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Is Key for Cash Legit or a Scam?


KeyForCash.com is a very different kind of work at home data entry program.  When you visit their site the first thing you'll notice is that you're not bombarded with pictures of fancy cars, million dollar mansions, and bursting bank accounts.

This fact alone is enough to separate KeyForCash.com from the rest of the bogus data entry from home sites.

...So is Key For Cash a legit program or a cleverly disguised scam?

For starters KeyForCash.com does not advertise their services and have become popular simply through word of mouth advertising. This goes a long way to proving their legitimacy since advertising costs money, and the companies doing it are obviously looking to recoup their investment from you.

The next thing you'll notice about KeyForCash.com is that there is no cost to sign up.  Registering to receive work from them will not cost you anything, just enter in some basic info, name, address, and email.

So is this a legit program? The answer is yes, they have been in business since 2001 and have a history of getting people actual data entry work.  Not like the rest of the B.S. data entry programs which sell you training in affiliate marketing and how to make money using AdWords.

...Are there any downsides to KeyForCash.com?

Unfortunately, this work at home opportunity is not perfect and does have its own set of drawbacks.  First off it's only available to residents of the continental United States, this does make sense since most of the work is for primarily US based companies, but does leave out many applicants.

However, the most detrimental part of KeyForCash.com comes from the overwhelming demand for data entry at home work.  Since there are so many people searching and applying to Key For Cash the waiting list to get in can range anywhere from 3 months to several years or at times never.

In addition, the high demand for work and the surplus of potential employees has driven labor prices way down.  Last time I checked, KeyForCash employees earned 55 cents per 1,000 accurate keystrokes.  Obviously this is better than nothing but it does force you to type an enormous amount to make an average hourly wage.

To many folks this wouldn't be a problem but the difficulty in earning a livable wage or substantial supplementary income is increased due to inconsistent work assignments.  Some months there may be work and in some there's nothing for you.

I don't see any harm in applying to KeyForCash.com but it's good to have realistic expectations and know that just because something isn't a scam there's still no guarantee that it will work out for you.

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