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Intellibiz is a very interesting company that is operated by the legendary real estate investor Bill Vaughn.  Bill is credited with developing flipping as a real estate strategy years before infomercial artists hit the air.

Intellibiz operates as a non-for-profit business which already makes it stand out from popular real estate training companies.  Furthermore the contributing members to the Intellibiz course, A Simple Man's Guide to Real Estate, are all active investors.

The majority of them are simply donating their time and are eager to help people succeed with their investments.  The entire Intellibiz company was started as a way for these guys to give back to the investment community.

Throughout their time selling the Intellibiz course they claim to have never received complaints with the BBB and other organizations.  In fact they have been praised for their straight forward approach to real estate training and their easy to follow and inexpensive course.

The Intellibiz course covers no money down tactics and is advertised as the alternative to the Carleton Sheets course.  The course also covers debt reduction, how to improve your credit score, and various tax deductions.

Overall Intellibiz is a reputable company and offers a reasonable alternative to some of the popular gurus.  Its a good way to get started in real estate if you're a beginner.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints for 'Intellibiz'


Average Rating is 3.40 out of 5 based on 5 reviews.

Bill Vaughn   Maine

10:07am on March 22nd, 2012 

Chuck Hill is not, nor has he ever been a customer of IntelliBiz, so for him to make such unwarranted and unfounded claims is nothing short of libel. And anyone who relies on Ripoffreport.com for their info is relying on the biggest scam "gripe site" on the internet (check out the rep of Ripoffreport and its founder, Ed Magedson). The company that runs Ripoffreport is Xcentric Ventures, and they have an "F" rating at the REAL consumer protection site, the Better Business Bureau, while IntelliBiz has had an "A+" rating for over 20 years. People like Chuck Hill are the scammers - sour people who want only to complain about everything - even things they know NOTHING about, and to do harm to others for no reason. The record of IntelliBiz stands on its own merits.

Chuck Hill   CT

9:42pm on February 15th, 2012 

IntelliBiz is really a SCAM. They are NO business. To EVERYBODY, you either listen to me now or you will be scammed by IntelliBiz, do NOT waste your time and money to purchase real estate training from IntelliBiz .... (really IntelliSCAM!!!!!). Check IntelliBiz out at Ripooff Report website.

Robin Carvell   Deerfield NH

2:57pm on December 4th, 2011 

I have had the IntelliBiz course for several years and have made 6 figures 5 of 6 years. The mentor assigned to me has always been right there, with the help I needed. The only problem I have had in all these years is my assigned mentor passed away though a new mentor was assigned, it took awhile for him to get caught up with what I was working on with the other mentor. But even that worked out well.

Bill Vaughn   Maine

10:02pm on September 5th, 2011 

Mr Forman is not being truthful - anyone can check the BBB and find EVERY one of the RARE complaints have been resolved. And the Maine AG found no impropriety in our offer or refund policy. It appears Mr Forman is just a case of "sour grapes" - neither the BBB nor the AG found any merit in his complaint, so he comes here to vent. I am sorry Mr Forman feels this way, but the fact remains his complaint has no merit.

Jason Forman   Vancouver, WA

10:40pm on March 28th, 2008 

Intellibiz ignored my request for a refund, when I filed a complaint with the Maine Attorney General, Intellibiz responded with "what a jerk". Check the Better Business Bureau, there have been complaints, ALL unresolved by Intellibiz as reported by the BBB.

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