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Interval International is a broker service for timeshare owners that began in 1976. They have a database of over 2 million members, a network of 2700 resorts, in more than 75 nations. With resorts of every style and size located all over the world, members can take advantage of the value added services by upgrading their membership level. Interval International also has other travel services available within their network of affiliates including airfare, car rentals, and much more.

Different options for members include exchange programs, getaway programs, vacation programs, cruises, and short stay exchange programs. The cost of a one year standard membership is $84.00, it costs $219.00 for three years, and the maximum membership of 5 years costs $336.00. Upgrading to different membership levels is accompanied with additional fees for its value added services.

Some of the benefits that come along with the upgraded memberships include concierge service, discounts and vouchers to use during the vacation. Interval options are also part of the upgraded packages; this option enables you to exchange your timeshare for a cruise, golf or spa vacation. Another accommodation option that is included in the Club Gold membership is the ShortStay Exchange; this means they are able to take smaller trips in exchange for their timeshare week.

Interval International does not own any resorts, the resorts in their database come from the location of their members’ timeshares that are up for exchange. Interval Exchange Process allows them to withdraw another interval or timeshare of equal value for a vacation.

The main complaints from members primarily deal with the lack of options in the exchange program. Once you pass your weeks off to you are not able to reclaim them. Requesting a place to visit in exchange for yours must be submitted at least one year in advance because of their limited choices of properties.

Even if you put your request in early you are not guaranteed that you will ever get the location you were hoping for. Some members waited two years before they got their requested location and some members never got the timeshare they requested.

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