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About Ketone Formula is the online home of Raspberry Ketone Fat-Loss Formula, a nutritional supplement from Applied Nutritional Research that claims to be a “miracle fat burner in a bottle.”

Raspberry ketone is actually the phenolic compound that gives raspberries their smell, which makes it seem odd that they would aid in weight loss. However, studies have shown that this compound helps regulate the body’s production of adiponectin.

According to Ketone Formula, adiponectin is a hormone which causes your body to boost metabolism. More specifically, though, this hormone regulates the metabolism of fat, helping it to break up more effectively and to burn faster.

The website also says that raspberry ketones help flush toxins from your body by cleaning and detoxifying your system and that their product is 100% raspberry ketones, with no fillers or stimulants and no negative side effects.

In addition, Ketone Formula says their supplement is 300 mg of pure raspberry ketone, which they claim is the highest dosage currently available on the market, compared to others who only carry 100 mg.

While studies have shown that raspberry ketone will help your body better burn fat without a specific diet or exercise, says that if you’re goal is to lose weight, then you should eat a healthy diet and keep an exercise routine for the most favorable and advanced results.

1 bottle of Raspberry Ketone Fat-Loss Formula is $37; 2 bottles is $74. If you purchase 3 bottles for $111, you will receive a free bottle, and if you purchase 6 bottles for $222, you will receive 2 free bottles. promises that any charge you agree to is a one time charge; you will not be enrolled in an auto ship program. In addition, they have a 60 day money back guarantee, as long as you follow the Refund Policy outlined in their Terms & Conditions.

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raspberry ketone

Reviewed By Martha Mora on January 4, 2013, Anthony N.M 88021

I need to activate coupons for free shipping because i want to buy 1 bottle of raspberry ketone

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