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Incentria Review

Is Incentria.com a Scam...?

Incentria.com is the newest "get paid to" site drawing lots of attention from folks looking to make some extra cash. Similar to other sites members get paid a small amount for doing a variety of mundane tasks.

As a member of Incentria you'll have to do simple things like read advertisements, sign up for various memberships, and refer others to do the same. As compensation for your activity you'll be paid anywhere between several cents and a dollar.

This is definitely not a high income endeavor and you shouldn't expect to be earning anywhere near a livable wage from this opportunity. At best you can make a couple bucks here and there unless you focus heavily on referrals which can boost your income.

Pros and Cons of Incentria.com...

As stated above this is not something that will replace a full time check and like with other get paid to sites you shouldn't expect a whole lot for your work. The good thing is that membership is free and the work, if you can call it that, is beyond easy.

The other beneficial aspect to Incentria.com is that if you have your own blog/product/site to promote you can participate in their traffic exchange program. Essentially you get views and traffic to your offer in exchange for viewing other people's websites.

The last positive about Incentria is their payment system. They have an extremely low payout threshold which allows you to request payment after accumulating just $1.00 in your account. Their payouts have been timely and so far there are no complaints of non-payment.

As to the downsides of this venture they're pretty self evident. As the saying goes nothing is ever really free, and in this case the saying holds true. Even though the site is free to join and you get paid you're trading in your time in exchange for pennies.

It's up to you to determine how much your time is worth and if you truly believe that it's worth the amount Incentria.com is wiling to pay then by all means sign up and start clicking and reading ads.

On a side note if you actually do have a business to promote this isn't necessarily the best route to take. The traffic that you're getting is untargeted and in most cases the folks viewing your ads are not interested in buying as they're only doing it as compulsory part of their membership.

So is Incentria.com a Scam...?

The site is not a scam, as they don't claim that you'll make a ton of money or make any other unreasonable promises. The site also has a solid reputation and have made good on their owed payments to their members.

Some people claim to have made a decent amount of cash while others feel like they've wasted their time. Overall, you won't lose anything by giving it a shot and if you don't have unreasonable expectations you'll come away with a fair experience.

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katrina aldan   Guam

5:24pm on May 17th, 2010 

incentria, is awesome the pay maybe low but they always pay me in less than 2 days.. Rent their referrals their your to keep forever, u don't have to pay extra to extend for another 30 days like other sites, u keep forever & those that don't click u can request & admin will replace them for free. To rent a set package of 10 refs for only $5.95.. Their forum is very active & great site to find helpful ways of earning extra money... Incentria, same owner as clicksia are my 2 best sites to earn a little extra cash, rent more refs if u want to earn more money & faster payout....

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