of weeks and just really a few days in earnest. I would like to pursue Kitsy Lane vigorously, but I was wondering what 10-15 hours a week of aggressive marketing would bring and you answered that for me. I am pleased (and it sounds like you are too) with the way you and KL have progressed since your mutual July start up!

The fact that everything is online is VERY appealing to me and I like the improvements they are making in their training, their webinars, and overall communication that I have seen in the short time I've been here.

I definitely see growing pains, but I love the idea of being in on the ground floor of something exciting and as many have said their products and packaging are wonderful!

I wish you continued good luck and growth in your KL business and thank you for sharing!

Janet :)

March 28, 2013

Can anyone give me the telephone number to customer service to try to get my issues resolved? I am not getting a response for the concierge and know they are getting the emails because I get a confirmation email but no one is getting back to me about my customers and orders not being accounted for. Can anyone help me?

April 04, 2013

Here is the phone number. (978) 226-3333 Ext.101
I have called and spoken to someone and other times there is just voicemail. Sometimes you can't leave a message.

April 07, 2013

Tammy, I have called many times and they are always helping another customer. I send them emails and I get a confirmation but like you no one is getting back to me. I also got ripped off.

May 04, 2013

How did you get ripped off?

May 05, 2013

Give it a rest JBT , so you had a problem, stop raining on everyone else's parade and giving responses to every single response... you got ripped off then file with the BBB what do you really think repsonding on here is going to do.... why is there always such negative unintelligent people in this world that get so damn jelous over others success. Geeeezzzzzz

The one who knows
June 27, 2013

JBT works for another jewelry direct sales company and is creating negative feedback to make the company she sells for sound better. She isn't complaining to the BBB or Kitsy Lane because she never placed an order! Before you bad mouth a company maybe you should change your handle from what you use with one of the competitors. Not very smart on your part. Lol

October 23, 2013

Guess you do like it when someone busts this company for being the scam it is huh, the one?

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Doesn't happen overnight.

Reviewed By Maria Del Mar on March 30, 2013, New Mexico

I joined Kitsy Lane in October 2012, I've only sold two items, a pair of earrings and the Blair Bracelet of which I bought one for my Granddaughter. The Blair bracelet would fit the wrist of a 12 year old. I have to admit that I felt terrible for the customer ( who had purchased one for her daughter through my site) I sent her the same bracelet that I had purchased so that she could attach them both ( the bracelet has a screw on clasp) and maybe the bracelets would fit her daughters wrist. I was underwhelmed with the length of shipping, (the package in very nice) so I gave up for a while. I've never had a problem with customer service my email inquiries are answered within 24 hours.

Recently, I decided to give Kitsy Lane another shot. I've been promoting the site online and in person, I know that it will take time just as any new business does. Hopefully, it will start operating as a part time business.

If a person is thinking about opening up a boutique and start generating an income immediately, it is not going to happen, unless, they know a lot of people with money who will purchase from their boutique immediately. It takes some promotion, effort, and time. Do not depend on people who have signed up through your boutique because the same efforts apply to them.

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April 03, 2013

i agree its a great starter business as a boutique owner myself nothing happens over night keep with anything and growth will happen

April 07, 2013

I got ripped off. Terrible customer service and never answer your emails.

July 13, 2013

JBT I find it funny you keep saying you got ripped off trying to work with this company seeing as there is no investment therefore you can't loose anything or be "Ripped off"!!

October 02, 2013

ttsmom143: A person's time is very valuable, so by putting your time into something that's supposed to be a reputable business and have customer service not answering emails and such, well that's a rip-off!

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