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About IWantU.com

IWantU.com is a new type of online dating site which describes themselves as an online “adult introduction” website for men, women, and even couples seeking casual sexual encounters, and not serious relationships.

While most online dating sites like PerfectMatch.com put most of their time and energy into helping single people find compatible matches through the completion and analysis of personality tests.

But IWantU.com is much closer to the complete opposite of these types of dating sites. Their website is based more on people who are looking to fulfill sexual and erotic fantasies without the promise of commitment.

They specifically say that on their site, there are no commitments, obligations, or moral taboos. You are free to do whatever you want, with whoever you want, and your desires will not be offensive on their site. In fact, they say that if your ultimate goal is not to hook with someone than you should be using their adult dating service.

They also promise that your membership on their site and the “dates” you set up will be kept completely confidential; the website says there won’t be any way that a significant other could find out.

For interested customers, the site says that all their features and options are free for a Standard membership, but if at any point you would like to upgrade to a paid membership to get further benefits you can. The cost of the subscription is based on the length of membership you are willing to pay for.

Like similar websites that promote casual relationships over committed partnerships, IWantU.com does employ people to create profiles and interact with their members. They say they do this to encourage interaction between members.

If you are someone who is not interested in interacting with employees, you can actually use a setting in your Account to stop that feature. According to their site, they still have over 100,000 “verified” male and female profiles.

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